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My Understanding of Numbers 19-36 -God 1St Challenge

​Numbers 19-36

I am still committed to my God first challenge. Here is my understanding. God works through signs, wonders, people, places and things. Numbers expresses a sense of God’s Love and presence as the Israelites continue to turn away in rebellance. This chapter starts by sharing the story of Israelites still traveling from Egypt. We understand the hardships that has come upon them since they left Egypt. Its just like today, many are still lost trying to find their way in life. God sent an angel to bring the people out of Egypt which was Moses. Our Queen Harriet Tubman was the female Moses for ancestors that was in slavery. Today we have our modern day Moses but many are still complaining and blinded. 

As the Isrealites traveled, they respectively requested the king of different lands to politely pass through. However the people of Edom and Heshbon rejected them constantly. The Israelite decided to go around Edom but once again they became impatient and sinned against God. God sent his wrath upon them because of their ungratefulness. God soon allowed Isreal to capture certain lands. 

When Isreal came to Balaam, he allowed the Lord to speak to him before trying to kill them. Balaam sinned for not paying attention to Gods sign bc his path was a reckless one. God uncovered Balaam eyes so he could see why he was being stopped through the donkey actions. The lord had mercy on Balaam for beating his donkey. It was a misunderstanding of him thinking his donkey was trying to embarrass him. 

That reminds me of the 21st century. We ignore Gods signs due to lack of knowledge, non-relationship and blinded to truth when God is trying to get our attention. God always promise and fulfill. 

Numbers 26 discusses the inheritance God blessed the Israelite. Knowing that God blessed them with inheritance gives me a confidence that we have unclaimed inheritance. The inheritance was claimed based on a hierarchy. First inheritance would pass down to the Son, Daughters, brothers, fathers brothers, nearest relatives and lastly clans. 

Once again, God requested food offering with a pleasing aroma. The 1st of every month with a new moon, the Sabbath day and when ppl sinned was requirements to give offerings to the Lord. We have not been educated on the depth of offering during certain times of the month.

In conclusion, the Israelites continued their journey to a land flowing with milk and honey. Those who came out of Egypt 20 + years old was fearful to take dominion of their land God blessed them with. Are you afraid to take possession your God given Rights? Will you remove the fear the enemy placed in your heart to take back what God has inherited to you? 

Be thankful and allow God to guide you.


4 year Anniversary Results-Network Marketing-Read this before JOINING

Today!! March 23, 2017 marks my 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY since joining NETWORK MARKETING. I decided to change careers from working Labor (Cleaning Business) to working full-time from home. 

My Positive Results:

** Currently earn enough monthly residual income to pay my rent every month. 

**Hit the top 5% of one of my companies. Top 10% in another company.

**Hosted a conference call for an Internet Marketer, Mentor and Book Author for 3 loyal years

**Has helped mentor over 400 people to become entrepreneurs.

**Has become a fearless, professional, inspiritational and transformational speaker

**Acheived a goal of helping 10 people earn monthly residual & hit the top 10% of a company

**Helped mentor people in 5 other US states.

***Has shared the stage with Multi-Millionaires and Multiple Six figure Earners speaking to hundreds of people

**Professionally spoken to 1000 people and consistently presented in front of hundreds of people.

**When I started network marketing I worked my cleaning business 25 days out the month. As of today, I only work 6 days out the month.

**Learned how to practice team work and truly care to help others

**Travel more for pennies

**Great Credit Score

**Got engaged to be married

**Truly learn who’s really here to support you and who’s hating on you

** Mentors who helped me meet success Mr. Action , Chad T., Gerald B and many more from Atlanta, Ga.

Cons of NETWORK Marketing

**Want others to win more than they do

**People lie and ignore you bc they are fearful of change

**Put energy into people who don’t want to succeed as bad

**Negative motives of people who scare innocent newcomers away 
**Get your Entrepreneur Ebook today. It will help you transition from the employee mindset.

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Was America Ever Great??

How can we prosper as a country when 98% of the people is forced into bondage? How can we be great again when the American people are unable to use their creativity? How can we offer the best schools and homes when the minority living in run down projects and home with a wall built around it. 

How was America ever great when millions of people wasn’t considered human. How can you say with Unity and Justice for all when protesters standing up for themselves saying “Black Lives Matter.” While those who have more privileges questions at the same time why don’t “All Lives Matter.” How can you say the Emanicipation Proclamation freed the slaves when there is still modern day slavery? 

How can we live a healther life when we are limited to the services we receive. How can we as the people complain when we are helping one another. How can we support one another when we to busy trying to better than one another. How??