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Understanding of Exodus 21-40; God 1st Challenge

Catrina’s Understanding of Exodus 21-40

This is the time the Lord start to give instructions on how to purify yourself from Sin. Instructions on how to build the lords temple so his people could go pray, meditate and worship him. This showed me that God really care for his creation. Otherwise, he would have left us dry. The instructions help you stay righteous in everyday life. For example, Exodus 22:2 talks about a theif paying back double to the owner he stole from. It’s amazing to notice how God started giving us basic instructions before we leave this earth even in the early days.
More of God’s laws

 If you lend money, don’t practice usury. Well I know many corporations who are breaking Gods law. According to Google, Usury means the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest. I’m going to allow God to handle my worries of companies who are going against the acts of God. 

Don’t oppress a stranger. According to Google, oppress means to keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, especially by the unjust exercise of authority. If we fast forward to the 21st century, January 31, 2017 we find the people up high is violating God’s law bc it’s a lot of oppression, usury, and more going on. There is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. People are choosing to go to school but must agree to pay ridiculously high prices that cause people to stay in oppression to pay school debt alone for over 40 years. 

Instructions of Atonement for your soul was given. Google explained Atonement as reparation for a wrong or injury. Healing oil was also popular in these days. I pray for those pastors who have used Healing oil for money reasons only. Keeping 1 day to worship the Lord only and rest within your 7 days should be a commitment. 

Around Exodus 32 is when Moses went up to get the commandments of God. The children of Isreal did not believe in themselves and created other idols to worship instead. Beware because God will put his wrath on you if you go against him.

Everyday we need to repent our sins and practice rightousness towards God. He also gave instructions on how to sacrifice for him. Before Christ, it was called a sin offering. Today, it would look awkward to kill a animal to sacrifce unto the Lord. We must find out by allowing God to speak to our heart on what we need to sacrifice to receive his forgiveness. This is a God’s 1st Challenge to go through the entire bible from start to finish. 
I am that, I am.


Prayers Recieve, Worry Decieve

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7 NIV

I learned during my early childhood about prayer. I didn’t understand how it really worked but I had family around me to instill the word of God. The word of God is your answer to everything before leaving this earth. It is the sword of the spirit. God’s word will pierce through the enemy and rip him apart. It must be learned, understood and applied in a persons life in order to receive what you pray for. It is levels to Faith. The bible say Faith without works is dead. It’s remains dead when people are confused or don’t know what they don’t know. 

For example, there is someone out that that has prayed for peace of mind. They have no idea what peace is because they didn’t put pray nor put in work to understand Faith. Based on my spiritual experiences, prayers can be answered instantly, slowly or never. Faith must be applied in every aspect of your life. Faith in your Spiritual, Financial, Mental and Physical life. Faith is the substance of things hope for. Faith is now. Faith is enduring patience until you see it manifest here on earth. Once Faith is understood, peace can be understood. 

You cannot pray and worry at the same time. Many in the world do it today unconsciously. They worry more about it in their mind. They think of all the negative things that could happen because they don’t recognize the enemy is right there putting negative those thoughts in the mind to influence you in his direction. 

Worry causes problems in your life because you are speaking negatively back into your life. For example, when you think more about failing or not succeeding, you worry more about what the enemy puts in your mind. A prayer warrior, will pray to God with power and through the spirit.They will have courage to action even when they have fear trying to stop them. They will receive wisdom on how to know the difference of what they can and can’t change. 

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, peace and sound mind. There is two forces on earth. Spiritual forces of God and the devil. God is exalted and the enemy is defeated but it’s up to you to defeat the enemy in your life. Its all done through prayer. 

Did you know that your body is the temple of God? Did you know that your tongue has power? Did you know that you can be, do, and have anything your desire? Did you know that whatever you ask for, think about, hang around throughout your life is what you will receive? If you desire love, peace, hope, success, self control, discipline, and increased blessings you must stay away from people who give you brokedness, envy, greed, hate, lies, deception, drunkenness and more. 

If you are not familiar with God, accept the God first Challenge with Catrina. It is a matter of going through the entire bible to understand God’s power, will and mission for your life. Prayer will help you receive while worry will deceive you. Which would you prefer in your life in 2017?

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Your Taxes Done Grand Opening

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God 1st Challenge: Understanding of Genesis 26-50

I am blessed and thankful that God has created us in his image.
They say that everything we are experiencing during this lifetime has already happened under the sun. The story of Jacob really stood out to me. To my understanding, the spirit of jealousy, impatience, lies, and dishonesty was created around this time. Great things also happened during this time because God spirit never left.
Jacob was told by his mother to trick his father into blessing him instead of his brother Esau. He knew that it wasn’t right to lie to his father but still lied to him. Jacob reaped struggles in his years working to marry Rachel. Her father tried to hustle and get over on him. During this time in the story, I realized that Jacob asks God for the forgiveness of his wrong-doing in his past. Throughout all the sinful things that Jacob and his family did, God still forgave him. We will all walk through the shadow of the valley of death. Even when we slip and fall, we must recognize, repent, forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Now even though God forgave Jacob, the sin was passed down to the next generation. I noticed Jacob favored his son Joseph more than the rest. Joseph older brothers became jealous of him. Joseph suffered when they sold him to slavery, but he kept a pure heart with God. God protected over Joseph through his prison years.
Due to Joseph patience and pure heart, God blessed him and his family tremendously. Joseph was blessed with fortunes such as land, riches, and glory. Joseph still remained humbled when he caught up with his brothers who sold him. It proves that being humble, praying, repenting and standing firm through the trials and tribulations is the best way to live life right by God. I’m honored to know that the Bible is the core instructions before leaving earth. It is exciting to learn more about God.
Spiritually FREE

Do you have Job Security? 2017 Make Wise Decisions

There is not job security anymore. 

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

*** South Carolina had 134,500 unemployed residents in 2015 according to the CPS. 

 *** 96,000 workers employed part time for economic reasons (involuntary part time). These individuals were working part time because of slack work or business conditions, or because they were unable to find a full-time job. 

*** Older employees who are suppose to retire are choosing to stay or remain in the work force. Women between the age 60-70 years old is expected to increase in workforce by 2019.

*** Student loan debt is putting limitations on the average consumer because it result in low credit scores and more negative factors.

Macy is about to cut almost 6200 people from their staff because the company crashed. A huge decline in the stock market is one of the main reasons. Macy’s store didn’t seem like they were in financial troubles. This is the perfect example on why people should have a plan a, b, and c. Not anything is secure anymore. 

What if your job needed to do a spare of the moment cut? Would you have multiple sources in your household?? Would you have enough savings to pay 3-6 months in bills? Do you know how to prepare yourself for an emergency?? In 2017, don’t just depend on a job, have an open mind to learn about multiple sources of income. 

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References report new.

US Bureau of Labor Statistic report labor in the US.
Himes, D.

New Year Inspiration & Prayer

​Happy New Year!!

This will be a year of Increase, Love, Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Happiness. Positive Love, Money and Health will be attracted to you in different shapes, sizes and form. People of God are praying for you. You have what it takes to succeed. God will never put to much on you that you can’t handle. Yes, you will fall down sometime in 2017 but your focus is the end goal. Don’t procrasinate, just take action from your heart. The spirit of Fear, greed, envy, hate, jealousy, laziness is gone from you now in Jesus Name. Everything you touch will turn into Gold. Your blessings are overflowing and you will be forced to give the old away. 

You will chase 100 and 100 will chase 10,000 at flight according to the word of God. He will never leave nor forsake you. Even when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil. God has not given you the spirit of Fear but of love, Peace and sound mind. Be careful of your idol worshipping, gossiping and non-supportive ways in 2017. Let go of the lack and marry Abundance.

I pray for abundance in love, riches in glory and positive blessings. Be careful what you speak about, hang around and connect with because everyone comes in your life for a reason, season and lesson. Your enemies will scatter from you. You will be blessed coming in and going out exceedingly, above all you can ever imagine or think of. You have the power to be, do and have anything you desire. You must tap in to that power to release it. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and revelation to make the right decisions with the right people at the right time. 

Let the people of God say…..