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#Freedom150 promotes 2 New National Executives!!


#Freedom150 Rank Alert!!

As of 09/09/2015, #Freedom150 promoted their first two National Executives within nine months. Successful Entrepreneur, Catrina Williams was pleased to get promoted in less than 90 days from using this new platform. She believed if she could do it, she definently would help others achieve this position!

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It was a memorable experience for International Diamond Chad Thompson to witness the two promotions in Charleston, SC.

#Freedom150 has done it again. On Friday, 09/09/2015 National Executive Catrina Williams was notified two National Executives was promoted within her organization. These two National Executives started off booking travel because that is what they wanted to do. Catrina Williams was so excited and honored to announce her two new National Executives.

They both was booking travel their first six months and then decided to focus on building their travel agency from home. Now they have eliminated their monthly business expense.

We are excited to announce a future National Executive within the next week. Stay tuned.

Look at their Growth! Documentation beats conversation. Watch here –»»

national executive(1)IMG_20150917_001018

Catrina Latrice Williams

CEO of StepN4Success

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Photo: NE MrAction Jackson, Tammy Bowman, Jermall Rutledge, Catrina Williams, International Diamond Chad Thompson & National Diamond Ray Arnold

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Successful, Super Sunday Travel Party

IMG_20150913_163449This past Sunday was one of the most successful, super sunday Travel Party in North Charleston, SC. National Executive Catrina Williams and other travel leaders organized the whole event to make it a success. They prepared the marketing to organizing travel leaders to run the event. People from Columbia, SC and surrounding areas came to learn how to earn 10K before Christmas. The travel industry is a 8.1 Trillion dollar industry. International Diamond Chad Thompson and National Diamond Ray Arnold was impressed by the phenomenal travel event. People was so excited to learn how to travel like an insider. They also was amazed at how they could book travel for extra money. #Freedom150 movement is changing lives all around the U.S because they are offering an opportunity of a lifetime. The money platform that was being shared is allowing people to work on your own time. Everyone enjoyed attending the Super Sunday Travel Party. Free Vacation Getaways was given away to show our appreciation for those who came. We are excited about the next huge travel party. You should be a V.I.P Guest. Ask how to attend?

Entrepreneurs are on the Rise in Charleston, SC

Entrepreneurship is what people are looking for in the 21st century, especially in Charleston, SC. Everyday people are looking for multiple sources of income. They do not want to work 3 part-time Jobs because it takes away their time. Jobs is the acronym for Just Over Broke. Entrepreneurship allows people to work on their own time and make as much money as they desire. Entrepreneurship is based on your own performance. What you put in is the results you will get out.

Catrina Latrice Williams is a successful Entrepreneur. She have been committed to working for herself for over 8 years now. She will be startling an entrepreneur seminar free in the near future. The first 10 people who commit to her seminar will have recieve their first 8 classes free.

Contact Catrina Williams for your Free Entrepreneur Seminar lesson.


Patience develops Success

Patience is a virtue of excellence. You must be patient in order to develop a success story. Patience is when you are not in a rush. You must understand that challenges is apart of the journey to Success. You will have ups and downs, go through a series of storms and challenges. Feed your mind with self-development every day to handle the storm. Speak positive attributes in your life and the people around you. Patience falls i Continue reading Patience develops Success