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What about my Flaws?

My flaws is what makes me stand out. 

It is part of my being and yours too. They help me realize what I can do to better my way of living. As a married woman, I focus more on communicating with my spouse about our flaws, instead of dwelling, fighting and aurguing about the negative part. 

According to Google, Flaws is considered an imprefection. To be honests, flaws is confirmation for us because the only one I know that’s perfect is God. Don’t beat yourself or others about flaws. Work it out. Get to know each other differences in order to work out the kinks. Who said life, marriage, business or any of that would be peaches and cream?

Accept who you are. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Get to the root of your flaw. Where did it come from? Is it a bad habit? Can you change it or is it a natural flaw? Either way, respect, accept and love who you are. Prayer, Communication, Compromise and Understanding is the answer to relationships who are having issues working on their flaws. 

Thank God for bringing someone in my life where we both accept each other flaws. We have the courage to change the things we can and pray for wisdom to accept and know what we can’t change. 

Catrina Latrice Williams-Hoolasie


You don’t know what you have good…

You don’t know what you have Good until it’s GONE. That is a common saying which is so true. However, I found a better way to perceive it. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s the little things that count. Just don’t forget the big things too. Right?

Most individuals have experienced bad treatment from their past relationship, or experiences. It could be physical, mental or spiritual abuse. On the other hand, someone could have been raised up poor and never lived an opulent life. Then someone or something goods come in their life, but they are blinded by the past bad.

It’s a matter of learning more about that individual or that something you desire. In a relationship learn about each other likes, dislikes, beliefs, a way of living, inner, over and understanding of common interest, their purpose, their respect and manners level. Then you have good things like spiritual, physical, and mental growth,  earthly riches and fame. Some people get success and let it go to their head. They forget who helped them and where they came from. Instead of humbling themselves before God, they do the opposite. Things people complain about, someone else is praying to receive it.

Everyone has a dream, passion or something they truly love and want to do in life. Most of the time, the saying is “I can’t wait until I get it,” or “I’ll do this when I get that.” It’s just a matter of changing the belief you have created, put a little twist to it and implement your new belief.

When you know what you want in life, don’t allow minor things block major opportunity. When you get that something or someone good that you have been praying for, recognize it and work on keeping it.

Many times people lose the good people, places, and things because they got so wrapped up on the bad. It’s never too late to change things in your life in order to change some things in your life. Remember, have the willingness to learn how to keep that someone or something Good in your life.

Inspiration: Know how to keep that someone or something good when it comes to reality.

Catrina Latrice Williams

Quick Guide to Finding Purpose

Taking Action in life and making wise decisions will help a person find their purpose.


Search, go through trials and tribulations, live, love, learn and keep progressing.

truthLife is not Perfect so your actions will not be Perfect.

It’s Ok. Smile and do the best you can today.

Trust your intuition and let it guide you.

​Same Stuff, Different Day

You know the saying, ” the same stuff, different day?”

     I almost fell into the matrix with that traditional saying. Thats what most people do. They wake up after high school 10 years later doing the same ol stuff, just different days. However, that is not where the repetiveness started. Think about it. In school we had to follow the same directions, with the same teacher, same classmates in the same school for long periods of time. Our mind get so comfortable with the cycle to the point we look for the same lifestyle as we become adults. People fail to realize doing the same thing everyday expecting different results will make a person go insane. The insanity will start to show up in their lives. It will show by their attitude, their walk, their talk, the decisions they make and how much they believe in themselves.

     In our adulthood, sticking with a job for a long time is like a higher grade of school. We still have a teacher, rules, and grades. The only difference is people get paid paper dollars instead of graded papers. A lot of people do this for 20, 30 years stressfully. It is documented that the average American hate their job, have less than $1000 in their bank account and looking for change in life. The only problem that most lack is the financial education on how to get out the everyday rat race. Most lack  financial and lifestyle mentors to guide them towards their dreams and goals in life. In order to change things in life, a change in life must be made. Rather a person step out and invest in themselves, drive a different route today or start searching for new ways to make money is all ways to strike a change. 

     Catrina Latrice Williams is the epitome of change. She made a major change in her life when she decided to fire the corporate world in 7 years of working and launched her own business as a entrepreneur. She has now been a successful entrepreneur earning 5 figures yearly from home since 2007. 

Stop doing the same stuff on different days. Start your change today. 

****Catrina Latrice Williams