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5 Exciting Work at Home Jobs – Minimum Experience Required.

Work at Home Job Update


Working from home is fun and exciting. I have been searching online for legit ways to earn money from home over the last 10 years. Take advantage of this free knowledge and start your work at home process.



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Work-At-Home Mom Tips

Some moms dream of working from home to care for their own. Statistics show how many moms prefer to earn money from home with their children. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistic, “working at home can provide people with numerous benefits__ flexibility in their schedules, fewer commutes, and opportunities to catch up on work.” (bls.gov). Mothers can save money by not spending on gas and food.

Prepare to get up earlier than your children. If they get up around 8:30 am then you prepare to get up around 6:30-7AM. That will give enough time to pray, get dressed, and start your day without distractions. Utilizing organization skills are the number one key as a work-at-home mother. Schedule to stop working at some point in order to prepare your children for bed and take care of miscellaneous things. Get out clothes for the kids, look at your schedule and plan your work and family day after they go to bed.framkie


US Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/opub/btn/archive/work-at-home-patterns-by-occupation.pdf

Catrina L. Williams, Entrepreneur Book Author 

Catrina L. Williams, Book Author of Entrepreneur Success Manual is respected by many for sharing her success tools. In 2007, Catrina started her own business without any mentorship. She asked other professionals for help, but they were more worried about her being competition. With her motivation, Catrina still went for her dreams and goals. 

Business Challenges

In the beginning, Catrina experienced problems such as under charging her clients, lack of business finances, expansion challenges and employee issues. Catrina had never been around anyone who had a business before so she was trying to figure it all out. She didn’t know the requirements it took to grow a successful business. However she decided to enroll in an online university to work towards her Associates Degree in Business. Graduating with a 3.60 G.P.A. and honored on the deans list multiple semesters, Catrina gained more knowledge on succeeding in business. She have serviced more than 75 loyal clients that has used her services a minimum of 3 years. Next, she needed skills on hiring the right employees. She attended different networking events and spent more than 5000 hours learning how to help others succeed in life. 

Business Success 

In 2011, Catrina has expanded her work at home business. Her business services were offered in Memphis,TN and Charleston, SC. Since then, Catrina has helped many people learn how to become an entrepreneur. Since 2013, Catrina has helped over 400 people learn how to work from home!! Many of them has earn residual income from home while others has built successful business brands for themselves. 

Why did she write her Entrepreneur E-Book

Catrina realized the lack of knowledge with many during her times of training different employees and helping new entrepreneurs. Many people want to succeed, but most don’t have a mentor or the right knowledge to succeed. Catrina recognized that and wrote her Entrepreneur Success Manual. It is a guide to help new entrepreneurs transition from an employee mindset. It also help the skilled leaders check their business plans and daily activities, so they can make changes accordingly. Her e-book is an activity workbook that anyone can start for any business. This is a basic guide to get serious people start their own business. You must know the key requirements needed to work from home.

New Entrepreneurs can start their journey on the right track today. Limited Time for Special. Get access here 

Catrina’s New Entrepreneur E-book

On March 31, 2017, Catrina Latrice Williams launched her very own entrepreneur e-book. So many people have supported her work-at-home movement by purchasing it. Some reviews mention how others need the information provided in her e-book. She has successfully worked for herself over the last 10 years. She mentioned how it has improved her quality of living, saved her from health issues and helped so many families in the process.

Catrina has access to telephone work at home jobs, paid-survey opinion opportunities, data entry jobs and more. At the same time, she offers business coaching to individuals looking to start their own cleaning business. Her focus has empowered and shown the African-American society how to earn an honest living working for themselves from the comfort of their own home. However, she recognized the lack of knowledge and resources they had to succeed. In 2017, Catrina focuses on increasing the data statistics for those who want to work from home around America.
More and more people are recognizing that there is legit work at home jobs to earn supplemental income. You just have to find knowledgeable mentors like Catrina to guide you to success.

Business for Home website facts stated that 70% of Americans prefer self-employment over a job and approximately every 12 seconds a new home business launch. Will you be the next new business at home to start?

If you know anyone who wants to work for themselves, refer them to Catrina’s new e-book called Entrepreneur Success Manual: Transition from an Employee Mindset. It has activities, resources and a step by step guide to successfully work for yourself.

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