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​Same Stuff, Different Day

You know the saying, ” the same stuff, different day?”

     I almost fell into the matrix with that traditional saying. Thats what most people do. They wake up after high school 10 years later doing the same ol stuff, just different days. However, that is not where the repetiveness started. Think about it. In school we had to follow the same directions, with the same teacher, same classmates in the same school for long periods of time. Our mind get so comfortable with the cycle to the point we look for the same lifestyle as we become adults. People fail to realize doing the same thing everyday expecting different results will make a person go insane. The insanity will start to show up in their lives. It will show by their attitude, their walk, their talk, the decisions they make and how much they believe in themselves.

     In our adulthood, sticking with a job for a long time is like a higher grade of school. We still have a teacher, rules, and grades. The only difference is people get paid paper dollars instead of graded papers. A lot of people do this for 20, 30 years stressfully. It is documented that the average American hate their job, have less than $1000 in their bank account and looking for change in life. The only problem that most lack is the financial education on how to get out the everyday rat race. Most lack  financial and lifestyle mentors to guide them towards their dreams and goals in life. In order to change things in life, a change in life must be made. Rather a person step out and invest in themselves, drive a different route today or start searching for new ways to make money is all ways to strike a change. 

     Catrina Latrice Williams is the epitome of change. She made a major change in her life when she decided to fire the corporate world in 7 years of working and launched her own business as a entrepreneur. She has now been a successful entrepreneur earning 5 figures yearly from home since 2007. 

Stop doing the same stuff on different days. Start your change today. 

****Catrina Latrice Williams


I Forgive

​I forgive! I Catrina Latrice Williams, forgive myself for wrong doing against God. 

I forgive myself for not accepting who I am and my mission on earth. I forgive myself for being distracted by the ones who are irrelevant to me and my life. I forgive myself for not seeking and trusting God through the hard times. I forgive myself for ignoring myself when I saw signs from God. I forgive myself for being negligent, unsupportive and misunderstanding to many. I forgive myself for messing up and not being perfect. I forgive myself for everything known and unknown that would be an abomination to God. I pray God will forgive me as I didn’t know what I was doing. I now Pray that God will give my sisters and brothers the strength to rise up out their unforgiveness and bless them. 

I decided to go out and worship with my fellow men and women of God last Sunday. Pastor Dexter Easley spoke on forgiveness.

This subject hit home for a lot of people. We had souls crying out to God to gain strength on how to operate in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most simplest, yet challenging things to do. The main reason is because of emotions. Unforgiveness gets trapped in the heart when energy and motion starts to build up in a negative way.

Read  Luke 17:1 

Healthy relationships has a connection to the art of confrontation. You will be offended, however you don’t have to accept the offenss. You have the power over your own life. Forgiveness starts with you.

Read Matthew 18:15 

How to deal with people who have challenges. For example,  don’t talk about issues with others before you find out the truth. Unless the person you didn’t forgive can’t hear you. God wants us to learn how to confront others in a respectful way. 95% of the time people deal with forgiving through EMOTION.

Read Luke 6:37 Stop judging people. Everyone have issues. God bring different people in your life for a reason, season or lesson. It is for us to learn others background and collaborate how deal with different things together. Don’t judge each other based on the past or background. 

Forgiveness is not trust. It is a release, but not trust. Forgiveness is not forgetting what happened. It must be done by faith. It should be asked, not demanded.

Read Colossians  3:12 Learn how to restore on word of God and not emotion. 

Read Matthew 6:14. There are Invisible barriers that must be removed when you are working on forgiving others. Matt 5:23 Make sure your brother doesn’t have unforgiveness in his heart when you bring your gift to alter. 

3 Steps to Forgiveness 

1) Must have desire to get it right. Sometimes you offend others and you don’t know. Be aware of your own actions.

Romans 12: redefine relationship. Some relationship are toxic don’t have high expectations on other people. It’s ok to not be perfect. Have a desire to release others. If you don’t feel it anymore that is a sign things may not be right in your life. Don’t wait until your fire go out before something is triggered. 

2) Deal with bitterness in heart. If you don’t cleanse bitterness it will affect other relationships and desires. When your attitude have not changed toward that person. For example, you never speak when they come around. 

3) Must have Joy that reconcilation has came. Get it right. Romans 12:18 live peaceably with all men

Forgive, Ask for Forgiveness and Forgive again. 

Catrina Latrice Williams

​Hurricane Matthew -Charleston, SC

Hurricane Matthew

By: Catrina L. Williams

The moment we all been waiting for. Ever since Wednesday, October 5th, Governor Haley set up an evacuation notice for Charleston County. Over a million people evacuated Charleston due to the devastating news Hurricane Matthews did to Haiti. Many Haitans lost their lives and homes in a category 4 according to Live 5 News. State officials did everything they could to get everyone to safety, eventhough, Charleston was expected to be hit by a category 2 or 3.

Lane reversals was in effect from I-77 coming into Charleston. Meaning anyone leaving from downtown or city of Goose Creek, Summerville and surrounding areas trying to get on I-26 would not be able to get off until they got to Columbia, SC. Both sides of the interstate was blocked for Charlestonians to leave the city. News anchors and city officials expressed how important it was to evacuate to avoid life or death situation. Many of the people who evacuated just moved to Charleston within the last 10 years and didn’t know what to expect.

On Friday, October 7, 2016 around 8pm  is the day Hurricane Matthew rain and wind effects touched down in Charleston, SC. Over 1000 people took advantage of city shelters. A lot of residence decided to stay in their home. However, it wasn’t a great idea for many Summerville residents. Rivers and Lakes started to overflow into certain areas of people homes in Summerville, SC. Coast guards had to go out to rescue many. Downtown Charleston area over flooded with certain power lines exploding. People has been experiencing trees falling in their yard, power outage, and more.

Hurricane Matthew was not exactly how they made it to be in the local media. It rained in Goose Creek all night with high wind gust between 35-55 mph. Today, Saturday, October 8, 2016, it has been very high wind gust during the early afternoon. Now Hurricane Matthew is heading up north towards Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank God it wasn’t as bad as Hugo, a category 4 hurricane that ripped Charleston apart back in 1989. South Carolina top officials proved they are ready and prepared for state emergency situations. Many prayed and prepared for the worst. Now that it is leaving us, we have to get prepared for Hurricane Nicole that is currently a cateogy 2 in the Atlantic ocean.

Photo Credits of Charleston Residents from Live 5 News

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Catrina Latrice Williams

Proud Cancer Survivor

Successful Entrepreneur

Faithful Woman of God

Money is a Form of Energy

Money is a Form of energy. 


You must understand energy and money in order to fix money problems. Lets get to the root of your conditions. In Catrina’s mind, Energy is a form of visible and invisible substances that permeates your being to move, think and act a certain way. It gives you the stamina to move things with force and live life. According to Google, energy is “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” It was here before you entered your mother’s womb and it will continue to be around when you passed away. For example, you need physical energy to get out of bed every morning or to get lights in your home (invisible).

The question now is how much of your energy are you using? Do you know how powerful you are? There is two types of Energy, positive and negative. Most people in America have a negative ball of energy. Think about it, 9 times out of 10, people wake up to negative news. If you start your day off with negative energy then it will follow you throughout the day. Unless you re-route your energy to positivity.


Dennis Kimbro mentioned something that changed the mindset of many lives in his best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich. He shared his findings on how just about everyone has enough energy to light up an entire city for about a week. Those facts was life changing for Catrina. Now that you understand the basics of energy, let’s move to money.

Google definition of Money is
a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. Money moves like a current of moving water. It is another form of physical energy. Not to get to deep but we are spiritual beings living a physical experience. You must first make sure your spirit and mind is flowing with positive energy in order for your Money to flow positively. Money is created in different forms. Low income is not unfortunate, it’s based on your energy. In other words, you can’t help it if you were born poor, but its your fault if you die in poverty. Low energy is a matter of laziness or physical and mental limitations.

For example, let’s look at a person who lack knowledge on entrepreneurship. They may desire to work for themselves in the long run but lack skills, patience and knowledge on the steps to success. Developing skills is considered a physical form of energy while patience and knowledge is a mental form of energy. It is stated in Hosea 4:6, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Therefore, even if this entire article go right past your head, your main focus today is to think more positive. Don’t let this become a paralysis of analysis.


The point of it all is, you have the power to change your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and financial flow of energy. Change something in your life in order to change the energy flow in your life. Contact Catrina for more information on becoming a successful entrepreneur. Please comment, like and share if this helped you.

Catrina Latrice Williams
Successful Entrepreneur
Proud Cancer Survivor
Faithful Woman of God

The Crying Mother

Today, I ran across a crying mother from California. She has been visiting her daughter over the last 6 weeks in Charleston, SC. Her daughter was blessed with a precious new born baby. However, he came into this world prematurely.

She could barely get her words out as she shared why she was crying. Not only was she going to miss him but she was worried about his surgery soon. At this time, I’m trying not to cry myself bc I can only imagine the fear she had for her grandson. It gave me a flashback when my mother was informed by St. Jude that her 1 year old baby was diagnosed with Cancer. Now I wasn’t aware of my condition as I was only 1, but I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from. I had to myself in her shoes.

She was crying so much, I really didn’t know how to help her smile. Suddenly, the spirit of God inspired me to share my story. I told her, it will be ok and that I was a proud cancer survivor for over 30 years. I expressed how I went through chemo-therapy and radiation at 1 years old. I made sure I told her my age I was diagnose to give her hope about her newborn grandson. I told her how St Jude Children research hospital doctors and nurses was so good to me.

I noticed her crying started to ease up and a smile started to form. I told her that eventhough, the doctors would give bad news some times I had my mom there to tell me GOD has the last say so. She looked up at me and said, God sent me an angel to ease my heart.

OMG, that touched my heart and made me feel so good to know I impacted someone positively today. As we were ending our conversation, she was smiling. It felt like we knew each other for years but only knew each other for 15 minutes. My duty as God’s servant was accomplished today.

You never know how your story will impact someone else today. Make sure you share yours because it can be a blessing for someone else.

The Crying Mother

** Catrina Latrice Williams