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Catrina Latrice Williams 33 Birthday

​Happy 33 Birthday To Meeeeee. Thank God for wanting me on this earth otherwise he could have taken me at 1 years old. 

**I am a Queen. The Queen of Entrepreneurship. 

** I am The Work at Home Queen bc I’ve never work at any JoBs since age 23 years old. I’ve made six figures multiple times over the last 10 years. I have helped other people from multiple states make money from home. 

My Purpose in Life: Love and Follow God’s Guidance, Succeed in Entrepreneurship and show others how to do the same. 

I’m very appreciative today to be Conscious and working on my future.


Family, Friends & Enemies

Who is your enemy? Are you sleeping with the enemy? Why do we have enemies? Are enemies good or bad? I can go on and on with the subject about the enemy. Its not about avoiding the enemy, but standing your ground.

Enemy can be defined in so many ways. According to Google, enemy is a “person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.” America consider bad people the enemy. Some view evil acts to be from the enemy. For example, a bad person can be considered someone who steal your material items you worked hard for. Evil acts from people is doing things such as committing adultery, murder, drunkenness, envy, c gossiping, lying and more. So who is your enemy. I found the number one enemy in most people lives are themselves. They will lie to themselves, mistreat themselves, abuse themselves and more. It all starts with you being your own enemy before someone else can become your enemy.

On the other hand, many people is sleeping with the enemy. Especially, if you experience constant acts of hatred more than peace, joy and happiness. Does your significant other mentally abuse you with negative, hurtful words or is it Physical abuse with blows to your face and body? If they apologize habitually then it’s because it has become a bad habit from past experiences. If they don’t apologize then its possible they don’t know they do it or just don’t care.

God had a plan when he decided to create you and allow the enemy into our lives. The enemy is supposed to be our foot stool. He help us gain strength through his negligent actions. God always give has greatest battles to his strongest soldiers. The enemy is bad because he comes to steal, kill and destroy. However, it’s a blessing to have the enemy because we learn lessons and what we don’t want. I believe you can turn your life around if you stop being your own enemy first. It takes time and is a process. Don’t settle for less if you keep experiencing pain and suffering with the people around you. Be conscious of the people around you. Make sure they are adding in your life and not being leaches. Once again, who is your enemy?

God is Exalted

The Devil is Defeated.

God has his warrior angels that are preparing to demolish the devil’s plan to kill, steal and destroy God’s creation. God has angels that are on the front line for battle. They are the ones willing to protest and protect God’s creation with no fear. God also has the angels who are prepared to lead physical, mental and spiritual battles.

Yes, his divine plan has the angels who are willing to speak up and prepare for Gods exaltation. God has administrative angels to communicate, pray, minister and educate other servants and those on the battlefield . We all are God’s warrior in one way, shape or form.


Tap into your God like strength and weakness as we come together starting January 2, 2017 to go through the entire Bible. We must know God to fight the devil in this modern day. Invite a friend to learn more about God during these trying times of the enemy.

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Catrina Latrice Williams




Start a Family Plan

The first day of a major change happened on November 8, 2016.  During this election, we witnessed lies, deception, truth, racism amongst the two top presidential candidates. I am praying for the new top officials to have integrity to do what they say they will do. In the mean time start preparing a family plan because you never know.

Here is a guide to start your family plan.

Emergency plan: What will you do If something ever happens such as a Hurricane Katrina event and you lose contact with your family.

Financial plan: Have multiple sources of income. Connect with a work at home consultant so that you can earn supplemental income on your own time.

Medical plan: Have a home emergency and survival kit just in case you don’t have access to a doctor or hospital.

Survival plan: Learn how to fish, start a fire. and more ways to survive.

Schedule family time to start working on your family plan. Share this with your friends and family.

Success, Preparation & Life Goals

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The Wild 2016 Presidential Election

Article By: Catrina Latrice Williams                                                                                         November 9, 2016

Wow! Americas 2016 presidential campaign was one of the most competitive, disrespectful and wild ones ever witnessed. Some of Hillary Clinton fans would say to keep evil Trump out of office. Maybe some even visioned having the first female president. At the same time, some of Trump fans was supporting him to get rid of the corrupt government. However, he has had race riots and other adverse situations throughout his campaigns. Please start preparing a family plan as you read through this wild overview and results of the President-Elect.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, an inexperienced government official, but the very wealthy billionaire is known from the reality tv show “The Apprentice.” Out the blue, he decided to run for the President of the United States of America. As a businessman, he created aggressive campaigns by revealing the truth of everyone that went against him. He would make names up such as “Crooked Hillary” to get the American people to do more research on her. He spoke out truths against the Clinton Foundation, the creation of ISIS and corrupt government. At the same time, investigations found how Trump was disrespectful towards women, minority nor have he paid taxes for years. Trump voters viewed him as being the best candidate to help make America great again. Even though, he has no experience in politics and government. This election proved the racism and secrets hidden over the last 30 years in government by this presidential campaign.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, currently secretary of state has been in government over the last 30 years. Voters wanted her in office because she has more experience to run as the CEO of USA, INC. She has been tried by the US. Court for many illegal actions done by the Clinton foundation and more. NBC news expressed at the first presidential debate their opinion that Clinton “embraced cultural changes, diversity, and acceleration of the world.”( However, Hillary voted for the war in Iraq, abortion and more activities to de-populate the world. Hillary voters wanted her to save socialism which is offering government assistance to those in need.
How do they Choose the President

According to Wikipedia, is technically, an indirect election in which citizens of the United States who are registered to vote in one of the fifty states to cast ballots for members of the US Electoral College to choose the president. There are 270 electors for each “number of Senators and House Representatives in Congress.” ( The president of the united states is not selected by the American voters. It has always been where state legislators choose the electors. Today in the 21st century, the political parties create their own campaign to influence their electors.

Solutions for a Better America

President Elect Donald Trump was voted by the American people. The American people should start being more involved when state legislators are being voted in office. We must find multiple sources of income in order to stay out of the financial struggle currently going on in America. All we can do is pray that President Elect Donald Trump do right by the people as a whole over the next four years. Be sure to connect with other positive people if you want to be a part of more change. If you don’t know where to start. Start by liking this post and sharing it on your social media.




​***Network Marketing Shout Out**** Friday Love

Shout Out to 5linx

I was checking into my investment portfolio statistics with different companies. I noticed a positive increase through research and being a previous Executive Director with a great company called #5linx. They have been doing a great job marketing these products with a special ingredient called, “Niagen.”  #Montavida coffee and products such as hi5 products has Niagen in them. It is helping people live healthier. 

“We have been actively working with a number of manufacturers on early stage development projects to drive the commercialization of NIAGEN® into food and beverage products. The scientific research continues to validate the fact that NR is the most effective and efficient vitamin B3 at boosting NAD+, which increases cellular energy production and supports cellular health. This comes at a time when consumers are more interested than ever in finding products that will help them live longer and healthier throughout their lifetime.” BY GlobeNewswire — 6:30 AM ET 08/15/2016

If you know any 5linx Representatives that offer this  tag them so others can support them. 

Note: I am not affiliated with #5linx at all. Just stating facts.

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