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Fearless ways to expand in business: Dj Nynjah Style

The key to any business is marketing. Marketing your business will help it expand to new levels. There are different marketing techniques to use online and offline. Some customers prefer to meet the business owner directly while others are willing to search a company online. DJ services are one type of business that’s best to reach people directly so customers can get a feel for the kind of person they will hire.

articlDj Nynjah is an Intl Dj from Trinidad and Tobago. He moved to the USA in 2005 with a vision to become the World Famous Intl Dj.
On Saturday, May 26, 2018, I saw my husband grind to promote his entertainment business like never before. We went to a Blues Music Festival in Brownsville, TN. Dj Nynjah main goal was to pass out 35 flyers and connect with some people because he is expanding his business.

I saw him walk around introducing himself and starting a conversation with people he never met before. Within 20 minutes he passed out 2-3 flyers. I told him how others were passing out their business information and that’s when he took his promotions to another level. 30 minutes later he had passed out all 35 flyers. Not only that, he sold 4 of his reggae mixtape CDs and passed out another 15 flyers.

dj nynjah cd dj nynjah dj flyer

Within 2 hours I saw my husband talk to over 50 people, make money and gain exposure for his DJ business. His grind was on fire. Dj Nynjah has a grind that is fearless, fun and contagious. He doesn’t let emotion get to him when people say no. Business owners who are trying to expand their business should always be open to meeting new people and sharing information about their business.

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DJ Nynjah Business Success in 2017

Ronald Hoolasie, aka DJ Nynjah, is the CEO of Spitfire International. He is considered to be the world’s most versatile because of his cutting and scratching and unique mixing style. The way he mixes different songs will make you get in the groove. It all started back in 2007 when he decided to put his singing career on hold and give people a good time by playing music for them. Over the last 10 years, DJ Nynjah has provided DJ service for thousands of people, including international celebrities like Beenie Man. His passion for music shows in his playing style. Loyal customers have referred him and now he is expected to expand the business in 2018. Dj Nynjah is looking forward to building new business relationships, servicing cookouts and special events. Schedule your event in advance to lock in your spot. His schedule is already filling up for 2018.


DJ Nynjah Website http://spitfireintl.weebly.com/