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Steps to Start a Small Business

Small business owners fall in love with the process of working for themselves. It may be challenging in the beginning but the process is worth it. Small business owners have the ability to choose when they work, how often they want to work and who they want to work for. They have more control over their financial conditions.


Starting a small business is quite simple when you have the right information. The first step is brainstorming different ideas that you like to do. Next narrow your ideas down to the top 3 business choices. Then, choose a business name that is attractive to the public and simple to spell. Create a product or services that are unique in the marketplace. Find out what customers want and biz

Business Goals

Once you brainstorm and choose what type of business you want, next you want to create business goals. There are two categories, short and Long-term goals. Short-term goals are made to be created within a 12-month period. For example, completing a business plan within 30 days or purchasing business supplies within 90 days is short-term. Long-term goals are goals accomplished within one to five years. Business financial goals will increase by 50% in three years or how many employees you want to hire within five years is long-term.


Marketing and Promotions are the life of any business. A business that has the best products, a beautiful store and great customer services will go out of business if they do not market their business properly. Marketing and promotions are a way to get your business in front of potential clients. There are different ways to market your business. Some businesses market the traditional way through newspapers, direct-mails, flyers and business cards.

In the 21st century, entrepreneurs use online tools to reach their audience. Online business success tools such as state-of-the-art webinars, or follow up services for prospects and more. More businesses are learning how to promote online through social media, Craigslist, Google Adwords and more. Determine what type of marketing and promotions you would like done for your business. Choose a target market first then research the best way to reach your target audience.

Starting a small business can be a simple process when you have the right business coach. Catrina Latrice Williams is a successful entrepreneur with a business degree. Her mission is to coach new small business owners to create a successful business.



Universal Life Insurance can save your life.

This is a review of Universal Life Insurance by Catrina Williams. As a customer for over 10 years, she has discovered the benefits of Universal Life Insurance. Universal Life Insurance is an asset, value-added service that protects a person’s life. This type of plan allows the insured to accrue a cash value that can be withdrawn over the years if needed. The primary services are death benefits to beneficiaries. Universal life insurance is a great plan because people money goes into two categories. Their money goes into the “cost of insurance and a saving component known as the cash value.” ( Therefore, their money goes into a place for loved ones of their choice in case death happens and the other is a permanent saving account to withdraw within the insured active lifetime.

There have been many families in America where their family has the past away without any sort of life insurance. These families end up having challenges burying their family and paying off debt. Things can get ugly when a family member is not covered by a life insurance plan because debt also gets passed down. If a loved one wanted to pass down their home or valuables, they could be confiscated by the state if their bills aren’t able to be paid, even after death.

In the 21st century, people are serious about protecting their valuable because they are being passed down generations. An individual can benefit from a Universal Life Insurance because they can borrow from the accrued cash value. If hard times hit, they can fall back on their savings plan through life insurance. Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect valuables, homes, cars, assets, income and most importantly life. Midwest National Life Insurance Company service Tennessee and South Carolina residents. Feel free to comment quality life insurance companies that care about their policy holders.

Dj Nynjah Wedding Customers

Wedding Customers are calling on DJ Nynjah for their future events in 2018. Important events are planned out years in advance. The Wedding Bride doesn’t want to walk down the aisle without her dream song. What about the first dance after saying, “I do.” Weddings could not go on without a DJ. receptionDon’t forget about the fun part of the night, the reception. Things just would not be right without a DJ. Planning a wedding already takes a lot of time and effort from the family. They do not have the time to train a DJ on how to play at their family wedding.


That’s why it is important to know what to look for when choosing your Dj. First, find out how many years of experience they have? Ask your potential Dj for references, testimonies or videos proof of different parties. That will show proof that multiple people have used their services. Certain DJs only play one type of genre while others play a select few. Customers should be able to rent a DJ, send him the list 10-20 songs that you want to be played for sure during your event and let them do the rest. Your DJ should be experienced enough to play more songs that relate or in that same genre of music that you are interested in so that you can focus on your party. Professional DJs will require a deposit or payment in advance to lock in your special day. People are always requesting a DJ and only the best stay booked.



DJ Nynjah is the world’s most versatile that offers DJ services in Charleston, SC. Starting in 2018, he will be expanding his business in Memphis, TN. People are always requesting dj service in Memphis. Dj Nynjah provide a wide variety music genres because his customer base is large. Weddings are DJ Nynjah favorite because he enjoys giving his clients a memorable wedding experience. He has a large collection of wedding songs such as My Best Friend by Tim McGraw, Here and Now by Luther Vandross, or how about some Kenny Lattimore? Dj Nynjah has been in business for 10 years and has become highly skilled at cutting and scratching. DJ Nynjah has provided Disc Jokey services for Beautiful and Elegant Weddings, Spanish parties, R & B & HipHop Cookouts, Children Birthday Parties, Club parties and more. Some common music genres that Dj Nynjah has become skilled at mixing and matching is Ol Skool, Rap & R&B, Pop, Top 40, Country, Reggae, Soca and so much more.

dj nyn


More People are Earning Money from Home

work at home momIn the 21st century, technology has advanced to the point where more people are earning money from home. People are always looking for a way to earn money from home. It is a different way of life when a person only has to walk to the next room to earn a living. There are so many hard-working mothers that would die to stay home and care for their children. They don’t like the fact of letting strangers raise them. Catrina Williams knows the feeling of having a hard-working parent. When she was growing up, her mother worked very hard. There were some days where Catrina didn’t see her mom unless she woke up out her sleep.

That’s one reason why Catrina decided to find legit ways to earn money from home. With all the scams going on throughout the world, new internet users have to be careful. It would be best to find a skilled mentor to guide a new entrepreneur step by step before starting any new business. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, “24 percent of employed people did some or all of their work at home in 2015.” ( Catrina’s new e-book, Entrepreneurs Success Manual: Transition from Employee Mindset offers the right tools to start a successful business. It is an activity workbook that allows people to work on their own time. It is simple and easy to use. Start your entrepreneurial journey today, click here.


Beautiful Flowers


beauty flower

Flowers are beautiful pieces of art. They bring out the vibrant colors, smell, and feel here on earth. Women and flowers connect with each other on a special level. Most people in America can agree they have seen a woman light up when someone brings them flowers. Especially, if they smell good. How would it feel to be surrounded by a field of flowers? Would you smile? Would you daydream? What would be your first thought?

How are Flowers Formed

Flowers are uniquely made. The process to form into a flower is similar to the conception of a baby. One way a flower can produce is called selfing, “fusion of sperm and egg from the same flower.” ( That explains why a woman would have a love and passion for stunning flowers. Innately, they both relate to the challenging stages of producing. Some flowers provide health benefits.

Benefits of Flowers

Flowers is in the same family as plants and herbs. Many can be eaten for food and is a healing source for health. According to research done by Rutgers, he found flowers have a positive impact on emotional health. Flowers make you love and intimate. They create feelings of happiness and good thoughts. One special perennial called Peonies are the future treatments to help patients undergoing Chemotherapy easy major side effects. Daffodils will soon be another type of cure for cancer. Flowers have a special place on earth. Give someone a flower to show gratitude.

rows of flowers



Catrina L. Williams

Catrina L. Williams, Entrepreneur Book Author 

Catrina L. Williams, Book Author of Entrepreneur Success Manual is respected by many for sharing her success tools. In 2007, Catrina started her own business without any mentorship. She asked other professionals for help, but they were more worried about her being competition. With her motivation, Catrina still went for her dreams and goals. 

Business Challenges

In the beginning, Catrina experienced problems such as under charging her clients, lack of business finances, expansion challenges and employee issues. Catrina had never been around anyone who had a business before so she was trying to figure it all out. She didn’t know the requirements it took to grow a successful business. However she decided to enroll in an online university to work towards her Associates Degree in Business. Graduating with a 3.60 G.P.A. and honored on the deans list multiple semesters, Catrina gained more knowledge on succeeding in business. She have serviced more than 75 loyal clients that has used her services a minimum of 3 years. Next, she needed skills on hiring the right employees. She attended different networking events and spent more than 5000 hours learning how to help others succeed in life. 

Business Success 

In 2011, Catrina has expanded her work at home business. Her business services were offered in Memphis,TN and Charleston, SC. Since then, Catrina has helped many people learn how to become an entrepreneur. Since 2013, Catrina has helped over 400 people learn how to work from home!! Many of them has earn residual income from home while others has built successful business brands for themselves. 

Why did she write her Entrepreneur E-Book

Catrina realized the lack of knowledge with many during her times of training different employees and helping new entrepreneurs. Many people want to succeed, but most don’t have a mentor or the right knowledge to succeed. Catrina recognized that and wrote her Entrepreneur Success Manual. It is a guide to help new entrepreneurs transition from an employee mindset. It also help the skilled leaders check their business plans and daily activities, so they can make changes accordingly. Her e-book is an activity workbook that anyone can start for any business. This is a basic guide to get serious people start their own business. You must know the key requirements needed to work from home.

New Entrepreneurs can start their journey on the right track today. Limited Time for Special. Get access here 

DJ Nynjah Business Success in 2017

Ronald Hoolasie, aka DJ Nynjah, is the CEO of Spitfire International. He is considered to be the world’s most versatile because of his cutting and scratching and unique mixing style. The way he mixes different songs will make you get in the groove. It all started back in 2007 when he decided to put his singing career on hold and give people a good time by playing music for them. Over the last 10 years, DJ Nynjah has provided DJ service for thousands of people, including international celebrities like Beenie Man. His passion for music shows in his playing style. Loyal customers have referred him and now he is expected to expand the business in 2018. Dj Nynjah is looking forward to building new business relationships, servicing cookouts and special events. Schedule your event in advance to lock in your spot. His schedule is already filling up for 2018.


DJ Nynjah Website

Visiting Charleston, SC

Sightseeing in Charleston is a beautiful, historic experience for anyone who visits. According to Travel and Leisure, Charleston, SC was rated the number one best city in the world for the years 2015-16. It is known for its spectacular architecture with marvelous million dollar homes on its battery in the historic downtown. There are beautiful botanical gardens with a history dating back to the late 1600’s. Many tourists come to see Fort Sumpter where the civil war battle was fought. They will find luxury five-star accommodations like the Belmond Charleston Place to relax and retreat. When visitors are looking to get a fine taste of Charleston style, they can visit delicious seafood restaurants like RB’s Seafood with breath-taking views of locals, canoeing down the river while eating.

Visit for more information on your next vacation to Charleston, SC.


Catrina Latrice Williams