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3 Important Facts that could impact your life. 

I learned three important facts over the last 12 months could help impact your life. 

Fact #1 GOD comes first before anything or anyone because I can receive truth, wisdom, strength, protection, prosperity, happiness, health and guidance towards a more righteous way of living.

Fact #2 Health is the most precious, valuable asset to everyone. If we take care of ourself, we can help take care of others and inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle. Health is what you eat, what you speak over your life, prayer life, how you treat your body and others around you. Health is your everyday mental thoughts. Exercising, Eating Healthy and Praying is apart of my new health journey. I would love to get new health friends around the world who would like to join me once I get into remission with this cancer.

Fact #3 Finding your what makes you happy in life. God created each of us for a special purpose in life. Some are meant for the healthcare field, some for customer service, others for hands on projects, some for communication tasks, and so many more wonderful missions God created each of us. A very important lesson I learned is that everyone was not created just to be wealthy, middle class or poor. It’s all about tapping into Gods will for your life. Praying and allowing God to guide you so that you can fulfil your mission here on earth.

Not any of us is perfect and there is a such thing as hanging with the wrong crowd, learning the wrong way in life and not knowing what you don’t know. The best part about it all is we have another day, another chance to get one step closer to living the righteous way tomorrow.

I’m inspired to share this message because it was not only for me but someone else too. 

Share your thoughts.

**Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie

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My Understanding for the Book of Esther

One of the greatest Military moments, a king full of pride, arrogance and bad decisions.

King XerXes threw a party to glorify his riches, fame, power and to feed his arrogance. He ruled 127 provinces from India to Cush empire. During his royal party he requested Queen Vashti to come see him. She refused in shame of his actions and their horrible Military defeat. While King threw a party for the palace, Queen Vashti threw a party for the women. This showed bad communication and distance between eachother. He allowed his people to drink without any responsibility within the 6 months of his royal party. King XerXes got very upset, removed her status as Queen for her disrespect, bad conduct and no discord. The only problem is he got his advice from partners that led him in the wrong direction. The way he handled the situation was like settling a problem with your significant other on social media. They encouraged him to write a new rule/script for women to obey their men throughout the palace and put a request out for a new Queen. Basically it told all his personal business.

The King put a search out for a new Virgin Queen. They end up choosing Esther, a beautiful Jew who hid her nationality and family background all her life. She received beauty treatments under the kings order to prepare her for queen. Now in the book of Esther, these are Jews who are not necessirily following Gods Law and not doing right. Throughout the book you don’t find any prayer to the God of Abraham/Jacob/Isaac however they did pray and fast. 

Mordecai, the one who cared for Esther up until she became Queen was apart of the Children of Isreal who was put into exile in Babylon due to the disobeidence to God. These Jews was saved but didn’t learn their lessons. Mordecai was in town one day and overheard some soldier preparing to assissinate the King. He shared the news and saved the King. However, the King put out an order to Kill Mordecai, and all other Jews in Susa and Jerusalem bc he refused to bow down to King Xerxes. Eventhough the Jews was not following the law and commandments, God was preserving his people bc if Xerxes killed them then the Children of Isreal would be Exinct. Over time, God saved Mordecai and the other jews from getting killed. They end up having favor from God. 

The New Cut, New Catrina, New Beginnings

**My Cancer Story** I deeply Love & Accept myself more than ever before. Eventhough I had to cut all my hair off due to Chemotherapy, I AM still Beautiful.
 I am Loved. I am a child of God. I am that, I am. I make Hair look Beautiful. 

I prepared my mind a month before I cut all my hair off. I know I was beautiful with hair but now I see how beautiful I am as a person. 

Read my story 

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Today is Not Saturday, it is…

Today is Not SATURDAY. Saturday symbolizes a Pagan Roman God and planet Saturn and is the only day of the week that retained its Roman origin in English. 
God said do not Idol any other Gods. 

Today True Name from God is YOM /Shabbat/Sabbath (/ˈsæbəθ/) is a day set aside for rest and worship. According to Exodus 20:8 the Sabbath is a day of rest on the seventh day, commanded by God to be kept as a holy day of rest, as God rested from creation.


Lord, I repent my sins known & unknown. Please forgive me for idoling other Gods unconsciously for I knew not what I was doing. Give me a clean and upright spirit to follow your 10 commandments, laws and statutes all the days of my life. Protect me and my family with the full armor so we can stand firm against all strategies of the enemy. 

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Understanding of the Book Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah discuss the rebuilding of Jerusalem wall and restoration of the people. Symbolically the temple of God was in ruin the same way people lives today are broken, in distress and torn down. Nehemiah prayed before the God of Heaven first before he requested to build Jerusalem with the King. That is the same thing we should do as Gods people before we try to rebuild ourselves. Our bodies are the temple of God. He confessed the sins of not keeping the commandments, judgments nor statutes of God. When he got their, he surveyed the damages and requested certain families of Judah to help rebuild.

There was certain people who rebelled against them for building the wall. However, Nehemiah and the people was not afriad because they had the Lord on their side. They prepared soldiers to watch day and night over the land. On the other hand, the Jews cried out to Nehemiah because they was forced to borrow from the king, mortgage their lands, vineyards, houses and go into bondage. They were unable to pay back the interest. Its like today, we borrow from the government and they add ridiculous interest that the average person can’t afford to pay back.

Nehemiah gave rules for Jerusalem people based on their geneolgy. All the people gathered together to learn the Book of the Law of Moses. Their ancestors stopped following the laws and that’s why they were exiled into Babylon. Everyone gathered together as one to gain understanding. He requested that they do not mix their daughter with the people in the land according to Gods law. They were not to follow the defiled ways of other people in the land. They were not to sell or buy on the sabbath day. And debt is to be forgiven on the seventh year. That proves the government follows Gods law on the fact that credit can be cleared off a persons report in 7 years. They are to follow offerings, first fruits, tithing and more.

It proves today that many has sinned tremendously against the laws of God and we are currently living in Modern Day Babylon due to following the ways of defiled people in the land, idoling pagan gods and more. Lord be with us. 

Lord, I forgive them for my Church Hurt. 

I was led to this church after God spoke to me in a small still voice in 2012. He said Go find a church. I didn’t understand why because I had a personal relationship with God. I went and attended 3 different churches before finding this one in Goose Creek, SC. I walked in on a Wednesday night for Bible study. The spirit of the Lord was among this place. The sister that approached me was sweet, said Bible study is Tuesday nights and invited me to Sunday services. This church has helped me understand I didn’t have full faith in all aspects of my life. I surrendered to the lord and learned how to open my heart to the Lord and the right people. I have been annoited by the pastor. The Lord led me to this churcb bc the pastor does a great job teaching lessons out the bible. However, I always wondered why pastors don’t teach by the books in the bible only by sporadic scriptures throughout the bible.

Now when I first started going, I was just introduced to Network Marketing and wanted to introduce Church Text Alertz, a free service for (non-profits/churches) to the pastor. I called his office a couple of times and left a message for a return call from him. Now I was fairly new and wasn’t a member yet. Up til this day, I never got a return call, text or email message. Two or three years later, he introduced text alertz for the church during a big church service one Sunday. I was so hurt. I forgave the pastor for he know not what he was doing.  

He would speak on the member issues during service at times. He also spoke on church hurt when members come from other churches. I didn’t understand at the time but now I do. I never been a church going person most of my life so I didn’t come from a church. I did get baptised at my Grandfather home church in Stanton, TN but I never really became a faithful member. Well I gained church hurt from this church in SC multiple times to the point I stopped going completely.

I started to feel unimportant and unappreciated in the church. Another time I got hurt is when I attended one of the pastor free business seminars for business owners and future entreprenuers. Only to find out that if I wanted further coaching it would be a high cost to get help from him to help build his people up. I never continued with the business services bc I was already a successful business owner. It hurt my feelings bc I thought the church help its members and the community with free services or am I wrong? It also started bothering me to see a store and other avenues of earning money inside the church. I asked the Lord personally was this right. 

Now I’m not going to break down how much money I tithed in this church, volunteer services I completed, and how I helped a member I didnt even know bc I sowed that into the kingdom of Gods field. I did start the process to become a member but the Lord wouldn’t let me finish the classes. Everyone who knows me know I finish what I start. I have invited many friends and family to church with me on different occassions.  I did all of that from my heart.

Well after all I put into this church, which is not much in their eyes because their actions prove it. I became fb friends with the pastor, first lady and even some members of the church, and Not 1, I mean not a single one has sent me a prayer privately since going through my Cancer journey. They haven’t donated to my Gofundme account or acknowledged me at all. At least 3-5 members know who I am and have had conversations with me. My fb friends, family and even strangers has done more for me with words of encouragement, donations and support.

I have even tagged the pastor and other members on PURPOSE just to see what kind of Godly response I will get from them and it is just like when I reached out to the pastor about Church Alertz. Nothing, Nada, Zero. You talking about church hurt. Now I see what the pastor was talking about. However, I forgive the church, the pastor, the members and all. I am still their fb friends and will not delete them bc I will continue praying for all of them. While this pastor has a bible teaching church, not religious, I see their ways. The church has never been completely full during normal church services, the pastor living lavish, maybe some of the elders are too but I pray that they do not treat other members of the church the same way they have treated me. Especially if they are taking from them rather its volunteer, tithes or their acts of kindess.

That is why the Lord showed me a better way to get closer to him without being caught up in the church system and I have seen God way more than ever before. I have decieded to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, study, research from online bible scholars and share my understanding. May God bless this church, it’s members and the pastor to the see their wrong doing they have caused on others. Sometimes we get so caught up in the church life to where we become blinded. I feel so much better for getting that off my chest. 

Lord, I repent my sins and ask for forgiveness. I forgive them and ask that you bless their minds, hearts and spirit. We are confess our sins one to another and pray for one another. 


Show More Appreciation & Less Selfishness

If someone give me words of encouragement, I will shower them with inspirational words. If I am blessed with material things by someone, I willl always show my appreciation to them. If someone bless me to use their property, office or land like I have been blessed in the past, I will always give back something to show them I appreciate them for letting me use it, especially if it’s free. I will ask them can I help pay for something or what can I do to show my appreciation. 

If someone is doing something and I’m right there, I will offer to help. I learned that God loves a cheerful giver, not a selfish spirit. It will be on my conscious to use people and not give some kind of appreciation. If someone do business with me and pay me for services and they are not satisfied, I will attempt to fix the problem or give them their money back. 

My heart won’t let me get over on people. God say love and treat your brother/sister as yourself. Many people think that others don’t see their actions but see it’s not up to us to judge because only God can and will judge each of us for our actions. God sees everything we do and I’m thankful and humbled for the heart I hold within. 

I pray God continue to work on me bc I’m not perfect. I pray that he work on others hearts, minds and actions that take, use and never give enough based on all they receive. You never know who you may need one day. I will continue to help, encourage and do right by others because God’s reward is greater than anything else this world has to offer. In 2018, show someone appreciation that has been there for you. 

That’s just the way I am. 

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie Approves this Message