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The Scare of my Life

God is not ready for me because my mission is not complete here on earth. Yesterday I experienced one of the scariest health challenges since I was a baby. I broke out in a sweat, felt like I wanted to pass out any moment. I couldn’t lay down, sit down, nor stand up due to excruiating pain throughout the area I had chemo-radiation. I couldn’t talk to call for help or even walk to get help. It felt like something was taking my breathe away. I kept losing my breathe uncontrollably. At the same I was telling my mind that I can breathe. I was telling myself that I’m alright eventhough I had blurry vision. It felt like my spirit had left my body and I was watching my body fight for it’s life. 

Thank God for my cousin being around to call EMS for me. I was finally able to slowly walk to my living room. It was so uncomfortable to sit but it also hurt to stand. The pain came again as I was sitting down and I started crying. My cousin was there with me watching but it really was nothing she could do. When EMS got to my home, I still couldn’t breathe on my own so they gave me oxygen. They started asking me questions but I could barely talk. As my breathing started toning down I started coming back around to talk. I told them I’m a Cancer Survivor, and that this issue been going on for the last eight months. The EMS was able to help me catch my breathe and they asked me, did I want them to carry me to the hospital?

At this time, I looked at them and said, “No”. Not because I was afraid to go to the doctors but because Im afraid of the bill. That’s why many Americans without Healthcare are unhealthy and lose their lives unnecessarily. If I was able to afford the expensive health insurance they offer, I would have been able to get the problem taken care of. I have been to the doctor five times for this same problem over the last 4 months and they are not doing the right testing to find the problem but sending me bills for $1000 + for a hour waiting and 10 minutes for a quick check up and prescription medicine that I despise. 

They did more for me when they thought I had medical insurance but yesterday they just did a basic check. It was the worst I ever felt. I’m starting to feel the long-term side-effects of my cancer treatment from 1985, my lower abdomen and top right leg has been in major aches for some time now. I’m getting to the point where physical activities are limited for me without going through the aches and pain. This is where the medical bills starts to pile up because of the expensive visits.  

Even though I have disability insurance, that doesn’t help me with my health. I’m very disappointed in American Government for taking our tax dollars, spending it unnecessarily and charging us rediculous prices for our health coverages. 

Cherish your life because you never know when your time is up. I’m thankful for my cousin helping me and for God giving me a strong mind to not give up. I’m not shame to say I’m a survivor even when I’m being attacked medically. Someone didn’t wake up this morning. Pray that I’ll be able to get this ongoing health challenge cured, in the name of Jesus. 


Catrina’s New Entrepreneur E-book

On March 31, 2017, Catrina Latrice Williams launched her very own entrepreneur e-book. So many people have supported her work-at-home movement by purchasing it. Some reviews mention how others need the information provided in her e-book. She has successfully worked for herself over the last 10 years. She mentioned how it has improved her quality of living, saved her from health issues and helped so many families in the process.

Catrina has access to telephone work at home jobs, paid-survey opinion opportunities, data entry jobs and more. At the same time, she offers business coaching to individuals looking to start their own cleaning business. Her focus has empowered and shown the African-American society how to earn an honest living working for themselves from the comfort of their own home. However, she recognized the lack of knowledge and resources they had to succeed. In 2017, Catrina focuses on increasing the data statistics for those who want to work from home around America.
More and more people are recognizing that there is legit work at home jobs to earn supplemental income. You just have to find knowledgeable mentors like Catrina to guide you to success.

Business for Home website facts stated that 70% of Americans prefer self-employment over a job and approximately every 12 seconds a new home business launch. Will you be the next new business at home to start?

If you know anyone who wants to work for themselves, refer them to Catrina’s new e-book called Entrepreneur Success Manual: Transition from an Employee Mindset. It has activities, resources and a step by step guide to successfully work for yourself.

More about


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Attending My First African Event: Shocking Experience

Catrina Latrice Williams
April 14, 2014
Charleston, SC

Black Consciousness is rising all over America, especially in Charleston, SC. God’s people has been crying out from lack of knowledge and empowerment ever since they arrived in the 1600’s. Only a few know that Jamestown, VA, and Charleston, SC is where most of the first Africans were shipped to for slavery. Just because we were born into slavery doesn’t mean we have to die in slavery.

Power Event


That’s exactly why I must share my first experience attending an African consciousness event on April 8, 2017, in Moncks Corner, SC. It was called the Paradigm Shift: Mind, Body, and Soul hosted by Afrikan Konciousness Koalition. This event was mindblowing. There were lyricist artist performances by Yasser Ase and Kween Katt. Their performance lyrics was the epitome of raising awareness to our people about respect and love for one another. It reminded me that we are all Kings and Queens.

The vendors provided knowledge, resources, and tools about using natural products without all the chemicals that are bad for our skin and body. One vendor that stuck out to me was about Holistic health and Foods by Chef Shekira Levins. She helped me realized that eating a lot of fast food and processed foods are harming our mind, body, and spirit. I was so touched by her funny, powerful speech, I went on a meat fast for five days. There was even free food provided for everyone. Dj Nynjah was on the 1’s and 2’s giving the people fun, clean music as we waited for the Keynote speaker of the evening.


Dj Nynjah (left) and Dj Iceman


When we thought it couldn’t get any better, that’s when the keynote speaker Mr. Derrick Grace II came on stage. Many know him from the Facebook video that went viral of his intelligent children speaking great knowledge at a very young age. I can honestly say they are the smartest children I have met in my lifetime so far. Derrick sat down and gave a lecture that would change you and your children’s life forever. I was so honored to take in all his knowledge, we didn’t realize three hours had passed by. I highly recommend buying his book, Unlearn and Relearn: Child Curriculum Vol 1. You can do so by going to

The Afrikan Konciousness Koalition hosted this liberating event to re-educate Black people on healthy living, natural products and educating our youth. I didn’t realize how much awareness I would gain by attending this powerful event.

Candace Pringle
Candace Pringle (Left) and Catrina Latrice Williams

A big shout goes to Candace Pringle, Anita Pringle, Trena Bryant, Jessica Gathers and Pastor Cleo and Co-Pastor Ronald Pringle for putting together such a loving, positive event for the community. I felt so much love and hospitality from the moment I arrived. I’m looking forward to attending many more of their events in the future.




Why a gun, sword & torture by a local store owner over shoplifting?

On April 2, 2017, a witness went live on facebook showing a black man in North Charleston, SC getting attacked inappropriately by a store owner due to shoplifting. When Alex, the store owner realized Mr. Mazyck was shoplifting he took it into his own hands to brutally assault the man instead of waiting for authorities to control the situation. It was nearly four minutes of assault using physical force, a gun, and even a sword. The video was shot by an innocent bystander asking not to shoot or hurt the man. However, the store owner still decided to illegally torture Mr. Mazyck as he was crying out, “he got the money.”

Is stealing wrong? Yes! What about assault and torture? Yes! If you answered yes to both then we finally agree as humans, not by race. Both parties were wrong according to the Andrews Discount Market incident in North Charleston, SC. Let’s take it a step further to see who had the greater level of wrong doing. Regardless if someone steals, America has laws to abide by. Alex, the store owner had no right to put his hands, let alone torture a customer whether he was Black, White, Asian, Mexican or any other classified race. That is why Americans pay taxes every day so police officers can protect and serve.

It took a black community activist Shakem Amen Akhet to organize a community boycott. Local residents, pastors, and even children came out to protest. A day later, Andrews Discount store was shut down. The people in the neighborhood came out with signs saying “Don’t shop here.” Come to find out the store owners wasn’t even running business operations legally. Their business license was inactive. One important question is why would they have guns & swords in a public place of business where children come in to shop?

Solutions for a better community.

There is not enough time for judging, complaining or feeling helpless. It is the time to stop spending your hard earned dollars on companies who do not give back, nor try to help empower the community. Just as an Arabic Imam from Columbia, SC stated, the owner should have asked “why are you doing this? Are you hungry?” It’s important to show concern for the community that pays for your lifestyle instead of allowing money to be the root of evil.

If a small group of community leaders can come together to shut down a store then time to organize. Larger groups should put their money together and strategize how to keep the money in their community at least five days before spending outside. By fearlessly coming together helped accomplished a great community goal. Many did not know about the Black-Owned dollar store right across the street from the discount market.

The African American community has been treated with injustice for hundreds of years. It is now time to stand up on your own and support one another. That is the only way you can avoid being mistreated by others. There will always be those who have something negative to say but overall positive will always win.

Assault by Local Store Owners, Watch Here

Catrina Williams

04/13/2017 8:53 AM EST

Charleston, SC

​Beware: Heart felt, Truth and Emotional. My understanding of the Truth in Deuteronomy 18-34

Obeying the Lord Commands
It is important to obey God’s commands and decrees because you we’re created as holy people. Today, many people question are they God’s holy people. One proof that shows African Americans are the ancestors of God’s holy people is in Deuteronomy 28:32. Read it for yourself. If our ancestors was disobiedient to God, I take my SACRIFICE and ask the Lord to please forgive my ancestors for the wrong doing. Deuteronomy 28:32 says ” you will watch as your sons and daughters are taken away as slaves.” Further along, the verses say a foreign nation will eat the crops you worked hard on. Well that reminds me of my African ancestors who were slaving 23 hours a day in those fields around America. The cotton they picked with their bare hands. 

The verse say, that they would be in constant oppression and harsh treatment. The curses of God clearly describe African American people who were brought captive from Africa. Yes, I know, cry. But when you finish crying, will you SACRIFICE something you love for God? Lets all take the month of April & May 2017 to sacrfice something we love for God to ask for forgiveNess of our ancestors wrong doing so we can re-enter the covenant. Lets start doing right by God with all your heart and soul so we can take back our blessings for obiedience. 

It was important to follow God’s instructions and decrees just as promises of blessings would be given unto you. These chapters I read reminds me of the same things going on today. Instructions was given to never judge with one witness, but have multiple witnesses to judge. 

I am a living witness because there was a  couple of times in my business career where an employee would do something wrong to my client. I never went off just one witness. I investigated and allowed other witnesses to come forth. It never failed that 2-3 witnesses (clients) who didn’t even know one another would come forth about the decieving actions of an employee. That gave me confirmation for displinary actions. 

Now here is a contradictory question I have for a priest, pastor or man who went to bible school. I would love different answers. I noticed in Genesis 22:2 Abraham was given instructions and tested by God to SACRIFICE his only son Isaac as a burnt offering. Of course, God sent a messenger to replace his son with a ram. However, in Deuteronomy 18:10 it reads, “Never SACRIFICE your son or daughter as a burnt offering.” My question is why would God test us like that then turn around and tell us not to do it? 

The Lord also give wisdom on how to recognize false prophets. Today we have many false prophets speaking things that are void. They are casting curses and spells on us. Shamefully many don’t even know because they lack the wisdom and the personal relationship with God. One way to recognize false prophets is when they speak in the Lord’s name and his predictions does not come true. Therefore, don’t fear the anti-christ. 

Regulations Concerning War 

God stated when you declare war, the priest must go out to speak to the troops. Therefore, my wondering question to the loyal troops of the US is when these different presidents declared war, did a priest come and speak to you or pray with you? I want to THANK you for serving our country but I’m wondering if they was really our enemy and most important was you was with the Lord when you did this. I recognize many troops who come back from war have horrific nightmares about what they experience overseas. I have met many who couldn’t sleep at night. Do you really think God would send you out to just to torture you mentally and spiritually afterwards? Just like President Donald Trump recent attack on Syria. We had no knowledge of Syria being an enemy according to the American people. I personally haven’t heard of possible threats about this country Syria to just up and go to war with our American dollars that we pay every year with taxes. God will give victory to the troops not nightmares.  

I learned that God will turn man’s cursing into blessings when necessary according to Deuteronomy 23. God’s word specifically said ” Do not charge interest on the loans you make to your fellow Israelites.” That went for money, food or anything else. I look at it today in the 21st century as fellow American or man. So why are these big corporations charging ridiculous interest rates on the American people when most of the time, we don’t even have the money we requested the loan for? 

I know that they look at African/Black Americans as foreigners. Yes, majority of Americans are charged interest but you will find the Black communities charged ridiculous interest rates. I remember being charged 36% on a car loan years ago. The only problem is most of the people in America is foreigners besides the Indians.

God’s laws states to never take advantage of poor and destitute laborers. However, there has been a war against the poor since the 1600 when Africans was brought to America. We have been be-littled, castrated, burnt and hung alive but this new generation is ignorant of how to get free. 

God will restore his holy people when we start to obey the decrees and laws given to us. Follow your spirit when the enemy is trying to decieve you. 

This is my God 1st Challenge to understand the wisdom and knowledge. 

Catrina’s Understanding of Deuteronomy 1-17

​Deuteronomy is the book of revelation for African Americans, in my opinion. This book will bring tears to many eyes. Some may even get emotional about the truth being revealed, especially on my next understanding of Deuteronomy 18-34. On the other hand, the carnal mind will not recognize what the spirit is trying to tell you. I encourage you to embrace the wisdom of God either way. Choose to make wiser decisions tomorrow.

The lord continued to guide Moses and the people through the wilderness. This is the time when God gave the decrees and laws in how to live life on Earth in a perfect and upright way. The lord said in Deuteronomy 5, you should not have no other gods or idols. Not just golden image of a calf but don’t idol TV, music, bad habits, people, places or things. 

Many fall into the trap unconsciously of idoling everyday. What was the first thing you thought about when you opened your eyes this morning? I remember I used to get up and look at my Facebook page. I was idoling Facebook. It wasn’t until I started getting closer with God when I became conscious about idoling all the worldly things. Many of us is guilty of it. However, this is the time to get right. Don’t continue going against the Lord because it is never too late. The lord will never leave nor forsake you.

Don’t misuse the name of the Lord. You know how many swear and lie on the Lord’s name? Be careful what you are saying because you reap what you sow. The lord ask if we could keep the Sabbath day holy. We all need rest and peace in our lives. Honor your father and mother so you may live long. Do not murder, commit adultery, steal, lie or covet others possessions. The interesting thing is that we are seeing these exact things happening in the 21st century. We must stand still and pay attention so we can realize what is hurting us. 

The ten commandments, decrees and laws were created so we can enjoy Long Life and increase greatly in a land flowing with milk and honey. Man do not live on bread alone but on the Lord’s word. No one will be able to stand against you when you follow the Lord’s path. Therefore, I will live in the house of the lord forever.

Thanks for reading. This is my God 1st Challenge. Month 4