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How to Sacrifice what you Love

A person must first make a decision to sacrifice for the lord. Prepare your mindset before you start the sacrifice. Tell yourself that you are ready to sacrifice ”   “.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Choose something that is your favorite or a bad habit. 

The first couple of days are normally the hardest because you are breaking a habit. It will take strength and positive thinking to stand firm from falling back into your trap. 

Today marks day one of my sacrifice. I believe God has some mighty blessings underway in my life and he needs me to be pure and attentive. Congratulations to everyone who decided to sacrifice with me.


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Book Of Joshua: My Understanding


The Book of Joshua was a continued mission of God. Joshua was protected, never left nor forgotten. Joshua is the one who led the people of Isreal to a land flowing with milk and honey. It was important to be strong and courageous. Their journey led to an overflow of blessings and the ultimate test of faith. There were rivers to cross and vast grassland. The Lord lifted up the waters for them to cross the Jordan on dry ground.

Lesson: Trust a man or woman of God who speaks, practice and encourage others to believe the impossible. The Lord helped build a strong reputation for Joshua throughout the land. It seemed impossible to do alone but Joshua had faith.


This book also discusses how the Lord told the 12 Israelites to create a memorial of Stones for future generations like us. God knew we would want to see proof since the sins would blind us spiritually. We would ask what was the stones for. They piled 12 stones from the Jordan river for proof that God lifted the sea waters so they could cross.

In Jericho, God gave the Israelites a mission to take over the town. The Ram’s horn would be the calling to go to take over the land. The Arc of the Lord was carried with them on their journey. During the time of their destruction of Jericho, they were instructed to not take any gold, silver, iron or because it was heavenly treasures. Individuals within the Israelites decided to sneak and steal God’s treasure by burying them in the ground.

Lesson: God knows our every move because we are apart of God. Instead of going to each person who lied, and stole God’s possession privately, God called every single Israelite. The Lord called out each Tribe that had a guilty man. The clan within the tribe was then called, followed by the guilty man family. The guilty person within that family was finally be called out. In modern day, people would call that embarrassing to be called out in front of everyone.

god omnipre

In 2017, on this beautiful summer day, we share the same belief as our ancestors. You know the common saying “you represent your family, job, business, city, state, country, the human race, and most of all a being of God. God has given us commandments, laws, rules, and scriptures to help us follow a righteous path. Next, it states after the family of the thieves was stoned to death, the lord was no longer angry. To my understanding, the Lord poured his wrath on them. You reap what you sow. However, their consequences were more brutal in the ancient days.

The word got out about the Israelites journey of taking over lands. The people of Gibeon was so afraid of dying, they deceived the Israelites. Joshua got deceived because he didn’t consult with the Lord before making a treaty with them. Joshua was so committed to the Lord, they did not kill the towns due to the promise they made. Their oath was made in the name of the Lord. The people of Gibeon was cursed but not killed.

Lesson: We are guilty of taking action before consulting the Lord and experience the same thing of Joshua in 2017. All because he didn’t put God first, he got tricked. We must make sure we build a personal relationship with God so the enemy can’t deceive us anymore.


The act of God: A miraculous event occurred where the lord allowed the sun to stay in the middle of the sky and didn’t set like a normal day. It was from a prayer Joshua made in order to defeat the enemy. Wow!

The Book of Jashar was mentioned for the first time ever. This is amazing to see how the Bible has led me to another book of God during my God first mission. The book of Joshua taught a lot of lessons about discipline, leadership, loyalty, strength, and faith.

It is time for us to listen to that still voice from within and follow our intuition or spirit. You were created for a purpose. Live out that purpose.


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Purposeful Tips to take Action.

Live Your Life to the Fullest Today Because…

inspire purpose

You have another breath of life.
You are you.
It’s time to Live your Life.
purposeGod created you for a purpose.
You still have a mission to complete.
Your dreams and passion are not fulfilled.
You have beautiful children depending on you.
You have elders that need you.
Your family loves you.
You love life.
You have things to do.
You have a roof over your head.
You have clothes on your back.
You are important.
You must succeed.

Don’t worry about how you will eat, where you will go and how much money you will make tomorrow. Focus on what you have today and be thankful for another beautiful day. Things are going to work out for you because God has the last say so. Believe and have faith that you are protected with the full armor of God.

help others purpose

Just remember, Live your LIFE to the FULLEST today.


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What about my Flaws?

My flaws is what makes me stand out. 

It is part of my being and yours too. They help me realize what I can do to better my way of living. As a married woman, I focus more on communicating with my spouse about our flaws, instead of dwelling, fighting and aurguing about the negative part. 

According to Google, Flaws is considered an imprefection. To be honests, flaws is confirmation for us because the only one I know that’s perfect is God. Don’t beat yourself or others about flaws. Work it out. Get to know each other differences in order to work out the kinks. Who said life, marriage, business or any of that would be peaches and cream?

Accept who you are. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Get to the root of your flaw. Where did it come from? Is it a bad habit? Can you change it or is it a natural flaw? Either way, respect, accept and love who you are. Prayer, Communication, Compromise and Understanding is the answer to relationships who are having issues working on their flaws. 

Thank God for bringing someone in my life where we both accept each other flaws. We have the courage to change the things we can and pray for wisdom to accept and know what we can’t change. 

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie

Being in a simple Relationship is different from Marriage

Relationships are over-rated in the 21st century. 

When a couple choose to get together, they are two separate beings in the spiritual and physical realm. They must buy their own cars, homes, open bank accounts separate, apply for credit separately and more. God don’t see a bond when two people date. They can live together for years, pray and do everything together. Two people that agree to connect is preparing to cleave together as one physically, mentally, sexually, spiritually and financially in God kingdom. There is not much God can do for two people together who has not tied the knot in his presence. They are seen as separate individuals guided by God.

Two people who come together as one can carry out God’s will on earth faster. According to Genesis 2:24, that is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. God can bless a married couple together as one. 

Marriage is a commitment ritual that is performed by a person of God who has been ordained to bond spiritual beings together in Gods Kingdom. Without the blessings of God, a couple will experience limitations.  Limitations such as getting invited to Luxurious Resorts that offer promotions for married couples to explore lovely condos and perks. Some timeshare companies need people to be married with a minimum income amount. There must be relaxation and freedom throughout life. There are tax limitations for individuals, but married couples that file jointly get more tax benefits.

Married couples get more blessings from God. God guides them. They learn how to be slow to speak and quick to listen. They understand how to show appreciation through God which in return will give and receive appreciation from their spouse. Allowing God to guide a married couple will show them how to respect and compromise with one another. When a person is single, they act out on selfish desires because they are by themselves. That is why people are encouraged to get married after a certain timeframe so they learn how to help others.

It is no longer about you when you marry someone in the kingdom of Gods field because you make a commitment for better or for worse, to go through the up ands down, life and death. Avoid adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, pride, selfish desires, sexual immortality and other negative forces. If one commit sin against God, it punishes both because both people became one. Sin interrupts the spiritual connection with God. If a husband cheat on his wife, by default what he does, comes back to him. It will affect his wife physically, spiritually and mentally in negative way. 

If a wife receives flowers from her husbands, just because, God will see the love energy in the atmosphere and shower more blessings for both. Buying flowers for a woman creates a chemical reaction for her husband. Spiritually it lights more flame to the fire and passion they have for one another.  Mentally, the words on the card and beauty of the flowers goes into the subconscious mind and stores great memories. Therefore, marriage is better than just being in a simple relationship. 

​Trusting God is not Easy, but Worth IT

Trusting in God is not an easy task to do in the 21st century. Many times there are other beings, forces and energy living among us that try to influence us away from God. Has there ever been a time where you was ready to do the right thing, then something came in your path to stop you from changing from the better? What about when you know you are doing right by God but circumstances come up to make you feel like the world is falling down on you? It takes faith, courage, prayer, positive mental attitude and motivation to keep moving in the right direction.

Faith is the substance of things not seen. Faith is now. Faith is believing, even when you don’t see it. Faith is aoart of trusting God. Many people say its easier said then done. Ome recommendation to activate faith in your life is by learning who God is in your life, build a relationship with yourself and God. Learn how to love yourself and build a relationship with God. 

Courage is doing something fearlessly. Courage pushes a person to go after their dreams or do something the average person wouldn’t do. It is your strength to keep going, even when it look like the world is falling down on you. For example, let’s say something sacrificed something they love so they could accomplish a goal. After the sacrifice is complete, the plan doesn’t work out. That is not the time to give up and cry. It is the time to the courage to keep going. Try something else, until you recognize what God is trying to tel you. 

Prayer is what changes things. People think its a waste of time. Think of prayer as you talking to a powerful, spiritual being within you. You are the head and not the tail. You were created in Gods image. God wants to hear from you. God wants to have a personal relationship with you. If God is only a spiritual being living all around then it’s best for you to learn how to talk to God personally. Prayer lays in the power of tongue. Many don’t realizem the power of words and action. Remember God spoke words into the Universe to create the heavens, animals, light, day, and you. Learn how to pray so you can manifest Godly blessings in your life.

Having a positive, mental attitude through the good and the bad will make the  process go smoother. The bad times may make you feel like giving up but there must be positivity around to keep you going. Listen to positive music, inspirational speakers, or hang around positive minded people. 

Self-motivation is key to accomplishing all the other tasks. Is it easy to trust something you can’t see? There is a feeling at times that make you feel help is around, right? Motivate yourself to keep going. Out of all the key elements to push through faith, have courage, prayer and positive attitude, there must be a reason why you must keep going. That reason why must make you cry. Therefore, the challenges of doing the right things of God may be hard, but it’s WORTH IT. 

Inspiration by CatrinaLatriceWilliams.com

​Beware: Heart felt, Truth and Emotional. My understanding of the Truth in Deuteronomy 18-34

Obeying the Lord Commands
It is important to obey God’s commands and decrees because you we’re created as holy people. Today, many people question are they God’s holy people. One proof that shows African Americans are the ancestors of God’s holy people is in Deuteronomy 28:32. Read it for yourself. If our ancestors was disobiedient to God, I take my SACRIFICE and ask the Lord to please forgive my ancestors for the wrong doing. Deuteronomy 28:32 says ” you will watch as your sons and daughters are taken away as slaves.” Further along, the verses say a foreign nation will eat the crops you worked hard on. Well that reminds me of my African ancestors who were slaving 23 hours a day in those fields around America. The cotton they picked with their bare hands. 

The verse say, that they would be in constant oppression and harsh treatment. The curses of God clearly describe African American people who were brought captive from Africa. Yes, I know, cry. But when you finish crying, will you SACRIFICE something you love for God? Lets all take the month of April & May 2017 to sacrfice something we love for God to ask for forgiveNess of our ancestors wrong doing so we can re-enter the covenant. Lets start doing right by God with all your heart and soul so we can take back our blessings for obiedience. 

It was important to follow God’s instructions and decrees just as promises of blessings would be given unto you. These chapters I read reminds me of the same things going on today. Instructions was given to never judge with one witness, but have multiple witnesses to judge. 

I am a living witness because there was a  couple of times in my business career where an employee would do something wrong to my client. I never went off just one witness. I investigated and allowed other witnesses to come forth. It never failed that 2-3 witnesses (clients) who didn’t even know one another would come forth about the decieving actions of an employee. That gave me confirmation for displinary actions. 

Now here is a contradictory question I have for a priest, pastor or man who went to bible school. I would love different answers. I noticed in Genesis 22:2 Abraham was given instructions and tested by God to SACRIFICE his only son Isaac as a burnt offering. Of course, God sent a messenger to replace his son with a ram. However, in Deuteronomy 18:10 it reads, “Never SACRIFICE your son or daughter as a burnt offering.” My question is why would God test us like that then turn around and tell us not to do it? 

The Lord also give wisdom on how to recognize false prophets. Today we have many false prophets speaking things that are void. They are casting curses and spells on us. Shamefully many don’t even know because they lack the wisdom and the personal relationship with God. One way to recognize false prophets is when they speak in the Lord’s name and his predictions does not come true. Therefore, don’t fear the anti-christ. 

Regulations Concerning War 

God stated when you declare war, the priest must go out to speak to the troops. Therefore, my wondering question to the loyal troops of the US is when these different presidents declared war, did a priest come and speak to you or pray with you? I want to THANK you for serving our country but I’m wondering if they was really our enemy and most important was you was with the Lord when you did this. I recognize many troops who come back from war have horrific nightmares about what they experience overseas. I have met many who couldn’t sleep at night. Do you really think God would send you out to just to torture you mentally and spiritually afterwards? Just like President Donald Trump recent attack on Syria. We had no knowledge of Syria being an enemy according to the American people. I personally haven’t heard of possible threats about this country Syria to just up and go to war with our American dollars that we pay every year with taxes. God will give victory to the troops not nightmares.  

I learned that God will turn man’s cursing into blessings when necessary according to Deuteronomy 23. God’s word specifically said ” Do not charge interest on the loans you make to your fellow Israelites.” That went for money, food or anything else. I look at it today in the 21st century as fellow American or man. So why are these big corporations charging ridiculous interest rates on the American people when most of the time, we don’t even have the money we requested the loan for? 

I know that they look at African/Black Americans as foreigners. Yes, majority of Americans are charged interest but you will find the Black communities charged ridiculous interest rates. I remember being charged 36% on a car loan years ago. The only problem is most of the people in America is foreigners besides the Indians.

God’s laws states to never take advantage of poor and destitute laborers. However, there has been a war against the poor since the 1600 when Africans was brought to America. We have been be-littled, castrated, burnt and hung alive but this new generation is ignorant of how to get free. 

God will restore his holy people when we start to obey the decrees and laws given to us. Follow your spirit when the enemy is trying to decieve you. 

This is my God 1st Challenge to understand the wisdom and knowledge. 

Catrina’s Understanding of Deuteronomy 1-17

​Deuteronomy is the book of revelation for African Americans, in my opinion. This book will bring tears to many eyes. Some may even get emotional about the truth being revealed, especially on my next understanding of Deuteronomy 18-34. On the other hand, the carnal mind will not recognize what the spirit is trying to tell you. I encourage you to embrace the wisdom of God either way. Choose to make wiser decisions tomorrow.

The lord continued to guide Moses and the people through the wilderness. This is the time when God gave the decrees and laws in how to live life on Earth in a perfect and upright way. The lord said in Deuteronomy 5, you should not have no other gods or idols. Not just golden image of a calf but don’t idol TV, music, bad habits, people, places or things. 

Many fall into the trap unconsciously of idoling everyday. What was the first thing you thought about when you opened your eyes this morning? I remember I used to get up and look at my Facebook page. I was idoling Facebook. It wasn’t until I started getting closer with God when I became conscious about idoling all the worldly things. Many of us is guilty of it. However, this is the time to get right. Don’t continue going against the Lord because it is never too late. The lord will never leave nor forsake you.

Don’t misuse the name of the Lord. You know how many swear and lie on the Lord’s name? Be careful what you are saying because you reap what you sow. The lord ask if we could keep the Sabbath day holy. We all need rest and peace in our lives. Honor your father and mother so you may live long. Do not murder, commit adultery, steal, lie or covet others possessions. The interesting thing is that we are seeing these exact things happening in the 21st century. We must stand still and pay attention so we can realize what is hurting us. 

The ten commandments, decrees and laws were created so we can enjoy Long Life and increase greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey. Man do not live on bread alone but on the Lord’s word. No one will be able to stand against you when you follow the Lord’s path. Therefore, I will live in the house of the lord forever.

Thanks for reading. This is my God 1st Challenge. Month 4


My Understanding of Numbers 19-36 -God 1St Challenge

​Numbers 19-36

I am still committed to my God first challenge. Here is my understanding. God works through signs, wonders, people, places and things. Numbers expresses a sense of God’s Love and presence as the Israelites continue to turn away in rebellance. This chapter starts by sharing the story of Israelites still traveling from Egypt. We understand the hardships that has come upon them since they left Egypt. Its just like today, many are still lost trying to find their way in life. God sent an angel to bring the people out of Egypt which was Moses. Our Queen Harriet Tubman was the female Moses for ancestors that was in slavery. Today we have our modern day Moses but many are still complaining and blinded. 

As the Isrealites traveled, they respectively requested the king of different lands to politely pass through. However the people of Edom and Heshbon rejected them constantly. The Israelite decided to go around Edom but once again they became impatient and sinned against God. God sent his wrath upon them because of their ungratefulness. God soon allowed Isreal to capture certain lands. 

When Isreal came to Balaam, he allowed the Lord to speak to him before trying to kill them. Balaam sinned for not paying attention to Gods sign bc his path was a reckless one. God uncovered Balaam eyes so he could see why he was being stopped through the donkey actions. The lord had mercy on Balaam for beating his donkey. It was a misunderstanding of him thinking his donkey was trying to embarrass him. 

That reminds me of the 21st century. We ignore Gods signs due to lack of knowledge, non-relationship and blinded to truth when God is trying to get our attention. God always promise and fulfill. 

Numbers 26 discusses the inheritance God blessed the Israelite. Knowing that God blessed them with inheritance gives me a confidence that we have unclaimed inheritance. The inheritance was claimed based on a hierarchy. First inheritance would pass down to the Son, Daughters, brothers, fathers brothers, nearest relatives and lastly clans. 

Once again, God requested food offering with a pleasing aroma. The 1st of every month with a new moon, the Sabbath day and when ppl sinned was requirements to give offerings to the Lord. We have not been educated on the depth of offering during certain times of the month.

In conclusion, the Israelites continued their journey to a land flowing with milk and honey. Those who came out of Egypt 20 + years old was fearful to take dominion of their land God blessed them with. Are you afraid to take possession your God given Rights? Will you remove the fear the enemy placed in your heart to take back what God has inherited to you? 

Be thankful and allow God to guide you.