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Our Beautiful Garden

It is going on two months since we planted our garden.

Garden started in June

My step-father has taught me a lot about gardening. He has over 40 years experience in gardening. Thus far, I’ve learned it’s best to chop/remove the grass 1-2 times per week or as needed.

Honey Dew

Removal of the grass will avoid it from mixing in with the fruits and vegetable. Watering the garden is important to the life of each plant.

Okra and Squash from Garden

It is best to water the plants early in the morning or late evening. Natural rainwater is the best.

Honey Dew Growing Bigger

If frost ever gets on the plants rinse them off with the water hose. Do not let the sun thaw it out or they could wither away and die.



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A Glimpse of Catrina’s Cancer Story: Watch Here

Watch as I captured moments of my cancer journey.

You will find different experiences in how I trusted God and kept the faith. I’m amazed at God’s miracle on how he saved my life from the spirit of death.

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How Faith In God Removed The Spirit of Death Book is Available On Amazon

I remember crying one day after my near death experience. I couldn’t do anything on my own. I had to depend on my family to eat, bathe, and even get up to use the bathroom. Catrina’s Cancer Story has inspired thousands of people. Get a copy for you and a friend that need inspiration.

Check it out here: How Faith In God Removed The Spirit Of Death: Catrina’s Cancer Story

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Inspiring, Shocking Book Release Friday

How Faith In God Removed The Spirit Of Death: Catrina’s Cancer Story

Her Book will be released this Friday, August 10, 2018. Many people have already been inspired by her journey.

WOW! I had one of the largest surgeries in my life just a month ago. I’m Healed by the Stripes of Jesus.

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