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My 10 Year Transition from the World to God

My sister asked me what was I doing ten years ago when I was 24 years old. HaHa! Well, I can honestly say I am not the same person I used to be. At 24 years old, I just moved to Memphis, TN, from Charleston, SC , had my apartment, own car and was single and mingling. I was drinking every weekend, getting WASTED like the white boys and being a Workaholic. I remember plenty of days working hard and then end up falling asleep in the club.


Catrina 24
Catrina, 27 Years Old, Charleston, SC


Wow! I was faithful at doing worldly things to attract what I wanted. Things like money, guys, success and material things. I barely acknowledged God. When I did get what I wanted, it took all my energy. I was giving, giving, giving but not reaping in God’s kingdom. I never understood why I would achieve my goals with so much struggle in the midst of it. I couldn’t see, hear, or even feel what I was doing wrong because I was so closed-minded to new things outside of what I saw around me. According to a study, the average person is only aware of 5% of their daily activity. That means 95% of what we do is unconsciously done.

I loved myself but not my whole self. I put so much effort and energy in my business and school to the point, it put wear and tear on my body. So much energy went into helping people in my last ten years to where I forgot about me.


Catrina, 33 year

I wanted others to win so bad to the point I overworked myself. I worked myself so much to where I’ve been diagnosed with a tumor in 2017. Click Here to Help Catrina fight her Illness.   It’s because I didn’t take time out for myself. I was disobedient to God’s Sabbath day. I have been working, working, working basically 7 days a week. It’s funny because right when I decided to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, to get closer to God, I was put in the valley of the shadow of death. I wanted to get to know God and learn his righteous ways. I wanted to be able to discern the flesh and the spirit. Thats when the enemy decided to test me this year, 2017. Oh, I was tested in every area of my life.


After 10 years of being single, I decided to settle down and commit to only one guy. I was never the type to play with men but I was operating in sin during my early 20’s. My most recent relationship help me learn exactly what I want in a man. I found that I enjoy doing wife duties, and catering to my man. At the same time, if I’m not treated like a Queen then there are problems. I learned fast that it’s not about being in a relationship but allowing God to connect you with the right person at the right time for the right reasons. I started to feel as if something was missing and I thought it was a man. I was tested in this last relationship to see if I would seek revenge. I trust in God and prefer to continue to do good so that good can follow me. You reap what you sow.

Now I’m not going to lie, I had my fun days, partying, working for myself, and getting involved in a committed relationship and overworking myself. Out of all the success I created, I wasn’t serving the right master though. I learned fast that you can’t serve two masters. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  The devil mimick God ways to deceive you into following him.

Over the last three years, I got closer to God than ever before. I learned the foundation of living life in prosperity, leaning not to my understanding and to have faith in all aspects of my life. I knew of God, but I didn’t have a close relationship with God. It was hard to discern what was for me and not for me because I didn’t know the difference between God’s voice and the devil. I used to give even when it hurt me and one thing I know is God doesn’t want us to suffer.

I have grown wiser, stronger and a passion for helping people become an entrepreneur. Since the age of 24 years old, I’ve grown to understand how to humble myself, how to take care of myself inside/out, how to create what I want in life and how to recognize the real from the fake. I am a new spirit of Christ. I will continue to build a close relationship with God. I will not settle for less. I will follow my first instinct and never regret anything in life.

Catrina WilliamsTen years later at the age of 34 years old, I would prefer to go to a nice comedy show, self-development events, travel the world, do different family activities, create last memories of a lifetime doing different things. I have learned how to love myself first before anyone else. I am a PROVERBS 31 woman, more precious than rubies. I have fallen in love with the color of my skin, my race, my ancestors and most importantly God! I can’t do the things I used to do because I know better.

Inspiration: Live your life, Follow your Heart, Learn new lessons

Psalm 23, Ephesian 10-20, Ephesian 1:17, Isiah 41:10,



Am I a Square or an Angel

Hallelujah! Thank God I realized I’m a special kind of human being. I look normal on the outside but feel like an Angel in Disguise. People in the world would call me a square. If they only knew God’s 10 Commandment stuck with me from a child.

Thou shall not steal, nor commit adultery was simple laws of God. Therefore, I never cheated in school nor skipped in any grades so why should I cheat in a relationship (Personal or Business)? I never stole anything a day in my life so why should I let others steal my joy.

Thou shall not lie was easy to understand so I choose to tell the truth. Lie is a lie. It’s a fulltime job that I don’t want. So why should I let other lie in my face when I know the truth.

Thou shall not covet was difficult to understand growing up but now I see how people in the world will go broke trying to keep up with the Joneses. With an organized budget, they could support their brother & sister but they rather spend their money on others that’s don’t support themThat’s why blacks in America spent 1.2 millions in all other race (Asian, Chinese, Caucasian, Mexican) business but not their own. I focus on impressing GOD, Not man.

God planned my life long before I became physical flesh. That’s why I am healing without all that chemo the doctors want to blast me with again. I have the love, power, and anointing of God. I can tell if someone is for me or against me, regardless what come out their mouth.  Those that cross my path will always be blessed because of my love to help others. However, Gods guidance will show me how much help I will give each person to avoid depleting my life energy.

Many will call me a Square and Im ok with that. I rather follow God’s Righteousness than the Devil Sins.

I am that, I am. 

Psalm 23

I was Admitted in the Hospital for Breath-taking, Excruciating Pain, Read Here…

On November 14, 2017, I was admitted in the hospital because they found a tumor. Baptist Memorial East in Memphis, TN finally found my health problems after visiting 4 Emergency Rooms, Multiple Doctors within the last year. I have been in so much pain to the point I had to let my cleaning business go at the spare of the moment. My pain level has been at a 15 and the only one I can think of that has kept me alive from the diehard pain was God.

I’m thankful because after three days in the hospital I received a positive doctor report Friday, November 17, 2017. Thank God that it is not an infectious disease in my body.

Dear Lord,

Right now, I repent my sins known and unknown. I know I am not perfect. Please forgive me and give me strength to follow your path of righteousness. According to Jesus of Nazareth, I have the authority to heal myself. You said, if I ask, have faith, I will receive (Matt 21:22). I know it’s not up to the doctors to heal me because you have angels on assignment healing me at an instant. You told me its all based on the attitude I have towards my health and my support system. You know my heart. 

Lord if I have offended any friends, family or business associates in my past or hurt someone spirit for whatever reason forgive me, for I did not do it intentionally. Lord give me the clarity to share my future messages in love, understanding and truth. 

Lord I sense some have a bitter heart towards me. Give them a renewed heart and renewed spirit and show them my love for them. If they have prayed for my downfall, if they have spoken curses and negativity over my life, Lord forgive them. According to 2 Timothy 4:18, yes and the lord will deliver me from every evil attack.

 I forgive them. Lord for those who I thought would be there for me has abandoned me because Im not a benefit to them anymore. May it not be counted against them. Thank you lord for those who have showed unconditional love, peace and concern during my ups and downtime in life. Protect me with the full armor of God so I can stand firm against every attack of the enemy. 

I accept responsibility for everything I’ve done in my life up til 33 years old. I break every generational curse, break every chain that has a stronghold on my life. Lord bless others heart to support me in the times of needs, support my online business so I can keep income flowing and bless me with whatever seed they can sow into my life as you heal and restore my health. 

Many have asked how can they help me or reach out if I need help. I don’t know how to ask for help because I have been so independent all my life. Therefore, the lord told me just put your link out and whoever decide to sow a healing seed in your life until you get better make sure you remember them so that you can share your overflow once you are restored. 

When you sow your seed- Comment-Healing Seed-

In Jesus Name, I pray not only for myself but for other children of God. 

Amen, Hallelujah Amen

God 1st Challenge: My Understanding of 1st & 2nd Chronicles

The Book of Chronicles in the bible talks about all the family lineage way back to Adam. However, the lineage of David’s descendants as King is told in detail. Most of them did evil in the sight of the lord when they rose to power. It’s like the presidents and prime ministers in the 21st century. Many have done wrong in the sight of the lord. They promote wrong doing and the people follow wrong doing. God has been hurt for so long because as hia children we follow behind Godless men. 

A couple of Kings that did good was King Solomon and King Hezekiah. When they did good by the lord, they was blessed exceedingly. However, when kings rose up and did evil by the lord, the lord brought his wrath upon them. Many were defeated in battle, sickness and chaos came around when God’s people were disobedient. 

So as we fast forward to the 21st century, our presidents have done evil and now God is pouring his wrath on the world, especially America. Everything has already been done under the sun. We are living in generational curses, walking dead in the mind and don’t have a close relationship with God. People are dropping like flies, the land is in a famine, disease and sickness is widespread and wars are ongoing. Only followers of God will survive. God will protect his obiedient children. This was a great lesson about free will. If you choose to be obiedient, God will bless you with an overflow of his riches and glory. If you reject his laws, his wrath will come down you. 


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The Scares of My Life At 33 Years Old

OMG!! 27 Days before my birthday. I’m so ready for a New Year. Why, because I walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death 👈👀😲 in the last 12 months. 

I experienced betrayal from close ones, multiple health scares & emergency visits, death of a loved one, people stole money from me👎 and others just hating out of pure evil. God revealed my real supporters and the haters.

On a positive note, I started working full-time from home in April. Published my first book, Entrepreneur Success Manual: Transform from An Employee Mindset. 

At the end of the day, I will live in the house of the lord, forever. God told me my breakthrough is over. I made it bc I had a mustard seed of faith. I never gave up, eventhough I wanted to many times. I chose not to share my trials and tribulations with the world because God’s plan for my harvest and overflow of blessings will be greater. I pray for wisdom to continue moving in the right direction.

It’s when times seem hard when you must not Quit! 

Psalm 23, Ephesian 1:17, 6:10-20