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4 year Anniversary Results-Network Marketing-Read this before JOINING

Today!! March 23, 2017 marks my 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY since joining NETWORK MARKETING. I decided to change careers from working Labor (Cleaning Business) to working full-time from home. 

My Positive Results:

** Currently earn enough monthly residual income to pay my rent every month. 

**Hit the top 5% of one of my companies. Top 10% in another company.

**Hosted a conference call for an Internet Marketer, Mentor and Book Author for 3 loyal years

**Has helped mentor over 400 people to become entrepreneurs.

**Has become a fearless, professional, inspiritational and transformational speaker

**Acheived a goal of helping 10 people earn monthly residual & hit the top 10% of a company

**Helped mentor people in 5 other US states.

***Has shared the stage with Multi-Millionaires and Multiple Six figure Earners speaking to hundreds of people

**Professionally spoken to 1000 people and consistently presented in front of hundreds of people.

**When I started network marketing I worked my cleaning business 25 days out the month. As of today, I only work 6 days out the month.

**Learned how to practice team work and truly care to help others

**Travel more for pennies

**Great Credit Score

**Got engaged to be married

**Truly learn who’s really here to support you and who’s hating on you

** Mentors who helped me meet success Mr. Action , Chad T., Gerald B and many more from Atlanta, Ga.

Cons of NETWORK Marketing

**Want others to win more than they do

**People lie and ignore you bc they are fearful of change

**Put energy into people who don’t want to succeed as bad

**Negative motives of people who scare innocent newcomers away 
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