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Show More Appreciation & Less Selfishness

If someone give me words of encouragement, I will shower them with inspirational words. If I am blessed with material things by someone, I willl always show my appreciation to them. If someone bless me to use their property, office or land like I have been blessed in the past, I will always give back something to show them I appreciate them for letting me use it, especially if it’s free. I will ask them can I help pay for something or what can I do to show my appreciation. 

If someone is doing something and I’m right there, I will offer to help. I learned that God loves a cheerful giver, not a selfish spirit. It will be on my conscious to use people and not give some kind of appreciation. If someone do business with me and pay me for services and they are not satisfied, I will attempt to fix the problem or give them their money back. 

My heart won’t let me get over on people. God say love and treat your brother/sister as yourself. Many people think that others don’t see their actions but see it’s not up to us to judge because only God can and will judge each of us for our actions. God sees everything we do and I’m thankful and humbled for the heart I hold within. 

I pray God continue to work on me bc I’m not perfect. I pray that he work on others hearts, minds and actions that take, use and never give enough based on all they receive. You never know who you may need one day. I will continue to help, encourage and do right by others because God’s reward is greater than anything else this world has to offer. In 2018, show someone appreciation that has been there for you. 

That’s just the way I am. 

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You don’t know what you have good…

You don’t know what you have Good until it’s GONE. That is a common saying which is so true. However, I found a better way to perceive it. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s the little things that count. Just don’t forget the big things too. Right?

Most individuals have experienced bad treatment from their past relationship, or experiences. It could be physical, mental or spiritual abuse. On the other hand, someone could have been raised up poor and never lived an opulent life. Then someone or something goods come in their life, but they are blinded by the past bad.

It’s a matter of learning more about that individual or that something you desire. In a relationship learn about each other likes, dislikes, beliefs, a way of living, inner, over and understanding of common interest, their purpose, their respect and manners level. Then you have good things like spiritual, physical, and mental growth, ¬†earthly riches and fame. Some people get success and let it go to their head. They forget who helped them and where they came from. Instead of humbling themselves before God, they do the opposite. Things people complain about, someone else is praying to receive it.

Everyone has a dream, passion or something they truly love and want to do in life. Most of the time, the saying is “I can’t wait until I get it,” or “I’ll do this when I get that.” It’s just a matter of changing the belief you have created, put a little twist to it and implement your new belief.

When you know what you want in life, don’t allow minor things block major opportunity. When you get that something or someone good that you have been praying for, recognize it and work on keeping it.

Many times people lose the good people, places, and things because they got so wrapped up on the bad. It’s never too late to change things in your life in order to change some things in your life. Remember, have the willingness to learn how to keep that someone or something Good in your life.

Inspiration: Know how to keep that someone or something good when it comes to reality.

Catrina Latrice Williams