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God 1st Challenge: Understanding of Genesis 26-50

I am blessed and thankful that God has created us in his image.
They say that everything we are experiencing during this lifetime has already happened under the sun. The story of Jacob really stood out to me. To my understanding, the spirit of jealousy, impatience, lies, and dishonesty was created around this time. Great things also happened during this time because God spirit never left.
Jacob was told by his mother to trick his father into blessing him instead of his brother Esau. He knew that it wasn’t right to lie to his father but still lied to him. Jacob reaped struggles in his years working to marry Rachel. Her father tried to hustle and get over on him. During this time in the story, I realized that Jacob asks God for the forgiveness of his wrong-doing in his past. Throughout all the sinful things that Jacob and his family did, God still forgave him. We will all walk through the shadow of the valley of death. Even when we slip and fall, we must recognize, repent, forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Now even though God forgave Jacob, the sin was passed down to the next generation. I noticed Jacob favored his son Joseph more than the rest. Joseph older brothers became jealous of him. Joseph suffered when they sold him to slavery, but he kept a pure heart with God. God protected over Joseph through his prison years.
Due to Joseph patience and pure heart, God blessed him and his family tremendously. Joseph was blessed with fortunes such as land, riches, and glory. Joseph still remained humbled when he caught up with his brothers who sold him. It proves that being humble, praying, repenting and standing firm through the trials and tribulations is the best way to live life right by God. I’m honored to know that the Bible is the core instructions before leaving earth. It is exciting to learn more about God. 
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