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Emotional Guidance to Success

Catrina’s Emotions

“Whether you say emotions kill or give life, you are Right!”

1108151455_HDRCatrina Latrice Williams have found a technique to help you transition to the next level of success through emotional guidance. After evaluating her transitions in life from a toddler into late 20’s, she realized she made a lot of wrong emotional decisions. For example, when things did not go her way, she would feel let down or not good enough. Have you ever felt that way?
Ms. Williams also took multiple medications due to cancer survival as a young child which also added more side effects. Just about anything hurt Catrina’s feelings during her childhood. There were times she became stressed due to lack of emotional wisdom.

Did Emotions kill her or Give her life?

It was a challenging life for Catrina emotionally because she did not know what she didn’t know. She was living based on what she learned consciously and unconsciously in your young life. Catrina got an “AHA” moment one day that she was destined to live a prosperous life. It took almost 30 years of her life. She felt like she was living in hell. Her emotions influenced her to curse people which in to return was cursing herself. She always had a strong mind but she didn’t know how to control her emotions. No. Emotions didn’t kill Catrina but it killed her chances of living a happy, prosperous, healthy and wealthy life. What now?

What is Emotions?

Catrina Latrice Williams will guide you to a place called success through the power of emotions, thought and action. First let’s understand more about Emotions. Based on Catrina’s understanding, emotions is a short word for energy and motion. It’s gives off a certain vibration in your spirit. Pastor Mesiti from Australia favorite phrase is to ask God to shift the mind, touch the Heart and increase finances in my life. Your mind is a vibration. Your heart is another vibration and so is money. If your energy and motion for each of these devices is not in perfect harmony, you will get negative result. To make it sound better you may get unexpect results that is not in your favor.
According to Google, emotion involves feeling, thinking, activation of the nervous system, physiological changes, and behavioral changes such as facial expressions. Weather you know it or not, you have full authority over your emotions. After researching further, I found that human behaviour is broken down into basic emotions. According to research by Glasgow University, study has challenged a commonly-held belief that there are six basic emotions of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust. Catrina used to be a victim to being naive, timid, fearful, angry, cruel which it added struggles and challenges in everyday life. Catrina used to complain, cry, and attract negative behavior in her life unconsciously.

Emotional Guidance

Not anyone is perfect, What about you? Have you experienced a lack of emotional intelligence? It is never too late to change for the better. Catrina have listed some tools to help you grow emotionally. Connect with her for more guidance to taking full control over your life.


This is for informational purposes only. Catrina is a transformational public speaker whose seen positive change in her life and those connected to her.

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Catrina Latrice Cancer Survivor Story touching Lives!! Journey

I, Catrina Latrice Williams is a Proud Cancer Survivor, Successful Entrepreneur & Made Woman of God!

I am EXCITED Bc today I put my energy & time in helping a Very Special charity!! St. Jude Children Hospital!! You see, at 1 1/2 years Old I was diagnosed with cancer. They Saved my life & I truly feel like I owe them My Life.  Think about this for me, they NEVER sent me a Bill for anything. For a year, I went through Chemotherapy & Radiation, had lab work done, x-rays and so much more. We all see how much a medical bill Is in today’s society. I give thanks to St Jude for following God by saving gifted children.

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