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#Freedom150 New Year, New Game-Plan

It’s a new year so it’s time for a New game-plan.

Catrina Williams, a successful entrepreneur, proud cancer survivor and made woman of God stay consistent with her Game-Plan every year. She decided to tap into the Travel industry in December 2014. She accomplished her 90 day game-plan to hit the top 10% of Paycation Travel in March 2015. After seeing simple success in this travel compensation plan, She and her significant other decided to launch the #Freedom150 movement to help change people lives for the better.

#Freedom150 Success Story 2015


Income & Position Ranks

4 National Executives

5 Regional Executives

7 Executives

On average over 50 ppl  made extra Income Booking Travel or build a team of Travel Agents.


#Freedom150 90 Game-Plan 2016

***2 International Executives

***8  National Executives

***10 Regional Executives

***14 Executives

Claim your spot.

If you want to build a healthy lifestyle, bring extra income in your household while working part-time from home, connect with the #Freedom150 movement. What about traveling like an Insider for the fraction of the cost?

Activities to Do

**Stay Consistent

**Take Action against fear

**Control your Emotions

**Follow your mentor instructions for your success.