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Catrina’s Understanding of Leviticus 1-13

The Lord start giving instructions on how to sacrifice your sins the beginning of Leviticus.

I noticed the Lord had different spiritual instuctions depending on the type of sins or offerings requested. There was 5 original offerings and most were voluntary. It’s interesting to know it was normal to kill a living animal to offer it as a meat offering. One reason for this is because the Lord love the sweet savour in the air. This reminds me when we to to grandma house while she cooking some good ol soul food on Sunday. Those who have a joy for cooking has a gift for God. Listening to Leviticus 1-13 help me realize how much God love the sweet, delicious smell of food. That explain why there is a deep-rooted tradition of soul food and praying before everyone eat. We are in the house of the lord, therefore we must learn how to satisfy the Lord in all aspects of our lives.

It was very important for people to prepare their sacrifices properly. For example, their would be instructions for peace offerings. If someone sinned against God’s law, a priest would make an atonement for them. A ruler would have to bring a goat as a sin offering. The vantage point to focus on in the 21st century is where, what and how do God want us to prepare our different offerings? 

If a soul sin, he must bear his iniquity. If a soul touch the uncleaness of man, he should be guilty.  These particular scripture reminds me of modern day laws. If you are in the company of bad people when caught, you can get caught up with their bad experiences. There was trepass offerings as well. What do you think about when you hear trepass? Reading through the bible shows how much God really care for his people. By having instructions, wisdom, knowledge and revelation allow us to live life more abundantly on earth. This scripture also gave me the inner, over and understanding of why people today sacrifice to the Lord along with know Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. I’ve seen people sacrifice eating their favorite foods, material things, time and more. I’m committed to find the Lord’s way to sacrifice for my sins. Do you think the Lord still expect us to have sin, peace, burnt, grain and trespass offerings? Why or why not?

It is so true that everything already happened under the sun. Today, it’s a matter of praying, mediating and listening for God’s answer on how he want us to sacrifice for our sins. I pray that the Lord forgive us of our sins known and Unknown. Eventhough, the bible gave instructions before Christ for sin offerings, we still need to cleanse our heart, spirit and soul today in the 21st century. Some reasons they sacrificed for the Lord was for intentional sin, unintentional sin, or thanksgiving and freewill. I’m falling in love with the almighty more more everyday. 

This is a God 1st Challenge to get to know every aspect about our almighty.
Connect with us as we go through the entire bible.

This is for informational purposes only.


My FICO Credit Score Update

Congrats to everyone who is committed to repair their credit history. 

I started out with a very low credit score of 485 at the age of 23 and built my credit to 750 where it is today. 

I had collection accounts, late payments, and other negative items on my credit. I wasn’t a credit expert but was determined to build my credit so I could save a lot of money when I apply for homes, new cars, and other material things in the future. 
This has been the start of me creating a excellent credit history. 

** I made a commitment to pay all my bills on time every month. 

**I took note of creditors I owed and never paid so I can pay them off in a short timeframe. Negotiate with them.

**Don’t max out your credit cards. Learn what limit you can spend to avoid your score going down due to high balance.

**Get a Secured Credit Card instead of a Unsecured card to update your new credit.I rejected all credit card offers that came in my mailbox until I built my credit.

**Educate yourself with information to maintain a good credit history over a lifetime.

Those are a few things I did to build a great credit history for myself. There is more information you will need as you work on fixing your credit. You have the choice to take the long route by learning how to do it yourself or a professional credit consultant such as myself can help every step of the way.

Did you know you can be denied the ability to rent, purchases, credit card or even Employment? 

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Who is God? Did you leave God or God left You?

​Come back to God to learn about his love for you. God have never left nor forsaken you but you may have left God. 

Jehovah-jireh is our provider.  He will provide today and tomorrow. Don’t worry about what you can’t see in front of you. Trust Jehovah to provide for you. 
Jehovah-M’Kaddesh will sanctify and cleanse our spirit.  God expect for his people who follow him to be cleansed from all evil.       

God is infinite. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of. He established it upon the trees and flood. He has no beginning, no end, and no limits. He is alpha and omega.

God is omnipotent. He is all-powerful. He spoke all things into being at the beginning of time, All things—every cell, every breath, every thought was good in the beginning. There is nothing too big or small difficult for him to do. 

Jehovah-shalom give us peace.” It is important to know God’s perfect peace, or His “shalom.” God’s peace surpasses understanding and sustains us even through difficult times. 

Jehovah-rophe who heals. God provides the remedy for brokenness. Through His son, Jesus Christ, we can be healed. The word of God is the physical, moral, and spiritual remedy for God’s people. Water is the natural cleansing. Pray for the full armour so the gospel of peace can come over you.

Jehovah-nissi is our banner.  His banner allows us to triumph through the trials and tribulations, “Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:57).

El-Shaddai is God Almighty. God is all-sufficient and all-bountiful and the source of all blessings.

Take back what the enemy took from you which is the Love of God within you.



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