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My Understanding on The Book Of Daniel

During the Babylonian days, King Nebuchenezzar had a troubling dream. He requested for the magicians, sorcerers, astologers, and Chaldeans to tell him the dream and interpretation. Not any king had ever asked to tell the dream and interpret. Only the Gods could tell dream.

King Nebuchenzzar requested to kill all the magicians, sorcerers, etc if they couldn’t tell him his dream. However, God gave Daniel visions of the King dreams over night because he prayed to the lord for interpretation. That’s all it takes is for us to ask in Prayer.

Daniel went in unto the king to share the dream and interpretation. He rejected the Kings material, food and gold statute worship bc he was committed to his God. The king had his men look for wrongdoing from Daniel but they couldn’t find anything. He had them thrown in a firey furnace but he saw Daniel’s God was mighty and had his hosts of warriors to protect.

Daniel prayed 4 times a day to God. King Nebuchannezar even cast Daniel in the den of lions to see if he would be saved by God. Once again God delivered Daniel from danger by his angels. We all have angels or demons guiding our lives. It”s all based on what we believe. God is living spiritually. According to Daniel 6:27, God delivers, rescues us, and works signs and wonders in heaven and earth.

I have seen God’s protection, miracles, healing power and more in my own life. All because I repented, and asked God in prayer. My faith is what helps me keep pushing for better everyday.

God gave Daniel the gift of dreams and visions. In Daniel 10, God gave him revelation concerning a great war. Daniel fasted for 3 weeks. Fasting is a time of seeking God to understand his message for us. Daniel didn’t understand the ins and out of the great war but he was challenged by it. He cried out to God. That is what we all can do. Cry out to God when we don’t understand.

We must humble ourselves before God and he will resist the devil, demonic forces from our lives. The Book of Daniel reminds me to listen to God, and allow him to direct our path. It will keep us protected from the wiles of the devil.

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My Understanding of the Book of Ezekial

Prophet Ezekial encountered angelic beings and the presence of God around 30 years old. These 4 angelic beings had 4 faces. The spirit of the Lord was presenting himself to Ezekial for a mission. The Lord appeared through the appearance of fire just like he did with Moses and the burning bush.

The Lord chose Ezekial to speak to the children of Isreal about their rebellious ways. He would inform them about the destruction of Jerusalem and restoration to the land of Isreal. Many of them were hard-hearted. This is a time God is furious of his people ways. They were still in Babylon at this time. Just Imagine the fury God has toward our generation today with all the sin being perfromed.

God warned Ezekial many of times to not be afraid of them. That many would be stubborn and only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. They rejected God so he shouldn’t take it personal if they reject him. In those times, people would try to down prophets, and some would even hurt them that was speaking for God.

It’s the message of Christ that people are still rejecting today. The kind of immorality that goes on in America alone is being judged til this day. Many is working off the flesh instead of through the spirit. Working off the flesh is commiting adultery, fornication, uncleanness, idolatory, witchcraft, wrath, strife, envying, jealousy, hatred, murders, drunkedness and so much more.

The Soverign Lord spoke through Ezekial and still speaking today. Anyone who turn from righteousness is relasing themselves from God.

The book of Ezekial discussed the destruction and restoration of Gods people. God doesn’t like when we are disobedient. He still brought Prophet Ezekial around during the babylonian exile to tell his people to stop sinning. He had to have faith and trust the Lord in all that he instructed him to do.

The Lord led the house of Isreal into captivity for their wrong doings. Afterwards he gave them a chance to be forgiven and cleanse through offerings and sacrifices. Offerings was done to make reconcilation for the House of Isreal with Lord. The Lord also divided the land for inheritences between the 12 tribes of Isreal.

The Book of Ezekial taught me that there is always a reaping date for whatever we sow. As long as we repent, follow God laws and statutes, he is willing to forgive us, bless us and allow us to prosper.


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Catrina’s Health Updates: πŸ™Prayers NeededπŸ’

God is continuing to cleanse my body, spirit & mind of all sickness and diesease.

Next week I’ll be in the hospital 24 hours for my new treatment. Doctors are saying one thing about my health but God has the last say so. I been claiming that I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus. Yes, it seems as if I keep going through health challenges but I appreciate God because the treatments are getting smaller, the sufferings are fading away and my health is prospering more by the days.

I’m on God’s time for complete & whole healing, not my time. I will remain positive and keep my faith that I am completely healed. My strength to keep pushing is from the Lord. His miracles in my life is enough to keep my faith in the Lord. I’m getting much stronger than ever with all that I am going through.

I’m excited to write my next book to really break down everything that I’m experiencing. I will remain humble bc God is pouring his prosperity & blessings all over me.

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My Understanding of the Book of Lamentations

After listening and doing a little research, I found that it was the time Jeremiah saw first hand of major grief and sorrow from the people of Jerusalem. It was during the fall of Jerusalem and exile to Babylon. They were lamenting or weeping over senseless murders, wars, starvation, and other sorrows. The people were crying out to the Lord. It was deserved suffering for backsliding against God.

I see that going on in todays world. Many are weeping for different reapings of sin. Most people are wise to do evil. They don’t have a relationship with God. The Lamentations was a form of protesting. The Isrealites expressed their emotions in a poetic form from A to Z.

Chapter one focuses on the grief and shame of the Isrealites. In todays world, shame and grief has become common to experience. People are performing senseless murders, lying, stealing and cheating. Chapter two focuses on the fall of Jerusalem. Our God is slow to Anger. After ongoing sin and abomination against God, he allowed Babylon to capture the Isrealites. It’s like when the African people were sold into slavery in the Americas. Many of them coveted with devils and still do til this day. There are demonic activity being spread in the world through music, movies and everyday actions. Chapter three focuses on praying and remembering God’s promises for his people.

Chapter four focuses on the past actions and current treatment of the Isrealites. At one time, they were rich and wealthy but after God’s wrath they were suffering and struggling to find food, shelter, blessings and prosperity. Chapter five focuses on Isreal praying to God to not ignore their suffering. The people of God voiced their suffering and cried out to God.

We must ask God for forgivness and turn against our evil ways.

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Catrina’s Goals for 2019 & Beyond

πŸ’°Catrina Latrice Williams 2019 Goals🎊

** Allow God to Direct my Path

**Be a Prayer Warrior

** Be a Proverbs 31 Wife

** Help 500 New Entrepreneurs with a Plan to Succeed.

** Get 10 New Rank Promotions in Business

** Help 100 people get extra πŸ’°πŸ’² – Minimum $1000

** Book $5000 Travel Commission

** Build my Credit Score to 800 – Help 100 people fix their Credit

** Help 100 Tax Clients File Taxes

** Inspire 200 people to Stand Firm, Keep the Faith & Push Through their Challenges

** Turn Memphis, TN & Charleston, SC into a Successful Entrepreneur town


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What are your goals?

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My Understanding of the Book of Jeremiah

Jeremiah was a Hebrew prophet. The Lord spoke through Jeremiah to instruct Jerusalem to turn from their wicked ways. The people of Israel was practicing sinful ways such as whore mongers, prostitutes, committing adultery and more.

People were wise to do evil just like today. God was so disappointed about how our ancestors had forsaken him, refused to receive correction, prophets prophesy falsely and serving strange Gods in the land.

It seems as if I am reading about what is going on today but the Bible writings are ancient. God stated how his people wasnt ashamed of committing abomination (Jeremiah 6:15). This is another moment of judgment, cleansing and restoration from the Lord. People were stuck in their ways back then and still do sinful, backsliding actions against God today. Many souls are lost and crying out to God

People were stuck in their ways back then and still do sinful, backsliding actions against God today. Many souls are lost and crying out to God. They just don’t know what to do. God says surrender all of our evil ways and turn back to him. Another mission I am on is observing the sabbath day for the Lord. Many of us work 7 days week disobeying Gods commandment to have a day of rest.

Change starts from with. The book of Jeremiah helped me recognize change I need done in my own personal life.

Study with me. Book of Lamentations next.


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How Do I Know God Is Real?

What is the God First Challenge?

343 days I’ve committed to my God first challenge. Every morning, I read a bible verse before I do anything else. I am also reading and studying the Book of Genesis to Revelation. My current study is on the Book of Jeremiah. Everyone stay tuned to my new spiritual book, coming soon.

My Experience with God?

Since committing to put God first, I’ve gained a whole new level of reverence for God. I have been seeing God’s mysterious work in my life. For example, I had been praying to God about my financial limitations for months. I didn’t know how I was going to pay all my future bills bc I depleted savings and couldn’t work due to my health.

On December 27, 2017, God spoke to my heart to start a GoFundMe for help paying personal and medical bills. I obeyed and trusted his plans. I didn’t know how God was going to work it out getting help to pay thousands of $$ per month on my bills. I saw how God moved Angels and other loving spirits to donate and support me. In 3 months, God helped me raise $4900 from 109 angels who gave from their hearts.

Many people in the world don’t believe there is a God. They haven’t built a close relationship nor have they started to seek God. I have learned that God will only answer prayers, bless and prosper his children that are obedient. It’s not about being perfect but building that perfect relationship with God.

I felt a shift in my spirit when I committed to the God 1st challenge. God started answering many more prayers of mines and prayer of healing from others about me. Even though the hard days of chemo, radiation, nearly losing my life, etc, I still put God first. God has been answering my prayers on a more personal level. Even things off my dream board are manifesting.

My thoughts on God

God wants to see his children prosper, be in good health, act righteously and be obedient. He gave us dominion over the earth, animals and our own life. God has given us FREE WILL to choose our life path. It is just a matter of unlearning Satans evil ways of sin and uncovering our deep connection with God.

Life with God

My life with God has been peaceful, loving, and supportive so far. He has filled me up with wisdom, strength to fight huge health battles, amazingly provided financial support, placed family by my side while in the hospital and to visit me for the upliftment.

I no longer need to question if God is real. I’m honored to be a servant of God. I have found my true mission in life and ready to serve God on a whole new level. I will live in the house of the Lord forever.

When I compare my life with God these last 2 years and my life as a young adult living in the world of sin, I am so blessed that God forgave me, I forgave me and I’m continuing to put God 1st in my life. Life has become much easier bc I know how to let go and let God work it all out.

Catrina’s Life Tip: Stand Firm, Push-Through & Keep The Faith


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My Understanding of The Book of Isaiah

Isaiah, Son of Amoz wrote this book during the 8th Century B.C.E. Isaiah’s prophetic book was written during three different periods. Most of the beginning (Ch. 1-39) was written during the Babylonian captivity, which was considered Proto-Isaiah (First Isaiah). The second oracle (Deutero-Isaiah was written during exile by an anonymous author for Ch. 40-55. The last part, Trito-Isaiah, Ch. 56-66 was composed after the return from exile.

I used scriptures from the book of Isaiah during my fight for cancer. Isaiah 53:5 By his Stripes I am healed. This spiritual book discusses God’s judgment and restoration for Judah in Jerusalem. This story is still happening today. Judgment has fallen upon the face of the earth and many will not know God.

God told me that my 2nd judgment day was January 22nd, 2018. I was on my death bed about to drift off to eternal sleep. I had been praying and asking God to forgive me for all my sins. For a long time, I didn’t acknowledge God, never gave him time nor knew anything about his ways.

At the beginning of Isaiah, the judgment and restoration period was for the righteous. God spoke to the people and told them not to allow the pharaoh to put fear in their heart. The king believed that they had no God to save them because he ruled for years. It is the same as today. The enemy has taken God out of schools, and people worship evil more than God.

During the time the Book of Isaiah was written is when Monotheism was introduced to the people. Isaiah 44:6 “I am the first and I am the last; besides me, there is no God”. This is when Christianity and Islam were born. God started to share the good news with the servants of the lord. Isaiah 54:17 states no weapon formed against thee shall prosper. It is important to seek God while he can be found.

His ways are higher than our ways. Our higher selves create dreams, visions, and goals. God’s ways and thoughts are different from ours. That’s why the things that happen in life is based on God’s will for our life. As long as we pray to God. According to Isaiah 43, God made promises to make a new thing. He will turn dark into light. He will save us if we allow him to guide us. Sometimes we go against God and the devil starts to control the way.

At the same time, I was shocked to read that God creates good and evil. (Isaiah 45:7) However, I have heard people say God doesn’t have anything to do with evil. God will create evil in the instance that we decide to do evil. The universal law of you reap what you sow is real. I’m blessed to have made a commitment to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to get my own understanding of the Lord and my life.

God mentions to those who trust wickedness should be careful because God declares things that are right. Those people who practice magic and using evil spirits to perform spells is going against Gods will. The book of Isaiah discussed how God judged what was going on with his people. He was ready to remove them from Babylonian exile and restore their lives. It was like the bondage in Egpyt all over again.

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A Good Spirited Person who Reaps Challenges in Life.

Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord , and thou art exalted as head above all.
1 Chronicles 29:11 KJV

How can such a good spirited person reap a challenging experience such as cancer in life? First off, not any of us are perfect. Yes, I have been mostly good all my life. However, The Most High has helped me see where I broke his commandment. There are universal laws that we can not ignore.

For example, hypnotic rhythm is a powerful universal law that everyone in this world has to follow. Hypnotic Rythm is when a “habit becomes a habit when you engage a behavior to which you devote no conscious attention.” (Neill, K. 2015. The Law Of Hypnotic Rythm). Most of us follow the majority regardless if good or bad. When we see everyone breaking the law of the Sabbath day, we start to follow unconsciously.

I remember working 6 days sometimes 7 when I had my cleaning business. I’m not ashamed to say that I was focused more on the money instead of putting God first. I wore my body out cleaning homes for 10 years. Cleaning is hard labor but I didn’t look at it like that. I barely gave my body rest, let alone me time. I didn’t eat properly nor did I exercise. I considered my exercise was cleaning homes because I had to walk up and downstairs, move my arms in certain positions, etc. I actually overworked myself. I didn’t know my body is the temple of God. (1 Cor 6:19-20)

With that being said, you reap what you sow. I neglected God for money many days. It was done unconsciously but within the last 3 years, I heard God speak to me. He led me to a bible teaching church where I could understand what I was doing wrong.

When I do go to church, it is to learn what God is trying to tell me in life. Now I’m beginning to reap the good that I have been sowing into my life. I’m honored to be a servant of God and recognizing how to live righteously by The Most High.


(Neill. K). (2015). The Law of Hypnotic Rythm. https://www.drkweethai.com/2015/02/16/the-law-of-hypnotic-rhythm)


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How to make Faith work in your life.

I have been claiming that I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus since the first day I got diagnosed with Cancer. Over the last 12 months, I’ve experienced long suffering. Praising God and continue claiming my healing has become a daily routine. It’s a process to healing. Things doesn’t happen in seconds unless God performs a speedy miracle. I believe in miracles as well but that is a subject for another day.

I love God with all my heart. I believe that he is healing me, eventhough I’m still going through treatment. It’s just that I havent given up on my faith. I will keep my positive mindset. I know God now and understand faith.

Read my inspiring cancer story: Catrina’s Faith Removed The Spirit Of Fear: An Inspiring Cancer.

Push Through, Stand Firm & Keep the faith if you are going through struggles, a loss or sickness. Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord is your strength.

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