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Watch “My 1st Total Solar Eclipse Experience- Light to Darkness Less than 5 Mins Charleston, SC” on YouTube

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse was a great experience for me. It was amazing to see light turn into darkness and back to light in less than 5 minutes. 

Luckily we were prepared for this great phenomena. Otherwise, people would have freaked out to see it turn dark at 2:45 PM during the day. 

The best photo I take credit for is when I saw the moon getting closer to the sun. Check out the youtube video below.

Please comment with your photos of the eclipse


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Solar Eclipse Viewing- Charleston,SC

The United States is prepared for this beautiful, rare eclispe. Historians say the last eclipse happened almost a century ago. This eclipse is one-of-a-kind because it will end up crossing the US instead of the deep ocean. An eclipse happens when the moon completely covers the sun, leaving a shadow behind.

According to Google, this mysterious event will happen on Monday, August 21, 2017. The time will be based on your location. It will cross a 65-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina. Find more details about the eclipse at http://www.eclipse2017 nasa.gov. It is expected to reach Charleston, SC between 2 PM and 3 PM.

Charleston SC is preparing for millions of people to visit for the eclipse. People can find Eclipse glasses on Monday, August 21st at the Charleston County Public Libraries (Otranto Rd), Charles Towne Landing (Old Towne Rd), Wood’s Ace Hardware (Old Trolley Rd) and more locations. Click here to find out who’s having an eclispe viewing event. 

Note: Do not look up at the sun with your bare eyes because it could blind you.

Subscribe to my page to get live solar eclipse video and photos. I’m excited to take live videos and photos because I live in the heart of Charleston.

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Work-At-Home Mom Tips

Some moms dream of working from home to care for their own. Statistics show how many moms prefer to earn money from home with their children. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistic, “working at home can provide people with numerous benefits__ flexibility in their schedules, fewer commutes, and opportunities to catch up on work.” (bls.gov). Mothers can save money by not spending on gas and food.

Prepare to get up earlier than your children. If they get up around 8:30 am then you prepare to get up around 6:30-7AM. That will give enough time to pray, get dressed, and start your day without distractions. Utilizing organization skills are the number one key as a work-at-home mother. Schedule to stop working at some point in order to prepare your children for bed and take care of miscellaneous things. Get out clothes for the kids, look at your schedule and plan your work and family day after they go to bed.framkie


US Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/opub/btn/archive/work-at-home-patterns-by-occupation.pdf

Catrina L. Williams, Entrepreneur Book Author 

Catrina L. Williams, Book Author of Entrepreneur Success Manual is respected by many for sharing her success tools. In 2007, Catrina started her own business without any mentorship. She asked other professionals for help, but they were more worried about her being competition. With her motivation, Catrina still went for her dreams and goals. 

Business Challenges

In the beginning, Catrina experienced problems such as under charging her clients, lack of business finances, expansion challenges and employee issues. Catrina had never been around anyone who had a business before so she was trying to figure it all out. She didn’t know the requirements it took to grow a successful business. However she decided to enroll in an online university to work towards her Associates Degree in Business. Graduating with a 3.60 G.P.A. and honored on the deans list multiple semesters, Catrina gained more knowledge on succeeding in business. She have serviced more than 75 loyal clients that has used her services a minimum of 3 years. Next, she needed skills on hiring the right employees. She attended different networking events and spent more than 5000 hours learning how to help others succeed in life. 

Business Success 

In 2011, Catrina has expanded her work at home business. Her business services were offered in Memphis,TN and Charleston, SC. Since then, Catrina has helped many people learn how to become an entrepreneur. Since 2013, Catrina has helped over 400 people learn how to work from home!! Many of them has earn residual income from home while others has built successful business brands for themselves. 

Why did she write her Entrepreneur E-Book

Catrina realized the lack of knowledge with many during her times of training different employees and helping new entrepreneurs. Many people want to succeed, but most don’t have a mentor or the right knowledge to succeed. Catrina recognized that and wrote her Entrepreneur Success Manual. It is a guide to help new entrepreneurs transition from an employee mindset. It also help the skilled leaders check their business plans and daily activities, so they can make changes accordingly. Her e-book is an activity workbook that anyone can start for any business. This is a basic guide to get serious people start their own business. You must know the key requirements needed to work from home.

New Entrepreneurs can start their journey on the right track today. Limited Time for Special. Get access here 

DJ Nynjah Business Success in 2017

Ronald Hoolasie, aka DJ Nynjah, is the CEO of Spitfire International. He is considered to be the world’s most versatile because of his cutting and scratching and unique mixing style. The way he mixes different songs will make you get in the groove. It all started back in 2007 when he decided to put his singing career on hold and give people a good time by playing music for them. Over the last 10 years, DJ Nynjah has provided DJ service for thousands of people, including international celebrities like Beenie Man. His passion for music shows in his playing style. Loyal customers have referred him and now he is expected to expand the business in 2018. Dj Nynjah is looking forward to building new business relationships, servicing cookouts and special events. Schedule your event in advance to lock in your spot. His schedule is already filling up for 2018.


DJ Nynjah Website http://spitfireintl.weebly.com/

Visiting Charleston, SC

Sightseeing in Charleston is a beautiful, historic experience for anyone who visits. According to Travel and Leisure, Charleston, SC was rated the number one best city in the world for the years 2015-16. It is known for its spectacular architecture with marvelous million dollar homes on its battery in the historic downtown. There are beautiful botanical gardens with a history dating back to the late 1600’s. Many tourists come to see Fort Sumpter where the civil war battle was fought. They will find luxury five-star accommodations like the Belmond Charleston Place to relax and retreat. When visitors are looking to get a fine taste of Charleston style, they can visit delicious seafood restaurants like RB’s Seafood with breath-taking views of locals, canoeing down the river while eating.

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Catrina Latrice Williams

Why a gun, sword & torture by a local store owner over shoplifting?

On April 2, 2017, a witness went live on facebook showing a black man in North Charleston, SC getting attacked inappropriately by a store owner due to shoplifting. When Alex, the store owner realized Mr. Mazyck was shoplifting he took it into his own hands to brutally assault the man instead of waiting for authorities to control the situation. It was nearly four minutes of assault using physical force, a gun, and even a sword. The video was shot by an innocent bystander asking not to shoot or hurt the man. However, the store owner still decided to illegally torture Mr. Mazyck as he was crying out, “he got the money.”

Is stealing wrong? Yes! What about assault and torture? Yes! If you answered yes to both then we finally agree as humans, not by race. Both parties were wrong according to the Andrews Discount Market incident in North Charleston, SC. Let’s take it a step further to see who had the greater level of wrong doing. Regardless if someone steals, America has laws to abide by. Alex, the store owner had no right to put his hands, let alone torture a customer whether he was Black, White, Asian, Mexican or any other classified race. That is why Americans pay taxes every day so police officers can protect and serve.

It took a black community activist Shakem Amen Akhet to organize a community boycott. Local residents, pastors, and even children came out to protest. A day later, Andrews Discount store was shut down. The people in the neighborhood came out with signs saying “Don’t shop here.” Come to find out the store owners wasn’t even running business operations legally. Their business license was inactive. One important question is why would they have guns & swords in a public place of business where children come in to shop?

Solutions for a better community.

There is not enough time for judging, complaining or feeling helpless. It is the time to stop spending your hard earned dollars on companies who do not give back, nor try to help empower the community. Just as an Arabic Imam from Columbia, SC stated, the owner should have asked “why are you doing this? Are you hungry?” It’s important to show concern for the community that pays for your lifestyle instead of allowing money to be the root of evil.

If a small group of community leaders can come together to shut down a store then time to organize. Larger groups should put their money together and strategize how to keep the money in their community at least five days before spending outside. By fearlessly coming together helped accomplished a great community goal. Many did not know about the Black-Owned dollar store right across the street from the discount market.

The African American community has been treated with injustice for hundreds of years. It is now time to stand up on your own and support one another. That is the only way you can avoid being mistreated by others. There will always be those who have something negative to say but overall positive will always win.

Assault by Local Store Owners, Watch Here

Catrina Williams

04/13/2017 8:53 AM EST

Charleston, SC

4 year Anniversary Results-Network Marketing-Read this before JOINING

Today!! March 23, 2017 marks my 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY since joining NETWORK MARKETING. I decided to change careers from working Labor (Cleaning Business) to working full-time from home. 

My Positive Results:

** Currently earn enough monthly residual income to pay my rent every month. 

**Hit the top 5% of one of my companies. Top 10% in another company.

**Hosted a conference call for an Internet Marketer, Mentor and Book Author for 3 loyal years

**Has helped mentor over 400 people to become entrepreneurs.

**Has become a fearless, professional, inspiritational and transformational speaker

**Acheived a goal of helping 10 people earn monthly residual & hit the top 10% of a company

**Helped mentor people in 5 other US states.

***Has shared the stage with Multi-Millionaires and Multiple Six figure Earners speaking to hundreds of people

**Professionally spoken to 1000 people and consistently presented in front of hundreds of people.

**When I started network marketing I worked my cleaning business 25 days out the month. As of today, I only work 6 days out the month.

**Learned how to practice team work and truly care to help others

**Travel more for pennies

**Great Credit Score

**Got engaged to be married

**Truly learn who’s really here to support you and who’s hating on you

** Mentors who helped me meet success Mr. Action , Chad T., Gerald B and many more from Atlanta, Ga.

Cons of NETWORK Marketing

**Want others to win more than they do

**People lie and ignore you bc they are fearful of change

**Put energy into people who don’t want to succeed as bad

**Negative motives of people who scare innocent newcomers away 
**Get your Entrepreneur Ebook today. It will help you transition from the employee mindset. http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/620132-entrepreneur-success-manual

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Your Taxes Done by Catrina Williams: Grand Opening

​Your Taxes Done is a locally owned business in Charleston, SC. They offer Quality Tax Services to everyday W2 workers and Home-based Business Owners. The founder and owner, Catrina Williams has been providing information to help others prepare their taxes since 2006. Find out more about her at http://www.CatrinaLatriceWiliams.com. 

Your Taxes Done offers a wide array of financial support besides completing tax returns. Credit Repair services, money budget plans, and extra income success plans are offered as well.

Who do you know in Charleston, SC & surrounding areas in search of a educated tax professional who can provide valuable information to help upgrade your lifestyle for 2017 and on? 

Did you know you have the opportunity to legally avoid paying taxes? How much are you taxed everyday, everyday and even when you die? Did you know that most Americans have less than perfect credit?

However, most people settle for less because their credit wasn’t good enough when they applied for a new car. You can live life more abundantly as said in the bible if you have a open mind and a willingness to learn. Give your new local business a chance to service you as a future repeat, loyal client.

The owner has a passion for numbers. She has specialized in budgeting and saving money over the last 20 years. In result, she has helped give others new ways to manage their money, and even double some people tax refunds. 
Schedule your Free Tax Appt today & put a reminder in your phone. The first 50 clients will be entered into a drawing to win a Vacation Getaway.

Your Taxes Done Grand Opening

Upgrading your lifestyle is our key focus. 

Watch “Your Taxes Done By Catrina Williams 1800-760-0074” on YouTube

Catrina Lattice Williams Success Milestone

New Tax Office Open January 2017
Expecting W2’s from your Job or Started a Home Business in 2016??
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