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Beautiful Flowers


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Flowers are beautiful pieces of art. They bring out the vibrant colors, smell, and feel here on earth. Women and flowers connect with each other on a special level. Most people in America can agree they have seen a woman light up when someone brings them flowers. Especially, if they smell good. How would it feel to be surrounded by a field of flowers? Would you smile? Would you daydream? What would be your first thought?

How are Flowers Formed

Flowers are uniquely made. The process to form into a flower is similar to the conception of a baby. One way a flower can produce is called selfing, “fusion of sperm and egg from the same flower.” ( That explains why a woman would have a love and passion for stunning flowers. Innately, they both relate to the challenging stages of producing. Some flowers provide health benefits.

Benefits of Flowers

Flowers is in the same family as plants and herbs. Many can be eaten for food and is a healing source for health. According to research done by Rutgers, he found flowers have a positive impact on emotional health. Flowers make you love and intimate. They create feelings of happiness and good thoughts. One special perennial called Peonies are the future treatments to help patients undergoing Chemotherapy easy major side effects. Daffodils will soon be another type of cure for cancer. Flowers have a special place on earth. Give someone a flower to show gratitude.

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Catrina L. Williams