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Solar Eclipse Viewing- Charleston,SC

The United States is prepared for this beautiful, rare eclispe. Historians say the last eclipse happened almost a century ago. This eclipse is one-of-a-kind because it will end up crossing the US instead of the deep ocean. An eclipse happens when the moon completely covers the sun, leaving a shadow behind.

According to Google, this mysterious event will happen on Monday, August 21, 2017. The time will be based on your location. It will cross a 65-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina. Find more details about the eclipse at http://www.eclipse2017 nasa.gov. It is expected to reach Charleston, SC between 2 PM and 3 PM.

Charleston SC is preparing for millions of people to visit for the eclipse. People can find Eclipse glasses on Monday, August 21st at the Charleston County Public Libraries (Otranto Rd), Charles Towne Landing (Old Towne Rd), Wood’s Ace Hardware (Old Trolley Rd) and more locations. Click here to find out who’s having an eclispe viewing event. 

Note: Do not look up at the sun with your bare eyes because it could blind you.

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Catrina L. Williams, Entrepreneur Book Author 

Catrina L. Williams, Book Author of Entrepreneur Success Manual is respected by many for sharing her success tools. In 2007, Catrina started her own business without any mentorship. She asked other professionals for help, but they were more worried about her being competition. With her motivation, Catrina still went for her dreams and goals. 

Business Challenges

In the beginning, Catrina experienced problems such as under charging her clients, lack of business finances, expansion challenges and employee issues. Catrina had never been around anyone who had a business before so she was trying to figure it all out. She didn’t know the requirements it took to grow a successful business. However she decided to enroll in an online university to work towards her Associates Degree in Business. Graduating with a 3.60 G.P.A. and honored on the deans list multiple semesters, Catrina gained more knowledge on succeeding in business. She have serviced more than 75 loyal clients that has used her services a minimum of 3 years. Next, she needed skills on hiring the right employees. She attended different networking events and spent more than 5000 hours learning how to help others succeed in life. 

Business Success 

In 2011, Catrina has expanded her work at home business. Her business services were offered in Memphis,TN and Charleston, SC. Since then, Catrina has helped many people learn how to become an entrepreneur. Since 2013, Catrina has helped over 400 people learn how to work from home!! Many of them has earn residual income from home while others has built successful business brands for themselves. 

Why did she write her Entrepreneur E-Book

Catrina realized the lack of knowledge with many during her times of training different employees and helping new entrepreneurs. Many people want to succeed, but most don’t have a mentor or the right knowledge to succeed. Catrina recognized that and wrote her Entrepreneur Success Manual. It is a guide to help new entrepreneurs transition from an employee mindset. It also help the skilled leaders check their business plans and daily activities, so they can make changes accordingly. Her e-book is an activity workbook that anyone can start for any business. This is a basic guide to get serious people start their own business. You must know the key requirements needed to work from home.

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4 year Anniversary Results-Network Marketing-Read this before JOINING

Today!! March 23, 2017 marks my 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY since joining NETWORK MARKETING. I decided to change careers from working Labor (Cleaning Business) to working full-time from home. 

My Positive Results:

** Currently earn enough monthly residual income to pay my rent every month. 

**Hit the top 5% of one of my companies. Top 10% in another company.

**Hosted a conference call for an Internet Marketer, Mentor and Book Author for 3 loyal years

**Has helped mentor over 400 people to become entrepreneurs.

**Has become a fearless, professional, inspiritational and transformational speaker

**Acheived a goal of helping 10 people earn monthly residual & hit the top 10% of a company

**Helped mentor people in 5 other US states.

***Has shared the stage with Multi-Millionaires and Multiple Six figure Earners speaking to hundreds of people

**Professionally spoken to 1000 people and consistently presented in front of hundreds of people.

**When I started network marketing I worked my cleaning business 25 days out the month. As of today, I only work 6 days out the month.

**Learned how to practice team work and truly care to help others

**Travel more for pennies

**Great Credit Score

**Got engaged to be married

**Truly learn who’s really here to support you and who’s hating on you

** Mentors who helped me meet success Mr. Action , Chad T., Gerald B and many more from Atlanta, Ga.

Cons of NETWORK Marketing

**Want others to win more than they do

**People lie and ignore you bc they are fearful of change

**Put energy into people who don’t want to succeed as bad

**Negative motives of people who scare innocent newcomers away 
**Get your Entrepreneur Ebook today. It will help you transition from the employee mindset. http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/620132-entrepreneur-success-manual

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​Hurricane Matthew -Charleston, SC

Hurricane Matthew

By: Catrina L. Williams

The moment we all been waiting for. Ever since Wednesday, October 5th, Governor Haley set up an evacuation notice for Charleston County. Over a million people evacuated Charleston due to the devastating news Hurricane Matthews did to Haiti. Many Haitans lost their lives and homes in a category 4 according to Live 5 News. State officials did everything they could to get everyone to safety, eventhough, Charleston was expected to be hit by a category 2 or 3.

Lane reversals was in effect from I-77 coming into Charleston. Meaning anyone leaving from downtown or city of Goose Creek, Summerville and surrounding areas trying to get on I-26 would not be able to get off until they got to Columbia, SC. Both sides of the interstate was blocked for Charlestonians to leave the city. News anchors and city officials expressed how important it was to evacuate to avoid life or death situation. Many of the people who evacuated just moved to Charleston within the last 10 years and didn’t know what to expect.

On Friday, October 7, 2016 around 8pm  is the day Hurricane Matthew rain and wind effects touched down in Charleston, SC. Over 1000 people took advantage of city shelters. A lot of residence decided to stay in their home. However, it wasn’t a great idea for many Summerville residents. Rivers and Lakes started to overflow into certain areas of people homes in Summerville, SC. Coast guards had to go out to rescue many. Downtown Charleston area over flooded with certain power lines exploding. People has been experiencing trees falling in their yard, power outage, and more.

Hurricane Matthew was not exactly how they made it to be in the local media. It rained in Goose Creek all night with high wind gust between 35-55 mph. Today, Saturday, October 8, 2016, it has been very high wind gust during the early afternoon. Now Hurricane Matthew is heading up north towards Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank God it wasn’t as bad as Hugo, a category 4 hurricane that ripped Charleston apart back in 1989. South Carolina top officials proved they are ready and prepared for state emergency situations. Many prayed and prepared for the worst. Now that it is leaving us, we have to get prepared for Hurricane Nicole that is currently a cateogy 2 in the Atlantic ocean.

Photo Credits of Charleston Residents from Live 5 News

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Catrina Latrice Williams

Proud Cancer Survivor

Successful Entrepreneur

Faithful Woman of God

The Crying Mother

Today, I ran across a crying mother from California. She has been visiting her daughter over the last 6 weeks in Charleston, SC. Her daughter was blessed with a precious new born baby. However, he came into this world prematurely.

She could barely get her words out as she shared why she was crying. Not only was she going to miss him but she was worried about his surgery soon. At this time, I’m trying not to cry myself bc I can only imagine the fear she had for her grandson. It gave me a flashback when my mother was informed by St. Jude that her 1 year old baby was diagnosed with Cancer. Now I wasn’t aware of my condition as I was only 1, but I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from. I had to myself in her shoes.

She was crying so much, I really didn’t know how to help her smile. Suddenly, the spirit of God inspired me to share my story. I told her, it will be ok and that I was a proud cancer survivor for over 30 years. I expressed how I went through chemo-therapy and radiation at 1 years old. I made sure I told her my age I was diagnose to give her hope about her newborn grandson. I told her how St Jude Children research hospital doctors and nurses was so good to me.

I noticed her crying started to ease up and a smile started to form. I told her that eventhough, the doctors would give bad news some times I had my mom there to tell me GOD has the last say so. She looked up at me and said, God sent me an angel to ease my heart.

OMG, that touched my heart and made me feel so good to know I impacted someone positively today. As we were ending our conversation, she was smiling. It felt like we knew each other for years but only knew each other for 15 minutes. My duty as God’s servant was accomplished today.

You never know how your story will impact someone else today. Make sure you share yours because it can be a blessing for someone else.

The Crying Mother

** Catrina Latrice Williams

Charleston, SC is Hot in Popular Demand!

Best City in the World.


Charleston, South Carolina is hot as 100% weather and known around the world. It is known for its secretive gardens, popular beaches, and beautiful historic places. Charleston ranked the best city in the world in 2016, according to Travel + Leisure Magazine. You can find Charleston in high demand in the spring and fall. However, visiting year-round is a pleasant experience.

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Catrina Latrice Cancer Survivor Story touching Lives!! Journey

I, Catrina Latrice Williams is a Proud Cancer Survivor, Successful Entrepreneur & Made Woman of God!

I am EXCITED Bc today I put my energy & time in helping a Very Special charity!! St. Jude Children Hospital!! You see, at 1 1/2 years Old I was diagnosed with cancer. They Saved my life & I truly feel like I owe them My Life.  Think about this for me, they NEVER sent me a Bill for anything. For a year, I went through Chemotherapy & Radiation, had lab work done, x-rays and so much more. We all see how much a medical bill Is in today’s society. I give thanks to St Jude for following God by saving gifted children.

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