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Ms. Catrina Latrice Williams is a SURVIVORING Patient fighting Cancer. She consider herself an extra-ordinary human being who has a passion to build a group of Successful, Motivated & Dedicated Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century. Catrina Williams is the epitome of inspiration because she survived the struggles of cancer at a baby and currently as of early 2018. She is claimimg peace, healing and prosperity today. She wrote a guide book for new and skilled entrepreneurs. She was a successful business owner in the cleaning industry for over 9 years. Her skills in the hospitality industry over 4 years has allowed her to book popular travel services for clients all over the world. Now she is focused on diversifying her income with new networks in coaching and marketing. StepN4Success is one of her business models. Ms. Williams knows what it takes to survive in a upside down economy as well as capitalizing on revenue during times of expansion. Now her focus is to give back to her community by offering services , create jobs and help save other lives through a unique opportunity that will give them TIME & MONEY on their side. In November 2014, Catrina helped raised money towards her favorite charity, St. Jude Children Research Hospital. As an Entrepreneur, she strive for true success with the focus on providing excellence in customer service. Catrina's passion for business is what makes her a successful business owner. She love every aspect of being in business from the office setting to working out in the field. She mentioned "One of my business goals are to diversify my income through a mixed and wide variety of business profits using a master portfolio of business entities. The trials, tribulations, losses, learning and practices is what will make me a Extra-Ordinary Business Mentor." Feel free to inbox Ms. Williams any time on questions, tips & ideas on ways to become financially free. Add Catrina as a FB Friend at This profile is based on Catrina Williams personal and business related experiences for informational purposes only.

“Janerus Jr Attends Penny Hardaway Basketball Camp 2019”

Janerus Jr. is on the path to major success in his basketball career. He and his family is excited for him to attend Penny Hardaway Basketball Camp at the University of Memphis on June 1, 2019 from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Janerus Jr, only 14 years old, 6’4 is taking advantage of all the opportunities to build his skills from a professional celebrity like Penny Hardaway. He just graduated 8th grade at Haywood Middle School in May 2019. He won many trophies as Most Valuable Player for 2018-2019 school year.

Janerus Jr. has a great support system because his mother Kimberly and auntie Catrina make sure he has the tools, mindset and strategies to succeed as a successful basketball star.

Stay Tuned to more success from Janerus Jr.


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❓Do you work for any of these companies❓

Major stores are shutting down and your family income could be affected.

Entrepreneurship is the new way to make a living. According to Business Insider article, more than 7000 popular stores are closing down.

Walmart, Lowes, Family Dollars, Payless, Krystals, Burger King are some stores that have been closing or plan to close in 2019. South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and other states will be affected by these closures.

Many families lost their homes, cars, and valuable items during the recession in 2008 due to massive lay offs in the workplace.

If you know anyone that work for these companies, warn them. Popular Stores in the town of Covington, TN has been already started closing down lately. Read more here

Don’t wait until it’s to late to get fired. Jobs are laying ppl off at the blink of an eye without warning. Remove the fear in your heart and Invest in yourself. I will help you with a game plan to success.

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Happy Mother’s Day to The BEST MOM

Mother’s Day is a day my sister and I celebrate everyday. We are so happy & honored, to have one of the Best Mom in our ENTIRE WORLD, Lillie.

My mother has always supported, loved, protected, guided and many other motherly roles, not only for my sister and I but many others.

One awesome characteristic about my mom is her humbleness. The value, lessons and love my mom taught me over my 35 years thus far is phenomenal. Being humble will take you a long way in life. I’m thankful God gave her to me as my mother, friend & loving, kind-hearted nurse.

May God continue to bless you as lovely, beautiful spirited being. Thank you for all you continue to do. You are the Best Mom in the Universe!

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms. You are Appreciated!

🎊Catrina’s Holistic Health Journey Update💪CBD OIL

Whoop Whoop! I invested in my health and purchased some CBD Oil. My sister and I did research on it, January 2019. I just got it in the mail and i’m so excited to try it out. I will definitely share my experience. It is just for informational purposes only.

Health Change Goals

I expect to see positive changes & eliminate inflammation from arthiritis and physical discomfort using this product.

1) I will start using the healing remedy on a fresh new day.

2) Monitor the health concerns that I want to eliminate.

3) If it work, I will continue to invest in what will help me live a healthy, happy life.

Other Health Benefits

There are other great health benefits CBD Oil offer. You may know someone who can benefit.

Check it out here, CBD Oil

My true supporters know I made a comittment to holistic health in January 2019.

This CBD Oil is
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO
• No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
• Non-psychoactive (less than 0.03% THC)
• Helps support the endocannabinoid system

Another health goal I have is to continue researching & try different natural herbs, food and activities in order to live a healthy, happy life spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, & financially.


What are you doing to live healthier?

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Stay tuned my newest Inspiring Cancer Story: A Brain Surgery Miracle

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My Understanding on The Book Of Daniel

During the Babylonian days, King Nebuchenezzar had a troubling dream. He requested for the magicians, sorcerers, astologers, and Chaldeans to tell him the dream and interpretation. Not any king had ever asked to tell the dream and interpret. Only the Gods could tell dream.

King Nebuchenzzar requested to kill all the magicians, sorcerers, etc if they couldn’t tell him his dream. However, God gave Daniel visions of the King dreams over night because he prayed to the lord for interpretation. That’s all it takes is for us to ask in Prayer.

Daniel went in unto the king to share the dream and interpretation. He rejected the Kings material, food and gold statute worship bc he was committed to his God. The king had his men look for wrongdoing from Daniel but they couldn’t find anything. He had them thrown in a firey furnace but he saw Daniel’s God was mighty and had his hosts of warriors to protect.

Daniel prayed 4 times a day to God. King Nebuchannezar even cast Daniel in the den of lions to see if he would be saved by God. Once again God delivered Daniel from danger by his angels. We all have angels or demons guiding our lives. It”s all based on what we believe. God is living spiritually. According to Daniel 6:27, God delivers, rescues us, and works signs and wonders in heaven and earth.

I have seen God’s protection, miracles, healing power and more in my own life. All because I repented, and asked God in prayer. My faith is what helps me keep pushing for better everyday.

God gave Daniel the gift of dreams and visions. In Daniel 10, God gave him revelation concerning a great war. Daniel fasted for 3 weeks. Fasting is a time of seeking God to understand his message for us. Daniel didn’t understand the ins and out of the great war but he was challenged by it. He cried out to God. That is what we all can do. Cry out to God when we don’t understand.

We must humble ourselves before God and he will resist the devil, demonic forces from our lives. The Book of Daniel reminds me to listen to God, and allow him to direct our path. It will keep us protected from the wiles of the devil.

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Montego Bay, Jamaica All-Inclusive Vacation for You

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Montego Bay, Jamaica
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My Understanding of the Book of Ezekial

Prophet Ezekial encountered angelic beings and the presence of God around 30 years old. These 4 angelic beings had 4 faces. The spirit of the Lord was presenting himself to Ezekial for a mission. The Lord appeared through the appearance of fire just like he did with Moses and the burning bush.

The Lord chose Ezekial to speak to the children of Isreal about their rebellious ways. He would inform them about the destruction of Jerusalem and restoration to the land of Isreal. Many of them were hard-hearted. This is a time God is furious of his people ways. They were still in Babylon at this time. Just Imagine the fury God has toward our generation today with all the sin being perfromed.

God warned Ezekial many of times to not be afraid of them. That many would be stubborn and only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. They rejected God so he shouldn’t take it personal if they reject him. In those times, people would try to down prophets, and some would even hurt them that was speaking for God.

It’s the message of Christ that people are still rejecting today. The kind of immorality that goes on in America alone is being judged til this day. Many is working off the flesh instead of through the spirit. Working off the flesh is commiting adultery, fornication, uncleanness, idolatory, witchcraft, wrath, strife, envying, jealousy, hatred, murders, drunkedness and so much more.

The Soverign Lord spoke through Ezekial and still speaking today. Anyone who turn from righteousness is relasing themselves from God.

The book of Ezekial discussed the destruction and restoration of Gods people. God doesn’t like when we are disobedient. He still brought Prophet Ezekial around during the babylonian exile to tell his people to stop sinning. He had to have faith and trust the Lord in all that he instructed him to do.

The Lord led the house of Isreal into captivity for their wrong doings. Afterwards he gave them a chance to be forgiven and cleanse through offerings and sacrifices. Offerings was done to make reconcilation for the House of Isreal with Lord. The Lord also divided the land for inheritences between the 12 tribes of Isreal.

The Book of Ezekial taught me that there is always a reaping date for whatever we sow. As long as we repent, follow God laws and statutes, he is willing to forgive us, bless us and allow us to prosper.


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