Lord, I forgive them for my Church Hurt. 

I was led to this church after God spoke to me in a small still voice in 2012. He said Go find a church. I didn’t understand why because I had a personal relationship with God. I went and attended 3 different churches before finding this one in Goose Creek, SC. I walked in on a Wednesday night for Bible study. The spirit of the Lord was among this place. The sister that approached me was sweet, said Bible study is Tuesday nights and invited me to Sunday services. This church has helped me understand I didn’t have full faith in all aspects of my life. I surrendered to the lord and learned how to open my heart to the Lord and the right people. I have been annoited by the pastor. The Lord led me to this churcb bc the pastor does a great job teaching lessons out the bible. However, I always wondered why pastors don’t teach by the books in the bible only by sporadic scriptures throughout the bible.

Now when I first started going, I was just introduced to Network Marketing and wanted to introduce Church Text Alertz, a free service for (non-profits/churches) to the pastor. I called his office a couple of times and left a message for a return call from him. Now I was fairly new and wasn’t a member yet. Up til this day, I never got a return call, text or email message. Two or three years later, he introduced text alertz for the church during a big church service one Sunday. I was so hurt. I forgave the pastor for he know not what he was doing.  

He would speak on the member issues during service at times. He also spoke on church hurt when members come from other churches. I didn’t understand at the time but now I do. I never been a church going person most of my life so I didn’t come from a church. I did get baptised at my Grandfather home church in Stanton, TN but I never really became a faithful member. Well I gained church hurt from this church in SC multiple times to the point I stopped going completely.

I started to feel unimportant and unappreciated in the church. Another time I got hurt is when I attended one of the pastor free business seminars for business owners and future entreprenuers. Only to find out that if I wanted further coaching it would be a high cost to get help from him to help build his people up. I never continued with the business services bc I was already a successful business owner. It hurt my feelings bc I thought the church help its members and the community with free services or am I wrong? It also started bothering me to see a store and other avenues of earning money inside the church. I asked the Lord personally was this right. 

Now I’m not going to break down how much money I tithed in this church, volunteer services I completed, and how I helped a member I didnt even know bc I sowed that into the kingdom of Gods field. I did start the process to become a member but the Lord wouldn’t let me finish the classes. Everyone who knows me know I finish what I start. I have invited many friends and family to church with me on different occassions.  I did all of that from my heart.

Well after all I put into this church, which is not much in their eyes because their actions prove it. I became fb friends with the pastor, first lady and even some members of the church, and Not 1, I mean not a single one has sent me a prayer privately since going through my Cancer journey. They haven’t donated to my Gofundme account or acknowledged me at all. At least 3-5 members know who I am and have had conversations with me. My fb friends, family and even strangers has done more for me with words of encouragement, donations and support.

I have even tagged the pastor and other members on PURPOSE just to see what kind of Godly response I will get from them and it is just like when I reached out to the pastor about Church Alertz. Nothing, Nada, Zero. You talking about church hurt. Now I see what the pastor was talking about. However, I forgive the church, the pastor, the members and all. I am still their fb friends and will not delete them bc I will continue praying for all of them. While this pastor has a bible teaching church, not religious, I see their ways. The church has never been completely full during normal church services, the pastor living lavish, maybe some of the elders are too but I pray that they do not treat other members of the church the same way they have treated me. Especially if they are taking from them rather its volunteer, tithes or their acts of kindess.

That is why the Lord showed me a better way to get closer to him without being caught up in the church system and I have seen God way more than ever before. I have decieded to read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, study, research from online bible scholars and share my understanding. May God bless this church, it’s members and the pastor to the see their wrong doing they have caused on others. Sometimes we get so caught up in the church life to where we become blinded. I feel so much better for getting that off my chest. 

Lord, I repent my sins and ask for forgiveness. I forgive them and ask that you bless their minds, hearts and spirit. We are confess our sins one to another and pray for one another. 



Show More Appreciation & Less Selfishness

If someone give me words of encouragement, I will shower them with inspirational words. If I am blessed with material things by someone, I willl always show my appreciation to them. If someone bless me to use their property, office or land like I have been blessed in the past, I will always give back something to show them I appreciate them for letting me use it, especially if it’s free. I will ask them can I help pay for something or what can I do to show my appreciation. 

If someone is doing something and I’m right there, I will offer to help. I learned that God loves a cheerful giver, not a selfish spirit. It will be on my conscious to use people and not give some kind of appreciation. If someone do business with me and pay me for services and they are not satisfied, I will attempt to fix the problem or give them their money back. 

My heart won’t let me get over on people. God say love and treat your brother/sister as yourself. Many people think that others don’t see their actions but see it’s not up to us to judge because only God can and will judge each of us for our actions. God sees everything we do and I’m thankful and humbled for the heart I hold within. 

I pray God continue to work on me bc I’m not perfect. I pray that he work on others hearts, minds and actions that take, use and never give enough based on all they receive. You never know who you may need one day. I will continue to help, encourage and do right by others because God’s reward is greater than anything else this world has to offer. In 2018, show someone appreciation that has been there for you. 

That’s just the way I am. 

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie Approves this Message

Sickness, Cancer, & Disease can attack anyone. You are not exempt.

Anyone can be diagnosed with a serious health matter, cancer, or disease. Just becuase you have never been sick or diagnosed don’t mean sickness can’t attack you. As a surviving cancer patient, I encourage you to stay up to date with your healthcare. Would you be able to handle excruciating aches and pains? Just because you feel good on the inside and out doesn’t mean everything is perfectly good. Get your yearly exams and check ups.

Be aware of the foods, liquids, toxins, the chemicals you breathe in and what you speak over your life. You become what you eat and who you hang around. Be careful how you treat people bc you never know when you may need them.

Treat others how you want to be treated. If a loved one is currently going through a life or death situation be there for them to the best of your ability. Pray for them because if you was in their shoes you would need help too.

The only one that can truly heal, provide, protect and comfort you is God. Man is guided by God’s steps. How would you take it if the doctors always had negative news for you when going through a serious health matter? Would you break down or stand strong. People take life for granted everyday. I’m here to tell you to cherish life, be thankful and make wise decisions.

Make sure you have a close relationship with God. If you don’t, he will accept you as you are right now. With God, anything is possible. Go get your check up and go to the ER if you are in pain. Never be to busy to check on your health. Your body is the temple of God.

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie approves this message. 


God pushed my Chemo Back, not man because…

The doctors had me in the office all day and waiting the last 48 hours trying to get my Chemo approved with the insurance company. It wore me out. My mom and I didn’t understand why but then God showed me he had a greater plan. Never question God just pay attention to his signs and instructions. I’m human and was praying asking God to please save my life. Www.Gofundme.com/CatrinaIllness 

** God said he didn’t want me to go through this Chemo process (Life or Death event) on my own. So God pushed my Chemo date back to Friday, Dec 15th so my husband can be here to hold my hand, pray and fight the enemy off me together. I forgive bc God forgives. God said my healing process has now been cut in half bc my better half is here with me. I was sooooo surprised when my hubby walked in the door and I can’t stop smiling. 

Prayer Works and I thank you all for continuing to pray with me and be here with me through my health journey. 

Love is stronger when you can show your love instead of just saying you love. #ChemoStartsTmw #ImReallyReadyNow #INeedmyHusbandByMySide

If you find it in your heart to sow a healing donation in my life, it will help me keep the stress of paying bills without being able to work. Please read my story here. Www.Gofundme.com/CatrinaIllness

My Tears Of…

I’m crying now, not because I’m sad or have fear but because God has been so Good to me and he is miraculously healing me in a way that I could never imagine or think of.

For the last year, I been in so much pain and suffering and many didn’t believe me. I was basically on my own, me and God. God helped me control the pain by myself but plenty of times I was forced to go to the emergency room. I was so independent, trying to handle the pain until Sept 2017 the pain started to get out of control. On Nov 8, 2017 with all the excruciating pain I was in, could barely see when driving, the Lord called and led me to the home house in Memphis, TN.  He said go home so your angel, your mom Lillie can help you.  The lord gave me a choice a couple of times this past year to come home to him in heaven or stay here on earth. I’m praising God with tears now bc of all the strength he has given my little tiny body to handle for over a year.

I’m praising God for my healing now before my complete healing is done. It’s just something about that name Jesus when I call on him to intercede and pray for me. 

On the other hand, the devil has been my foot stool and has helped me learn how to stand firm and fight Gods battle with him. I can honestly say I have seen the devil act out right in my face. He has put bitterness in some family members where they feel some type of way, put betrayal in some hearts I did business with, brought confusion in my love life,  struck me with the post side effects of my first chemo and radiation and mixed more pain with the new cancer to try to make me give up on life. He took my physical capabilities to work and earn consistent income away and even limited my work at home ways to earn money.

Through all the pain, suffering, oppression, and walking thru the shadow of the valley of death, God showed me after this trail and tribulation I will have an even more beautiful life with beautiful children, loving, caring, faithful husband, abundance in Agape love, prosperous life and rich resources for the rest of my days. God’s will for my life is not done here on earth. I told God I would rather stay here on earth to help save more souls to come back to him then to see many crying at my funeral to early to soon. I asked God (Matt 21:22) to save my life. I’m still here today bc of my faith and works to trust God.

Through all the turmoil, I’m still here and you are too. Let someone know who is fighting cancer or a life or death illness that you love them and God is with them. Tell them to stay strong and that prayer works. Give them laughter and smiles. Then Lift your Hands and Praise God with me.  Hallelujah. 

Www Gofundme.com/CatrinaIllness 

Scary but Funny Story…

OMG! So I have been selling stuff on my Offer Up for the last year, right. Someone hit me up to buy a TV Wall Mount yesterday. We planned to meet in a public place. The guy said he would be in a White Ford Taurus. So I told him what kind of vehicle I would be in. 

So at the light I noticed a white police car got behind us. I asked my mom was she speeding, she said no. So the light turned green and we started turning. The store was right on the corner, so we had to make the first right. Well we noticed the police car made the first right behind us as well. So now we are getting concerned. 

My mom parked on the side of the store and all of a sudden the police officer parked right behind us blocking us in. I’m wondering what did we do, why is he pulling us over with no lights. I get out the car and he get out too. 

All of us sudden he say, you are the one who selling the TV Wall Mount? 

Boyyyyyy He better not do that again. Lol Why didn’t he tell me he was a Police Officer. Lol

What a Interesting day.

This is my Confession…

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matt 6:33

Seek meaning attempt to find, search, learn, get a understanding of God’s will for your life first before seeking worldly ways. Live righteously means live right based on how God want us to live, fearing only God and learning his will for our life. Trying to be the best person in Christ that you can be. The best person that God created you to be. God will give us everything we need. Not everything we want but what we need. So we will get what we need on his time not when we want it.

I have a confession to make. Lets confess our sins, and pray for each other. I’m starting a new sacrifice/fast for God and I would love for 3 other people to join me on this Journey.

My confession is I’m not perfect. I pray God forgive me for not following all his commandments, laws and rules for living here on earth. I have sinned many of times and God still hasn’t left nor forsaken me. God is working on all of us but are we listening.

I realized after reading the Book of Genesis that I have still been complaining in my life instead of giving it to God. Most of us know that complaining, mumble, grumble can create stress in your life. Well I didn’t complain about my health over the last year but I complained about my relationships. I wasn’t happy with a lot and I complained instead of seeking God first bc I didnt it unconsciously. Im first repenting my sins and asking God for forgiveness.

God spoke to my heart and said ask 3 people to go on a Non-Complaining Fast. For the next 30 days, you and 3 other people, don’t matter if they go to church or not but they must believe and at least have a mustard seed of faith. Each of you hold each other accountable and pay attention to your thoughts, words that come out your mouth all day, everyday. When you realize you are complaining, Pray to God and give him a praise for what you want from whatever you are complaining about.

God told me that we can have everything we need but if we continue complaining/gossiping like the Children of Isreal that was saved from Egypt/Slavery we will never make it to a land flowing with milk and honey. We will do a rice challenge over the next 30 days as well.

I have now made my confession and Officially started the 30 day Non-Complaining/Gossip Fast.

Who else is with me?

Catrina’s Cancer Journey

Dec 5th, 2017

Today I go to my oncologist to set up my Chemotherapy Plan for the Malignant Tumor. Oncology means the study and treatment of tumors.  I will get to ask questions and see how much dosage, how often and where they will put my line to inject the Chemotherapy.

As a 2nd Time Cancer Patient in my Adult Age it is definitely a new experience for me because the first time I was a baby. I don’t remember what I went through at all the first time. 

This time I get to use all the resources God has blessed me with to fight this illness. First, I get to test my own faith to trust God already healed me before I see it with my own eyes. I feel it in my body and feel the healing in my spirit.

Second, I have already started my new health plan eating more fruits, vegetables and adding ingriedients that will help naturally kill unhealthy cells, and sickness in my body. My mom has even started eating healthy with me to keep me inspired. 

I will share my update after I visit my oncologist today. 

Prayers work, Faith without works is dead. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


My Understanding of The Book Of Ezra. God 1st Challenge

The book of Ezra was a time of forgiveness and restoration for the people of Israel. Over the last few rulings, God exiled the Children of Israel because of their wrong doing. God forgave the children of Israel softened King Cyrus heart to free them. They was instructed to rebuild the temple of God. They was warned about the people in the land corrupt ways. For some reason the children of Israel is easily influenced. God instructed them not to intermarry with them.

Fast forward to today. Many of us has been led into the land of America (Modern Day Babylon). Gods laws and commandments are still the same and we still intermarry with corrupt people. (Ezra 9:12). 

God is so forgiving. So far, I learned that God do not like evil doing. He will call you out and make you pay for your wrong doing,  regardless if you learn a lesson or not. I have truly built a strong relationship with God and know wlhat he like and don’t like. I’m understanding his laws for the children of Israel as I read more Bible stories. It is so easy to build a close relationship with God. You have to be willing to take time out for God.

Chemotherapy will not Control Me

God, my angels on assignment, family, facebook friends and I are ready for whatever. I’m researching Chemotherapy before I start the process on December 14, 2017. I want to be aware of what I’m about to go through as an adult with cancer. Thank God I don’t remember the first time I went through Chemo & Radiation at 1 1/2 years old. 33 years later Im going through it again but God is my healer.

What is Chemotherapy?

Normally, your cells grow and die in a controlled way. Cancer cells keep growing without control. Chemotherapy is drug therapy for cancer. It works by killing the cancer cells, stopping them from spreading, or slowing their growth.

How is it Given?

Chemotherapy is most often given as an infusion into a vein (intravenously). The drugs can be given by inserting a tube with a needle into a vein in your arm or into a device in a vein in your chest. I go for my appt so they can insert my line the week of Dec. 4, 2017.

What do it do?

Chemotherapy targets cancer cells, it may also damage healthy cells and cause unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue and mouth sores. My care team will provide a variety of supportive care services to help me prevent or manage side effects throughout your chemotherapy treatment.

Here are some foods they recommend to soothe side effects during chemo.

If you have any natural remedies please feel free to share.

Foods they recommend me to eat depending on my side effects.

Im going to buy me alot of Beautiful Scarfs to cover my head.


Ginger Candy

Whole Grain



Orange juice

Raw onions and garlic


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