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What is Freedom?


If you sound it out it would be Free-dom. Dom sound like dumb. I hope they are not saying you are dumb to think you are free. If we are Free why would someone create Freedom. People have different definitions and words for Freedom. Some people call it a free life, financial freedom, or just being free to speak, etc.

Let me tell you what Freedom is not. Freedom is not lacking anything. It’s not hurtful, stressful or harmful. Freedom does not kill. Freedom is not negative and definitely not poor. Freedom is not about getting over. It’s surely not lying nor deceiving. Freedom is not struggling to pay bills. It’s not working 100 hours in a week. Its not controlling. It don’t bribe you, nor judge you. Freedom is not uneducated. Its not ignorant either. Freedom is not blinded from the truth. It is not a blasphemer of God. It’s not unlawful. Freedom is not envious. It’s not fearful. It’s not sad. Freedom is not prideful. Freedom is not naive. Its not a bully. It’s not wondering are you appreciated.


Freedom is abundance, peace, and joy. Freedom is Bill-less and paid 12 months in advance. Freedom is blessing others out of lack. Freedom is encouraging others. Freedom is being a positive role model. It is discovering ways to live a Free Life. Freedom is supporting others. Freedom is understanding, over-standing and inner-standing. Freedom is being confident. It is accepting God blessings, resources and love in your life. Freedom is peaceful. Freedom is within. It’s a peace of mind. Its organized. Its planned and implemented. Its sacrificing for the good. Freedom is stepping out your comfort zone. Freedom is what you make it to be. Freedom is knowledge. It is wisdom. Freedom is healthy and wealthy. Freedom is communication. Freedom is a form of energy.

Be Free.

Catrina Latrice Williams