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FREE Credit Restoration Tips by Catrina

Credit is important when it comes to a person’s living conditions, career, insurance premiums and more life necessities. That’s right, companies are checking potential employees credit history. Life insurance companies are determining premiums based on a consumer’s credit history. In order to get a business loan, personal loan or a simple bank account will all depend on credit. Wow! Credit is very important.

Did you know that you can restore your credit? Most Americans have minimal knowledge on credit and some don’t know what’s on their credit report.

It’s never too late to change things around. Apply the credit restoration tips provided below and watch how things start to change in your life. ¬†Things will not change over night. It is a matter of staying consistent with your progress.


Credit Restoration Tips:
1) Budget Your Money – Request a FREE Budget Form, Click Here
2) Pay all your bills on time.
3) Check your Credit/FICO Score.

How credit can harm you, Watch here.


This is for informational purposes only.


Universal Life Insurance can save your life.

This is a review of Universal Life Insurance by Catrina Williams. As a customer for over 10 years, she has discovered the benefits of Universal Life Insurance. Universal Life Insurance is an asset, value-added service that protects a person’s life. This type of plan allows the insured to accrue a cash value that can be withdrawn over the years if needed. The primary services are death benefits to beneficiaries. Universal life insurance is a great plan because people money goes into two categories. Their money goes into the “cost of insurance and a saving component known as the cash value.” (www.investopedia.com). Therefore, their money goes into a place for loved ones of their choice in case death happens and the other is a permanent saving account to withdraw within the insured active lifetime.

There have been many families in America where their family has the past away without any sort of life insurance. These families end up having challenges burying their family and paying off debt. Things can get ugly when a family member is not covered by a life insurance plan because debt also gets passed down. If a loved one wanted to pass down their home or valuables, they could be confiscated by the state if their bills aren’t able to be paid, even after death.

In the 21st century, people are serious about protecting their valuable because they are being passed down generations. An individual can benefit from a Universal Life Insurance because they can borrow from the accrued cash value. If hard times hit, they can fall back on their savings plan through life insurance. Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect valuables, homes, cars, assets, income and most importantly life. Midwest National Life Insurance Company service Tennessee and South Carolina residents. Feel free to comment quality life insurance companies that care about their policy holders.