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What is StepN4Success?


StepN4Success is an outstanding program that help new and skilled entrepreneurs with the next level of success. The CEO, Catrina Williams uses a business platform that people can use to learn as they earn their way to success. The business platform currently being used is in the Travel Industry. New and skilled entrepreneurs launch their own franchise business through StepN4Success to become Certified Travel Consultants. They have ongoing training and support on how to build the clientele for travel bookings. Entrepreneurs also get exclusive business, marketing, and mindset training on building a successful travel agency.

StepN4Success have been able to help 100 people become new entrepreneurs over the last two and half years. A total of ten new and skilled entrepreneurs have made thousands of dollars within entrepreneur program.

StepN4Success goal is to help 30 entrepreneurs make six figure income on a yearly basis on or before 2018. Entrepreneurs are excited about joining the program to help them with the next level of success because of the family environment, quality education and financial results are prospering.

Contact Catrina Williams for more information.

Let Go & Let God


Many souls are crying out because they dont know how to let go and let God. People are sick and tired of being and sick and tired. They want to be happy but allow negative thoughts to control their lives. They allow the majority to rule their lives in many ways. For example, many conform to this way of living, if you work for $7 per hour and barely can pay bills, I will too. There are many wars going on in society: Spiritual warfare, financial warfare, physical warfare, medical warfare and so much more.


People must understand that they are distracted by the worldly things. Those worldly things like cable tv, distruptive music, excessive clubbing and more is what keeping them in bondage because of influences and actions taken from them.

It is time for the people of righteousness to let go and let God.

How do I let go?
1) Make a decision
2) Pray for protection from God
3) Surrender your will to God’s will
4) Cleanse your mind, spirit and soul – break those chains
5) Read and live his word
6) Master the basic 4 steps
7) Help build the kingdom of God


You do not have to live in bondage all your life. God created you in his image so you can live in prosperity, love, peace, joy, self control and meekness.

Read God’s word below.

John 6:35 KJV

Get out of Bondage

Many have become content with having limitations in their life. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy your life, health, wealth and relationships. You have the authority to control your life. Many think that someone else should have control because that’s what the majority do.

If they see everyone working 9 a.m. – 12 midnight, they will believe they should as well. If they see majority struggling to buy bread, they will become content at financial struggles. People have lost their spirit of freedom. They have been put in bondage in the mind so they don’t make conscious, knowledge and wise decisions.

They are bonded from financial freedom, health freedom, relationship freedom and more. Why!? Bc the enemy will influence you to be P.O.O.R. all your life. (Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly). Take control over your life asap while you are in your right mind. The mind is a terrible importance to waste. God’s word say….

Galatians 5:1 KJV

Certified Travel Agents are exploding the Charleston, SC Market.

Leaders in the Charleston, SC market showed up and showed out on Sunday, October 18, 2015. #PAYCATION TRAVEL Top income earners are starting to recognize the little small city in SC. Charleston is the number 1 toured destination in the world, but really haven’t been recognized for top income earners.


Yvette G., newly promoted International Executive inspired so many yesterday. She received her plaque for hitting the esteemed position in a little over 12 months. Successful entrepreneur, Catrina Williams will be Charleston’s next International Executive.

Paycation Super Sunday

Find out more about paycation and the #Freedom150 movement. The freedom150 movement have helped everyday people earn extra money from home. Contact Catrina for more information on becoming a successful entrepreneur.