God 1st Challenge: My Understanding of 1st & 2nd Chronicles

The Book of Chronicles in the bible talks about all the family lineage way back to Adam. However, the lineage of David’s descendants as King is told in detail. Most of them did evil in the sight of the lord when they rose to power. It’s like the presidents and prime ministers in the 21st century. Many have done wrong in the sight of the lord. They promote wrong doing and the people follow wrong doing. God has been hurt for so long because as hia children we follow behind Godless men. 

A couple of Kings that did good was King Solomon and King Hezekiah. When they did good by the lord, they was blessed exceedingly. However, when kings rose up and did evil by the lord, the lord brought his wrath upon them. Many were defeated in battle, sickness and chaos came around when God’s people were disobedient. 

So as we fast forward to the 21st century, our presidents have done evil and now God is pouring his wrath on the world, especially America. Everything has already been done under the sun. We are living in generational curses, walking dead in the mind and don’t have a close relationship with God. People are dropping like flies, the land is in a famine, disease and sickness is widespread and wars are ongoing. Only followers of God will survive. God will protect his obiedient children. This was a great lesson about free will. If you choose to be obiedient, God will bless you with an overflow of his riches and glory. If you reject his laws, his wrath will come down you. 


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The Scares of My Life At 33 Years Old

OMG!! 27 Days before my birthday. I’m so ready for a New Year. Why, because I walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death 👈👀😲 in the last 12 months. 

I experienced betrayal from close ones, multiple health scares & emergency visits, death of a loved one, people stole money from me👎 and others just hating out of pure evil. God revealed my real supporters and the haters.

On a positive note, I started working full-time from home in April. Published my first book, Entrepreneur Success Manual: Transform from An Employee Mindset. 

At the end of the day, I will live in the house of the lord, forever. God told me my breakthrough is over. I made it bc I had a mustard seed of faith. I never gave up, eventhough I wanted to many times. I chose not to share my trials and tribulations with the world because God’s plan for my harvest and overflow of blessings will be greater. I pray for wisdom to continue moving in the right direction.

It’s when times seem hard when you must not Quit! 

Psalm 23, Ephesian 1:17, 6:10-20 

Success Strategies For Any New Business

Business owners who celebrate ten year anniversaries or longer use a particular kind of strategy. A successful strategy is a well thought out plan for a business to grow and maintain success. It is important to set business goals and revisit them periodically. Ever wondered how businesses celebrate their 50th anniversary with massive success?

Create Short & Long-term Goals

For one, they follow business goals in a timeframe ranging from 30 days up to 5 years. Creating goals for those timeframes help a business owner produce ongoing activity that will eventually give results. Some examples of short and long-term goals could be realistic financial goals. A business owner may have a $50,000 financial goal within 12-24 months. Based on the financial results in 3-5 years, will the business need to outsource an accounting firm? Sometimes business owners can get overwhelmed with multiple business tasks, especially in the start-up phase. That’s why it is important to set goals and revisit them often.

Revisit Business Goals

Setting business goals is only one part of a successful strategy. The next goal is being consistent at revisiting the goals. Most business owners fail to revisit their goals consistently. Entrepreneurs learn from mistakes and refresh their memory when they revisit business goals. A calendar or daily to-do list will help keep track on when to revisit business goals. It helps to get a reminder in order to stay on the right path. Every goal may not work out perfectly and on time. The goal is to find the right solutions for business success.

Evaluate & Revamp Business Goals

The final step of a successful strategy for business goals is evaluating the results. Every new start-up will have business results. However, business owners who follow this success strategy will see greater business results. Business evaluations can include reviewing financial results, customer service ratings, product quality and more. For example, a small business owner recognizes they earned $35,000 out of a $50,000 business goal within 24 months. Next, the business owner will review the business activity that created positive and negative results. Lastly, revamp new business goals that give solutions to accomplish their $50,000 business goals. Contact us for more information on setting your business goals.

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Starting a New Business Q&A

Small businesses are growing all over the world. There are so many ways to start-up a company and become successful. It is vital that potential entrepreneurs ask all of the questions it takes to help them learn how to start-up and maintain a successful business. There are not any wrong questions to ask when it comes to making a life decision such as becoming a business owner.

How do I start-up business?

Starting up a business require critical thinking skills, creating a plan for success, and taking action. Critical thinking helps when going through the process of brainstorming about business finances, products and customers. Networking with other business associates to help with expansion is usually a part of most business plans, especially if there are financial limitations. Taking action with the right business idea and goals that best matches you will help your start-up business.

Get the Entrepreneur Success Manual to guide you step by step on starting a business.


What are some ways to fund my business?

There are creative ways to funds your business. One way is by using your money. You can start in your home by finding unwanted items that you own and don’t want and sell them. Business investors are another route. There are business investors that will help fund your business under a contract. Most of the times it is to get a percentage of the company profits. A third way is to get a small business loan. Visit SBA.gov for more ways to get funding for your business.

How much money do I need to start a business?

It depends on some factors. The type of business you are starting will determine how much money it will take. The company that sells products may have inventory, while service-based enterprises may require technology and software to run their business. It also depends on how you want to start. A one-person owner may decide to only service 5-10 customers per month while a medium size company may hire ten employees within their first 30 days. It is essential to create a business plan so that you know how much your start-up will cost.


Send your start-up questions to us and contact us for more information on a business. WWW.CATRINALATRICEWILLIAMS.COM

Helping Small and Medium Businesses Become more Successful

Small and medium businesses are helping the American economy thrive in the 21st century. There are the mom and pop businesses that are exploding with massive success as well as medium businesses with 100-999 employees. New business owners want to know how can they create massive success. Most new start-ups fail within their first year. It is all about following key strategies to create massive success.

Perform Market Research

Step one to creating massive success is performing market research. Decide on the type of products or services to provide first. Next, research local competitors for their pricing and how they market those particular items. Each competitor will have their own unique style. See what type of customers they attract so that can influence your business strategies. Market research helps businesses stand out to customers. Research all about your product and your target market. Market research is an ongoing business task for entrepreneurs who see massive success.

Create Business Goals

Step two to creating massive success is creating business goals. It’s time to create business goals now that you know what product or service you will provide, information about local competitors, and what makes your business stand out. Business goals are short and long-term goals. Short-term goals are plans accomplished within 12 months. Long-term goals are plans accomplished within 3-5 years. Business goals are an important key to creating positive business results.

These two key strategies will help create massive success in business. Business results may vary depending on different factors. Successful entrepreneurs understand the business cycle and make adjustments to goals accordingly. Visit www.CatrinaLatriceWilliams.com/success-tools.html more information on creating massive success for your business.

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Others Could Have It Worse. Here’s Why…

I’ve been cut with surgical knives, blasted with high dosage of Chemo & Radiation, and fed with all kinds of pharmacueitical drugs from the age of 1 1/2 until 18 years old. The radiation at a young age caused me to have high frequency hearing loss. I experienced low self-esteem during my childhood because of the surgical cuts and burn scars that was left on me after I became a Cancer Survivor. I remember when I used to cover my scars because I thought others that didnt know my story would judge me. Well, some did. 
As much as I tried to act like a normal kid,  God always made it possible to help me stand out. My near death experience allowed me to create a divine spiritual connection with God. Doctors told me I would have a slower learning process but I graduated highschool with a 3.2 GPA and was on the Dean’s List in college 3 semesters out of 4. I acheived my Associate’s Degree in Business. Been a successful business owner for 10 years and I love business with a passion. 
Most importantly, I love helping people have a better life.

God told me I chose this life journey due to his mission for me here on earth. Many pastors have told me I will lead the masses. Well I’m claiming, I am leading souls out of poverty because of God’s wisdom & knowledge he blessed me with. 

Many will hate on me, not support me or even talk about me because deep down inside they are rejecting the love of the spirit to guide them into living a righteous life. 

My Beautiful Scars I used to be ashamed of is now my life saver and my inspiration to strive for better and Inspire those who broken. 

Today, be thankful you are alive. Become a better person than you were yesterday. Through Christ, all things are possible.

Recreational Cannabis soon to be Legal by July 2018 in Canada

Canada has legalized Cannabis on a medical level but soon recreational will be the goal for them. Marijuana is becoming a hot topic in America due to its health benefits. Currently, 28 of 50 United States, along with the District of Columbia legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Only 8 states legalized the medical and recreational use of marijuana on a federal level. According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering Medicine (NAP) survey, “22.2 million Americans (12 years of age and older) reported using cannabis in the past 30 days.” (www.nap.edu). The number of users is increasing by the days.

canada can

Why is marijuana the talk of the town? The cure it has for many medical problems is remarkable. It can help cancer patients with their sickness from dealing with Chemotherapy and Radiation. Marijuana helps with Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma and a host of more medical conditions. It has gotten to the point where Doctors from around the world are important cannabis from countries like Canada. Soon Canada will legalize marijuana for recreational use. There are even ways to use it for therapeutic purposes.


The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research. https://www.nap.edu/read/24625/chapter/2

Americans are taking Action…

Being self-employed is becoming popular in America.

Americans are taking action on working for themselves. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired. There’s a growing number of students going to school to take classes in Entrepreneurship. The online business market is exploding with so many opportunities by fortune 500 companies. For example, Comcast offers independent contracting opportunities for those who have great customer service.

cashEntrepreneurship can fall under a number of business categories. One of the simplest types of business that any person can start is as a Sole Proprietor. It is a one-person business type according to the IRS tax code. According to forbes.com, “52% of all small businesses are home-based.” (Surprising Statistics about Small Business. (2013). http://www.forbes.com). The American economic system thrives off of entrepreneurship. Have you become an entrepreneur yet?

There are many inspiring entrepreneurs interested in earning money online. It is important to connect with the right person who has had success earning money online. Get access to a variety of legit work at home jobs, Click Here. 


Nazar, J. (2013). 16 Surprising Statistics About Small Businesses.

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Tears Rolling Uncontrollably: Rest In Peace Bubba

Dear God & Heavenly Angel Henry: (Psalm 23)

Daddy & Daughter

Rest In Heaven Bubba. You was one of my favorite cousins who made me laugh all the time. Not only did they take you away from us but most importantly your beautiful children. Thank you for being yourself throughout the years. We always started where we left off regardless, if we hadn’t seen each other in 5 years. You had real family love. You definitely knew how to turn up. I’m thankful God connected us here on earth. 

You had the kind of heart where everyone felt welcome around you. That just runs in our family. You was always cheerful, even when you was down, you turned up. Thats why many of us are in shock. My heart still hurts to know you won’t be able to come around and enjoy the family while we are here on earth. However, God knows what, why, and when our time is up. We are not on our own time. 

I’m not upset that you are gone because you are in Good hands. No more struggles, pain, sufferring, struggles or worries. I’m thankful and celebrating your homecoming with God, Grandma & Granddaddy up there in heaven. May our family receive justice, come together in Unity & Love & Peace. I’m still crying from the hurt of you not being here but God is Good. How could someone take such a cool, down-to-earth spirit.

I will be sure to listen to your music and reminisce on the goods times we had on this earth. You definitely had the the voice of a R&B Singer. If only the world could have heard you.

To God Be The Glory during our trials as we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. 

In Loving Memory, Henry aka Bubba

Ephesian 6:10