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Purposeful Tips to take Action.

Live Your Life to the Fullest Today Because…

inspire purpose

You have another breath of life.
You are you.
It’s time to Live your Life.
purposeGod created you for a purpose.
You still have a mission to complete.
Your dreams and passion are not fulfilled.
You have beautiful children depending on you.
You have elders that need you.
Your family loves you.
You love life.
You have things to do.
You have a roof over your head.
You have clothes on your back.
You are important.
You must succeed.

Don’t worry about how you will eat, where you will go and how much money you will make tomorrow. Focus on what you have today and be thankful for another beautiful day. Things are going to work out for you because God has the last say so. Believe and have faith that you are protected with the full armor of God.

help others purpose

Just remember, Live your LIFE to the FULLEST today.


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A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love for her baby is unconditional. From the time the baby is conceived, undying love grows from within. A tradition of tender, love, and care begins. A Mother’s Love is kind and patient. Watching a baby laugh and smile is the most beautiful act of Love. The fire and desire of hugging and kissing a baby explodes.


I’m so thankful to have my baby niece. Congratulations to my sister-in-law  I love her and my niece with all my heart. She is so precious and smart at 3 months. May she be blessed all of her days.

Congrats to all the new mothers in the world.

Family, Friends & Enemies

Who is your enemy? Are you sleeping with the enemy? Why do we have enemies? Are enemies good or bad? I can go on and on with the subject about the enemy. Its not about avoiding the enemy, but standing your ground.

Enemy can be defined in so many ways. According to Google, enemy is a “person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.” America consider bad people the enemy. Some view evil acts to be from the enemy. For example, a bad person can be considered someone who steal your material items you worked hard for. Evil acts from people is doing things such as committing adultery, murder, drunkenness, envy, c gossiping, lying and more. So who is your enemy. I found the number one enemy in most people lives are themselves. They will lie to themselves, mistreat themselves, abuse themselves and more. It all starts with you being your own enemy before someone else can become your enemy.

On the other hand, many people is sleeping with the enemy. Especially, if you experience constant acts of hatred more than peace, joy and happiness. Does your significant other mentally abuse you with negative, hurtful words or is it Physical abuse with blows to your face and body? If they apologize habitually then it’s because it has become a bad habit from past experiences. If they don’t apologize then its possible they don’t know they do it or just don’t care.

God had a plan when he decided to create you and allow the enemy into our lives. The enemy is supposed to be our foot stool. He help us gain strength through his negligent actions. God always give has greatest battles to his strongest soldiers. The enemy is bad because he comes to steal, kill and destroy. However, it’s a blessing to have the enemy because we learn lessons and what we don’t want. I believe you can turn your life around if you stop being your own enemy first. It takes time and is a process. Don’t settle for less if you keep experiencing pain and suffering with the people around you. Be conscious of the people around you. Make sure they are adding in your life and not being leaches. Once again, who is your enemy?