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You know what’s more important?

What is more important? A lifetime of struggles or living comfortably? Today, I’m blessed to have a 773 FICO and my goal is to reach the max of 850. It is easier to get approved for more things in life. You can live a higher quality of life. However, you must know what I’ve been through to reach this high credit score.

Credit Score 2017

I was living pay check to pay check before I became an entrepreneur in 2007. I checked my credit and it was a horrible 450. It was hard to save even though I had a full-time job. There were times I got tired of being broke and took myself on a shopping spree. I didn’t realize how important credit was at the time.

It took me almost 4 years to pay off the credit card debt because of interest and late fees. That is what happens when people let money burn their pocket. I’m not saying spending money is a bad thing, however, credit is very important. We tend to get side-tracked in life. People put things in our name, or we don’t make responsible decisions and end up getting bad credit scores.

It took me years to build my credit score back up to a 725. Within 8 months of connecting with my current credit restoration company, I have seen a 48 point increase in my score. It is because of the awesome work that my credit attorneys have done. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has been beneficial for consumers.

credit-score-chartDid you know that if Employers, Insurance Companies, and creditors can determine if they want to work with you based on your credit? Did you know that most Americans do have low to moderate credit scores?

According to Wikipedia, Employers must follow a list of guidelines when choosing the consumer reports to screen job applicants.

1) Get your written permission;

2) Tell you how they want to use your credit report;

3) Not misuse your information;

4) Give you a copy of your credit report if the employer decides not to hire or fires you; and,

5) Give you an opportunity to dispute the information contained within your credit report before making a final adverse decision

It is my mission to share the good news with others who are discouraged about their lifestyle. Bettering your credit is one way to upgrade your lifestyle. At the same time, make sure you educate yourself on how to restore your credit and how to maintain good credit for the rest of your life. Get more information on how to start your credit restoration process here. 



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FREE Credit Restoration Tips by Catrina

Credit is important when it comes to a person’s living conditions, career, insurance premiums and more life necessities. That’s right, companies are checking potential employees credit history. Life insurance companies are determining premiums based on a consumer’s credit history. In order to get a business loan, personal loan or a simple bank account will all depend on credit. Wow! Credit is very important.

Did you know that you can restore your credit? Most Americans have minimal knowledge on credit and some don’t know what’s on their credit report.

It’s never too late to change things around. Apply the credit restoration tips provided below and watch how things start to change in your life. ¬†Things will not change over night. It is a matter of staying consistent with your progress.


Credit Restoration Tips:
1) Budget Your Money – Request a FREE Budget Form, Click Here
2) Pay all your bills on time.
3) Check your Credit/FICO Score.

How credit can harm you, Watch here.


This is for informational purposes only.

My FICO Credit Score Update

Congrats to everyone who is committed to repair their credit history. 

I started out with a very low credit score of 485 at the age of 23 and built my credit to 750 where it is today. 

I had collection accounts, late payments, and other negative items on my credit. I wasn’t a credit expert but was determined to build my credit so I could save a lot of money when I apply for homes, new cars, and other material things in the future. 
This has been the start of me creating a excellent credit history. 

** I made a commitment to pay all my bills on time every month. 

**I took note of creditors I owed and never paid so I can pay them off in a short timeframe. Negotiate with them.

**Don’t max out your credit cards. Learn what limit you can spend to avoid your score going down due to high balance.

**Get a Secured Credit Card instead of a Unsecured card to update your new credit.I rejected all credit card offers that came in my mailbox until I built my credit.

**Educate yourself with information to maintain a good credit history over a lifetime.

Those are a few things I did to build a great credit history for myself. There is more information you will need as you work on fixing your credit. You have the choice to take the long route by learning how to do it yourself or a professional credit consultant such as myself can help every step of the way.

Did you know you can be denied the ability to rent, purchases, credit card or even Employment? 

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