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Spiritual Connection with God & Holy Spirit

I had one of the most significant encounters with God during my brain surgery. He gave me a vision for the unfolding plan of how he want me to help nations of his people. I did something so shocking when I woke up from surgery, it touched many nurses heart. A two time cancer survivor, and just completed one of the biggest brain surgery?

You are connected with me for a reason. God makes no mistakes. Those who have ears, let them hear. There is a time and season to everything under the sun. Many may not understand what I been going through, but I lean not to my own understanding. God will never put to much on us that we can’t handle. These battles that you and I are fighting is the Lords. He just wants us to be obiedient and he will take care of the outcome.

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My Understanding of the Book of Lamentations

After listening and doing a little research, I found that it was the time Jeremiah saw first hand of major grief and sorrow from the people of Jerusalem. It was during the fall of Jerusalem and exile to Babylon. They were lamenting or weeping over senseless murders, wars, starvation, and other sorrows. The people were crying out to the Lord. It was deserved suffering for backsliding against God.

I see that going on in todays world. Many are weeping for different reapings of sin. Most people are wise to do evil. They don’t have a relationship with God. The Lamentations was a form of protesting. The Isrealites expressed their emotions in a poetic form from A to Z.

Chapter one focuses on the grief and shame of the Isrealites. In todays world, shame and grief has become common to experience. People are performing senseless murders, lying, stealing and cheating. Chapter two focuses on the fall of Jerusalem. Our God is slow to Anger. After ongoing sin and abomination against God, he allowed Babylon to capture the Isrealites. It’s like when the African people were sold into slavery in the Americas. Many of them coveted with devils and still do til this day. There are demonic activity being spread in the world through music, movies and everyday actions. Chapter three focuses on praying and remembering God’s promises for his people.

Chapter four focuses on the past actions and current treatment of the Isrealites. At one time, they were rich and wealthy but after God’s wrath they were suffering and struggling to find food, shelter, blessings and prosperity. Chapter five focuses on Isreal praying to God to not ignore their suffering. The people of God voiced their suffering and cried out to God.

We must ask God for forgivness and turn against our evil ways.

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Catrina’s Goals for 2019 & Beyond

πŸ’°Catrina Latrice Williams 2019 Goals🎊

** Allow God to Direct my Path

**Be a Prayer Warrior

** Be a Proverbs 31 Wife

** Help 500 New Entrepreneurs with a Plan to Succeed.

** Get 10 New Rank Promotions in Business

** Help 100 people get extra πŸ’°πŸ’² – Minimum $1000

** Book $5000 Travel Commission

** Build my Credit Score to 800 – Help 100 people fix their Credit

** Help 100 Tax Clients File Taxes

** Inspire 200 people to Stand Firm, Keep the Faith & Push Through their Challenges

** Turn Memphis, TN & Charleston, SC into a Successful Entrepreneur town


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What are your goals?

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Government ShutDown- Will Jobs Dissappear?

As of December 26, 2018, hundreds of thousands of federal employees has been furoughed and many will work without pay until further notice.

Within the next decade, entrepreneurship will soon be the first priority for Millenials. There are government employees and civilians who have took action on a plan b so bad things such as government shutdown doesn’t make a difference. People who were born in Generation X (Gen X) are beginning to become successful entrepreneurs.

Gen X babies were forced into the labor force because technology weren’t as advanced. Gen X and baby boomers the industrial revolution came into play.

Currently in the 21st century most people consider a job their first priority, not realizing that jobs will soon be a thing of the past. Here is why people will soon be out of jobs, click here.

Millienials will be able to connect with a business leader to learn about entrepreneurship. According to an CNBC article, people born during Gen X accounts for about 51% of leadership roles globally.

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My Understanding of the Book of Jeremiah

Jeremiah was a Hebrew prophet. The Lord spoke through Jeremiah to instruct Jerusalem to turn from their wicked ways. The people of Israel was practicing sinful ways such as whore mongers, prostitutes, committing adultery and more.

People were wise to do evil just like today. God was so disappointed about how our ancestors had forsaken him, refused to receive correction, prophets prophesy falsely and serving strange Gods in the land.

It seems as if I am reading about what is going on today but the Bible writings are ancient. God stated how his people wasnt ashamed of committing abomination (Jeremiah 6:15). This is another moment of judgment, cleansing and restoration from the Lord. People were stuck in their ways back then and still do sinful, backsliding actions against God today. Many souls are lost and crying out to God

People were stuck in their ways back then and still do sinful, backsliding actions against God today. Many souls are lost and crying out to God. They just don’t know what to do. God says surrender all of our evil ways and turn back to him. Another mission I am on is observing the sabbath day for the Lord. Many of us work 7 days week disobeying Gods commandment to have a day of rest.

Change starts from with. The book of Jeremiah helped me recognize change I need done in my own personal life.

Study with me. Book of Lamentations next.


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How Do I Know God Is Real?

What is the God First Challenge?

343 days I’ve committed to my God first challenge. Every morning, I read a bible verse before I do anything else. I am also reading and studying the Book of Genesis to Revelation. My current study is on the Book of Jeremiah. Everyone stay tuned to my new spiritual book, coming soon.

My Experience with God?

Since committing to put God first, I’ve gained a whole new level of reverence for God. I have been seeing God’s mysterious work in my life. For example, I had been praying to God about my financial limitations for months. I didn’t know how I was going to pay all my future bills bc I depleted savings and couldn’t work due to my health.

On December 27, 2017, God spoke to my heart to start a GoFundMe for help paying personal and medical bills. I obeyed and trusted his plans. I didn’t know how God was going to work it out getting help to pay thousands of $$ per month on my bills. I saw how God moved Angels and other loving spirits to donate and support me. In 3 months, God helped me raise $4900 from 109 angels who gave from their hearts.

Many people in the world don’t believe there is a God. They haven’t built a close relationship nor have they started to seek God. I have learned that God will only answer prayers, bless and prosper his children that are obedient. It’s not about being perfect but building that perfect relationship with God.

I felt a shift in my spirit when I committed to the God 1st challenge. God started answering many more prayers of mines and prayer of healing from others about me. Even though the hard days of chemo, radiation, nearly losing my life, etc, I still put God first. God has been answering my prayers on a more personal level. Even things off my dream board are manifesting.

My thoughts on God

God wants to see his children prosper, be in good health, act righteously and be obedient. He gave us dominion over the earth, animals and our own life. God has given us FREE WILL to choose our life path. It is just a matter of unlearning Satans evil ways of sin and uncovering our deep connection with God.

Life with God

My life with God has been peaceful, loving, and supportive so far. He has filled me up with wisdom, strength to fight huge health battles, amazingly provided financial support, placed family by my side while in the hospital and to visit me for the upliftment.

I no longer need to question if God is real. I’m honored to be a servant of God. I have found my true mission in life and ready to serve God on a whole new level. I will live in the house of the Lord forever.

When I compare my life with God these last 2 years and my life as a young adult living in the world of sin, I am so blessed that God forgave me, I forgave me and I’m continuing to put God 1st in my life. Life has become much easier bc I know how to let go and let God work it all out.

Catrina’s Life Tip: Stand Firm, Push-Through & Keep The Faith


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Will your job be replaced by technology?

Many hard-working Americans lost their job during the US recession in 2008. Jobs were transferred overseas for cheaper labor costs. Companies were looking to cut costs. I remember the call center I worked for, moved one of their departments to Manilla, Philippines. Some people lost their job because the department was no longer needed in the US.

Martin Ford discussed how we transitioned from horses to technology on TedTalk.

We don’t need horses to get around in the 21st century. The automobile was created. Next, the automobile will replace human beings because they are creating cars that can drive themselves.

Today in 2018, companies like Walmart and other stores are bringing in technology to replace human labor. Have you seen McDonald’s $6 billion makeovers? According to CBS News, customers will have the option to place their order on digital kiosks.

It looks like human labor will be a thing, sooner or later. This transition will be simple for entrepreneurs. Get a head start before this big change affects your household. Check out, Entrepreneur Success Manual for more information on how to transition from an employee mindset.

More proof of how technology will replace human labor, watch below.



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2 Essential Ways to Make Your Business Look More Professional

1) Get a Professional Website Built

Serious entrepreneurs look for ways to take their business to another level. A professional business website will help increase your profits. It gives your customers a chance to do their due diligence on you.

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2) Order Business Cards

There are different ways to assure your customers can contact you when they are ready to do business. Having paper or virtual business cards show your customers that you are organized. Organization skills is another way to help make your business look more professional.

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Money Saving Tips: Prescription Savings

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