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My fight with the devil

Satan put me on his death list for the second time to test my faith.

I see a massive list of people close to me has passed away in the last 12 months. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. He will use anything or anyone to try and take God’s people out. I know God has a huge mission for my life because Satan has been trying to take my life since I entered this world in 1983. God’s first miraculous healing for me was at 1 1/2 years old (1985) when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I’m thankful to God for sparing my life a second time in January 2018. Satan had a plan with Death to take me out through cancer again, but God’s mission for my life wasn’t complete. I walked through the valley of the shadow of death & feared no evil. I’ve had infections in my blood, dehydration, nausea, major surgery, high heart rate over 150, little to no blood pressure, and many more health challenges. I surrendered and saw God as my strength, healer, protector, provider and how he will move any mountain for me.

I looked death right in the face and prayed to God to lead and guide me through the health challenges. I didn’t know what to do or how to save my own life, so I trusted in the lord. November 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, January 2018, I nearly died, and as of May 2017, I’m recovering and healing miraculously.

I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for God saving my life. If he did it for me, he’d do it for you. Build your relationship with God and see how much he truly loves you. The fight with the devil is not ours; it’s the lords.

Catrina L. W-H
Psalm 23


3 Important Facts that could impact your life. 

I learned three important facts over the last 12 months could help impact your life. 

Fact #1 GOD comes first before anything or anyone because I can receive truth, wisdom, strength, protection, prosperity, happiness, health and guidance towards a more righteous way of living.

Fact #2 Health is the most precious, valuable asset to everyone. If we take care of ourself, we can help take care of others and inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle. Health is what you eat, what you speak over your life, prayer life, how you treat your body and others around you. Health is your everyday mental thoughts. Exercising, Eating Healthy and Praying is apart of my new health journey. I would love to get new health friends around the world who would like to join me once I get into remission with this cancer.

Fact #3 Finding your what makes you happy in life. God created each of us for a special purpose in life. Some are meant for the healthcare field, some for customer service, others for hands on projects, some for communication tasks, and so many more wonderful missions God created each of us. A very important lesson I learned is that everyone was not created just to be wealthy, middle class or poor. It’s all about tapping into Gods will for your life. Praying and allowing God to guide you so that you can fulfil your mission here on earth.

Not any of us is perfect and there is a such thing as hanging with the wrong crowd, learning the wrong way in life and not knowing what you don’t know. The best part about it all is we have another day, another chance to get one step closer to living the righteous way tomorrow.

I’m inspired to share this message because it was not only for me but someone else too. 

Share your thoughts.

**Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie

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Sickness, Cancer, & Disease can attack anyone. You are not exempt.

Anyone can be diagnosed with a serious health matter, cancer, or disease. Just becuase you have never been sick or diagnosed don’t mean sickness can’t attack you. As a surviving cancer patient, I encourage you to stay up to date with your healthcare. Would you be able to handle excruciating aches and pains? Just because you feel good on the inside and out doesn’t mean everything is perfectly good. Get your yearly exams and check ups.

Be aware of the foods, liquids, toxins, the chemicals you breathe in and what you speak over your life. You become what you eat and who you hang around. Be careful how you treat people bc you never know when you may need them.

Treat others how you want to be treated. If a loved one is currently going through a life or death situation be there for them to the best of your ability. Pray for them because if you was in their shoes you would need help too.

The only one that can truly heal, provide, protect and comfort you is God. Man is guided by God’s steps. How would you take it if the doctors always had negative news for you when going through a serious health matter? Would you break down or stand strong. People take life for granted everyday. I’m here to tell you to cherish life, be thankful and make wise decisions.

Make sure you have a close relationship with God. If you don’t, he will accept you as you are right now. With God, anything is possible. Go get your check up and go to the ER if you are in pain. Never be to busy to check on your health. Your body is the temple of God.

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie approves this message. 


God pushed my Chemo Back, not man because…

The doctors had me in the office all day and waiting the last 48 hours trying to get my Chemo approved with the insurance company. It wore me out. My mom and I didn’t understand why but then God showed me he had a greater plan. Never question God just pay attention to his signs and instructions. I’m human and was praying asking God to please save my life. Www.Gofundme.com/CatrinaIllness 

** God said he didn’t want me to go through this Chemo process (Life or Death event) on my own. So God pushed my Chemo date back to Friday, Dec 15th so my husband can be here to hold my hand, pray and fight the enemy off me together. I forgive bc God forgives. God said my healing process has now been cut in half bc my better half is here with me. I was sooooo surprised when my hubby walked in the door and I can’t stop smiling. 

Prayer Works and I thank you all for continuing to pray with me and be here with me through my health journey. 

Love is stronger when you can show your love instead of just saying you love. #ChemoStartsTmw #ImReallyReadyNow #INeedmyHusbandByMySide

If you find it in your heart to sow a healing donation in my life, it will help me keep the stress of paying bills without being able to work. Please read my story here. Www.Gofundme.com/CatrinaIllness

My 10 Year Transition from the World to God

My sister asked me what was I doing ten years ago when I was 24 years old. HaHa! Well, I can honestly say I am not the same person I used to be. At 24 years old, I just moved to Memphis, TN, from Charleston, SC , had my apartment, own car and was single and mingling. I was drinking every weekend, getting WASTED like the white boys and being a Workaholic. I remember plenty of days working hard and then end up falling asleep in the club.


Catrina 24
Catrina, 27 Years Old, Charleston, SC


Wow! I was faithful at doing worldly things to attract what I wanted. Things like money, guys, success and material things. I barely acknowledged God. When I did get what I wanted, it took all my energy. I was giving, giving, giving but not reaping in God’s kingdom. I never understood why I would achieve my goals with so much struggle in the midst of it. I couldn’t see, hear, or even feel what I was doing wrong because I was so closed-minded to new things outside of what I saw around me. According to a study, the average person is only aware of 5% of their daily activity. That means 95% of what we do is unconsciously done.

I loved myself but not my whole self. I put so much effort and energy in my business and school to the point, it put wear and tear on my body. So much energy went into helping people in my last ten years to where I forgot about me.


Catrina, 33 year

I wanted others to win so bad to the point I overworked myself. I worked myself so much to where I’ve been diagnosed with a tumor in 2017. Click Here to Help Catrina fight her Illness.   It’s because I didn’t take time out for myself. I was disobedient to God’s Sabbath day. I have been working, working, working basically 7 days a week. It’s funny because right when I decided to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, to get closer to God, I was put in the valley of the shadow of death. I wanted to get to know God and learn his righteous ways. I wanted to be able to discern the flesh and the spirit. Thats when the enemy decided to test me this year, 2017. Oh, I was tested in every area of my life.


After 10 years of being single, I decided to settle down and commit to only one guy. I was never the type to play with men but I was operating in sin during my early 20’s. My most recent relationship help me learn exactly what I want in a man. I found that I enjoy doing wife duties, and catering to my man. At the same time, if I’m not treated like a Queen then there are problems. I learned fast that it’s not about being in a relationship but allowing God to connect you with the right person at the right time for the right reasons. I started to feel as if something was missing and I thought it was a man. I was tested in this last relationship to see if I would seek revenge. I trust in God and prefer to continue to do good so that good can follow me. You reap what you sow.

Now I’m not going to lie, I had my fun days, partying, working for myself, and getting involved in a committed relationship and overworking myself. Out of all the success I created, I wasn’t serving the right master though. I learned fast that you can’t serve two masters. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.  The devil mimick God ways to deceive you into following him.

Over the last three years, I got closer to God than ever before. I learned the foundation of living life in prosperity, leaning not to my understanding and to have faith in all aspects of my life. I knew of God, but I didn’t have a close relationship with God. It was hard to discern what was for me and not for me because I didn’t know the difference between God’s voice and the devil. I used to give even when it hurt me and one thing I know is God doesn’t want us to suffer.

I have grown wiser, stronger and a passion for helping people become an entrepreneur. Since the age of 24 years old, I’ve grown to understand how to humble myself, how to take care of myself inside/out, how to create what I want in life and how to recognize the real from the fake. I am a new spirit of Christ. I will continue to build a close relationship with God. I will not settle for less. I will follow my first instinct and never regret anything in life.

Catrina WilliamsTen years later at the age of 34 years old, I would prefer to go to a nice comedy show, self-development events, travel the world, do different family activities, create last memories of a lifetime doing different things. I have learned how to love myself first before anyone else. I am a PROVERBS 31 woman, more precious than rubies. I have fallen in love with the color of my skin, my race, my ancestors and most importantly God! I can’t do the things I used to do because I know better.

Inspiration: Live your life, Follow your Heart, Learn new lessons

Psalm 23, Ephesian 10-20, Ephesian 1:17, Isiah 41:10,


I was Admitted in the Hospital for Breath-taking, Excruciating Pain, Read Here…

On November 14, 2017, I was admitted in the hospital because they found a tumor. Baptist Memorial East in Memphis, TN finally found my health problems after visiting 4 Emergency Rooms, Multiple Doctors within the last year. I have been in so much pain to the point I had to let my cleaning business go at the spare of the moment. My pain level has been at a 15 and the only one I can think of that has kept me alive from the diehard pain was God.

I’m thankful because after three days in the hospital I received a positive doctor report Friday, November 17, 2017. Thank God that it is not an infectious disease in my body.

Dear Lord,

Right now, I repent my sins known and unknown. I know I am not perfect. Please forgive me and give me strength to follow your path of righteousness. According to Jesus of Nazareth, I have the authority to heal myself. You said, if I ask, have faith, I will receive (Matt 21:22). I know it’s not up to the doctors to heal me because you have angels on assignment healing me at an instant. You told me its all based on the attitude I have towards my health and my support system. You know my heart. 

Lord if I have offended any friends, family or business associates in my past or hurt someone spirit for whatever reason forgive me, for I did not do it intentionally. Lord give me the clarity to share my future messages in love, understanding and truth. 

Lord I sense some have a bitter heart towards me. Give them a renewed heart and renewed spirit and show them my love for them. If they have prayed for my downfall, if they have spoken curses and negativity over my life, Lord forgive them. According to 2 Timothy 4:18, yes and the lord will deliver me from every evil attack.

 I forgive them. Lord for those who I thought would be there for me has abandoned me because Im not a benefit to them anymore. May it not be counted against them. Thank you lord for those who have showed unconditional love, peace and concern during my ups and downtime in life. Protect me with the full armor of God so I can stand firm against every attack of the enemy. 

I accept responsibility for everything I’ve done in my life up til 33 years old. I break every generational curse, break every chain that has a stronghold on my life. Lord bless others heart to support me in the times of needs, support my online business so I can keep income flowing and bless me with whatever seed they can sow into my life as you heal and restore my health. 

Many have asked how can they help me or reach out if I need help. I don’t know how to ask for help because I have been so independent all my life. Therefore, the lord told me just put your link out and whoever decide to sow a healing seed in your life until you get better make sure you remember them so that you can share your overflow once you are restored. 

When you sow your seed- Comment-Healing Seed- Paypal.me/CatrinaLWilliams

In Jesus Name, I pray not only for myself but for other children of God. 

Amen, Hallelujah Amen

Lord, I Repent My Sins

I just received confirmation about my health diet. Isiah 66:17 says “Those who ‘purify’ themselves in a sacred garden feasting on pork and rats and other forbidden meats, will come to a terrible end.” Thank God I have awakened from the dead. The only thing now is staying awake and not going backward. It’s challenging to make changes in life. Especially when they are drastic changes.

I’ve been having major health problems recently where it sat me all the way down. I can tell I have been consciously sleeping where I couldn’t hear God speaking to me because after going to 5 & 6 doctors they all told me the same thing. Mrs. Williams, you look healthy, vitals signs are well, etc. However, the moment I leave my legs and surrounding area go into a massive muscle spasm. Sometimes it would hurt so bad to stand, sit or lay down. Then, I noticed, medicine and doctors will not help me, because it’s a spiritual matter. I realized it’s what I been putting in my body and how I been using and abusing my body.

For 10 years straight, I worked body under serious pressure. I put all type of greasy, dead food in my body, breathed in all type of harmful chemicals like bleach. I attracted negativity because of my spiritual and physical actions weren’t in line with God. I’ve idolized people, places, and things unconsciously. I repent, I repent, I repent. Lord, I repent in front of the world, saints, and priests. Cleanse my body, mind, spirit, and soul. Take the veals off so I can see and hear you clearly. I want on being perfect in your eyes. When I pray, I pray for all who love you.

In Jesus Name… Amen


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Pharmaceutical Drugs Versus Marijuana

Everyone has their opinions about pharmaceutical drugs and Marijuana. In my opinion, the Pharmaceutical Companies is the biggest drug dealers in the world. Advil, Tylenol, Codeine, Ritlin and all those other drugs will kill someone if they take one too many. We have seen the proof many times on tv commercials. A new drug side effects sometimes be worst then the problem itself. Then 3-6 months later they have a lawyer saying, ” Have you had a loved who died from…”. The sides effects of different drugs can mask up your current health problem and cause more issues somewhere else. 

For example, as a cancer survivor, most of my medicine I took for 18 years of my life kept me moody and caused post problems to my health. Over-the-counter drugs is legal to buy in the store. However, it is easy for people to  get sprung out on pharmaceutical drugs. There are many cases of death for these types of drugs. They are even putting liquor and cigarettes in community stores like Family Dollars to make people buy more. Cigarettes is another substance that is harmful in every way and they even let teenagers buy. I don’t understand.

On the other hand, it’s funny how the government can lock people up for selling Marijuana. A plant that add more benefits to most people lives than harming them. Please go find a case where someone over-dosed on Marijuana? Marijuana has gotten America attention on a whole new level. They don’t talk about why on the mainstream media. Marijuana has so many health benefits that are saving lives by the day. According to the National Institute of Science, Engineering and Medicine, “25 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis.” (www.nap.edu). Some states allow medical and recreational use. 

It is considered a safe treatment for cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, pain, glaucoma and many other health conditions . This is a substance that calms people down and even influence them to pay attention and think more. There are side effects that causes sleepiness, some short-term memory loss, and causes a person appetite to increase. Everyone knows not anything is perfect. However, pharmaceutical drugs have more harmful side effects versus Marijuana.

This article is for informational purposes only.


The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. (2017). https://www.nap.edu/catalog/24625/the-health-effects-of-cannabis-and-cannabinoids-the-current-state?gclid=CjwKCAjwtdbLBRALEiwAm8pA5etswWJRdT8r6EJJOsoX3qiirwjNvM16A4f1-aoh-cefdhU9-WB79BoC0lAQAvD_BwE

The Scare of my Life

God is not ready for me because my mission is not complete here on earth. Yesterday I experienced one of the scariest health challenges since I was a baby. I broke out in a sweat, felt like I wanted to pass out any moment. I couldn’t lay down, sit down, nor stand up due to excruiating pain throughout the area I had chemo-radiation. I couldn’t talk to call for help or even walk to get help. It felt like something was taking my breathe away. I kept losing my breathe uncontrollably. At the same I was telling my mind that I can breathe. I was telling myself that I’m alright eventhough I had blurry vision. It felt like my spirit had left my body and I was watching my body fight for it’s life. 

Thank God for my cousin being around to call EMS for me. I was finally able to slowly walk to my living room. It was so uncomfortable to sit but it also hurt to stand. The pain came again as I was sitting down and I started crying. My cousin was there with me watching but it really was nothing she could do. When EMS got to my home, I still couldn’t breathe on my own so they gave me oxygen. They started asking me questions but I could barely talk. As my breathing started toning down I started coming back around to talk. I told them I’m a Cancer Survivor, and that this issue been going on for the last eight months. The EMS was able to help me catch my breathe and they asked me, did I want them to carry me to the hospital?

At this time, I looked at them and said, “No”. Not because I was afraid to go to the doctors but because Im afraid of the bill. That’s why many Americans without Healthcare are unhealthy and lose their lives unnecessarily. If I was able to afford the expensive health insurance they offer, I would have been able to get the problem taken care of. I have been to the doctor five times for this same problem over the last 4 months and they are not doing the right testing to find the problem but sending me bills for $1000 + for a hour waiting and 10 minutes for a quick check up and prescription medicine that I despise. 

They did more for me when they thought I had medical insurance but yesterday they just did a basic check. It was the worst I ever felt. I’m starting to feel the long-term side-effects of my cancer treatment from 1985, my lower abdomen and top right leg has been in major aches for some time now. I’m getting to the point where physical activities are limited for me without going through the aches and pain. This is where the medical bills starts to pile up because of the expensive visits.  

Even though I have disability insurance, that doesn’t help me with my health. I’m very disappointed in American Government for taking our tax dollars, spending it unnecessarily and charging us rediculous prices for our health coverages. 

Cherish your life because you never know when your time is up. I’m thankful for my cousin helping me and for God giving me a strong mind to not give up. I’m not shame to say I’m a survivor even when I’m being attacked medically. Someone didn’t wake up this morning. Pray that I’ll be able to get this ongoing health challenge cured, in the name of Jesus. 

Catrina Latrice Cancer Survivor Story touching Lives!! Journey

I, Catrina Latrice Williams is a Proud Cancer Survivor, Successful Entrepreneur & Made Woman of God!

I am EXCITED Bc today I put my energy & time in helping a Very Special charity!! St. Jude Children Hospital!! You see, at 1 1/2 years Old I was diagnosed with cancer. They Saved my life & I truly feel like I owe them My Life.  Think about this for me, they NEVER sent me a Bill for anything. For a year, I went through Chemotherapy & Radiation, had lab work done, x-rays and so much more. We all see how much a medical bill Is in today’s society. I give thanks to St Jude for following God by saving gifted children.

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