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A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love for her baby is unconditional. From the time the baby is conceived, undying love grows from within. A tradition of tender, love, and care begins. A Mother’s Love is kind and patient. Watching a baby laugh and smile is the most beautiful act of Love. The fire and desire of hugging and kissing a baby explodes.


I’m so thankful to have my baby niece. Congratulations to my sister-in-law  I love her and my niece with all my heart. She is so precious and smart at 3 months. May she be blessed all of her days.

Congrats to all the new mothers in the world.


The Crying Mother

Today, I ran across a crying mother from California. She has been visiting her daughter over the last 6 weeks in Charleston, SC. Her daughter was blessed with a precious new born baby. However, he came into this world prematurely.

She could barely get her words out as she shared why she was crying. Not only was she going to miss him but she was worried about his surgery soon. At this time, I’m trying not to cry myself bc I can only imagine the fear she had for her grandson. It gave me a flashback when my mother was informed by St. Jude that her 1 year old baby was diagnosed with Cancer. Now I wasn’t aware of my condition as I was only 1, but I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from. I had to myself in her shoes.

She was crying so much, I really didn’t know how to help her smile. Suddenly, the spirit of God inspired me to share my story. I told her, it will be ok and that I was a proud cancer survivor for over 30 years. I expressed how I went through chemo-therapy and radiation at 1 years old. I made sure I told her my age I was diagnose to give her hope about her newborn grandson. I told her how St Jude Children research hospital doctors and nurses was so good to me.

I noticed her crying started to ease up and a smile started to form. I told her that eventhough, the doctors would give bad news some times I had my mom there to tell me GOD has the last say so. She looked up at me and said, God sent me an angel to ease my heart.

OMG, that touched my heart and made me feel so good to know I impacted someone positively today. As we were ending our conversation, she was smiling. It felt like we knew each other for years but only knew each other for 15 minutes. My duty as God’s servant was accomplished today.

You never know how your story will impact someone else today. Make sure you share yours because it can be a blessing for someone else.

The Crying Mother

** Catrina Latrice Williams