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Your Heart’s Desire

Release your Heart

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Everyone want their hearts desire. However, everyone do not know how to unleash the power to go for their desires. Some people let fear override their business and life decision, unconsciously. Your heart is an important muscle that determines a good or bad life.

How? Your heart will falter if you hold negative emotions such as hate, envy, greed, un-forgiveness and more. You cannot function properly in your everyday life if you allow these type of emotions to take over your heart. Therefore, release those negative emotions, hurt, pain and sorrow unto God, according to 1 Peter 5:7. It will not be a over night process before you start to see drastic change. It is a positive change to Prepare for your hearts desire.

Strengthen your Heart images (6)

You are not perfect. So don’t act like you are God. Prepare your heart by doing small positive changes everyday until you see major progress. Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you may encounter but don’t worry about the unknown. Lean NOT to your own understanding and allow God to direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Remember, God will never leave not forsake you. He is there during your ups and downs, so don’t give up when times seem hard. It will help strengthen your heart if you stand firm against the strategies of the enemy.

Share your Heart 

Be protective of your heart and it’s desire. Everyone that come in your life  is not meant to know all of your heart. Share your heart of love, peace, joy, meekness, self control and understanding. Allow other hearts with the same desire to connect with you. What you speak about, hang around and listen to is what you instill in your heart. Whatever you give off is what you will receive in return. You have the authority to share your hearts desire so that you can experience the time of your life.

Live, Love and Grow Wiser In your Heart. ** Catrina Williams