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​Hurricane Matthew -Charleston, SC

Hurricane Matthew

By: Catrina L. Williams

The moment we all been waiting for. Ever since Wednesday, October 5th, Governor Haley set up an evacuation notice for Charleston County. Over a million people evacuated Charleston due to the devastating news Hurricane Matthews did to Haiti. Many Haitans lost their lives and homes in a category 4 according to Live 5 News. State officials did everything they could to get everyone to safety, eventhough, Charleston was expected to be hit by a category 2 or 3.

Lane reversals was in effect from I-77 coming into Charleston. Meaning anyone leaving from downtown or city of Goose Creek, Summerville and surrounding areas trying to get on I-26 would not be able to get off until they got to Columbia, SC. Both sides of the interstate was blocked for Charlestonians to leave the city. News anchors and city officials expressed how important it was to evacuate to avoid life or death situation. Many of the people who evacuated just moved to Charleston within the last 10 years and didn’t know what to expect.

On Friday, October 7, 2016 around 8pm  is the day Hurricane Matthew rain and wind effects touched down in Charleston, SC. Over 1000 people took advantage of city shelters. A lot of residence decided to stay in their home. However, it wasn’t a great idea for many Summerville residents. Rivers and Lakes started to overflow into certain areas of people homes in Summerville, SC. Coast guards had to go out to rescue many. Downtown Charleston area over flooded with certain power lines exploding. People has been experiencing trees falling in their yard, power outage, and more.

Hurricane Matthew was not exactly how they made it to be in the local media. It rained in Goose Creek all night with high wind gust between 35-55 mph. Today, Saturday, October 8, 2016, it has been very high wind gust during the early afternoon. Now Hurricane Matthew is heading up north towards Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank God it wasn’t as bad as Hugo, a category 4 hurricane that ripped Charleston apart back in 1989. South Carolina top officials proved they are ready and prepared for state emergency situations. Many prayed and prepared for the worst. Now that it is leaving us, we have to get prepared for Hurricane Nicole that is currently a cateogy 2 in the Atlantic ocean.

Photo Credits of Charleston Residents from Live 5 News

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Charleston, SC is the BEST


Planning to Visit or currently visiting Charleston SC?


We would like to welcome you to the “Best City in the World” according to Travel + Leisure for the 4th year in the row.

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Charleston, SC was born in 1670. This historic district is well-known for the Pastel Ppre-Civil-War- Era houses, secretive gardens, and friendly people.

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Things to do in Charleston, SC.

** Isle of Palm or Folly Beach


Restaurants –
***** 5-star*** Magnolias – American Upscale 185 E Bay St. (843) 577-7771

RB’s Seafood
Hyman Seafood 
Location: 215 Meeting St. Charleston, SC 29401
Phone (843) 723-6000

Others things to do:
Horse Carriage Rides *** Shop on King and Market Street *** Walking tours *** Tanger Outlet *** Boat tours

Fun Activities -Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park
Address: 1595 Highland Ave, Charleston, SC 29412-3442
Phone Number: +1 843-225-1555 

Velocity Air Sports – Fun, Unique Exercise 

Beautiful Sightseeing – Waterfront Park ***Aquarium *** Fort Sumter *** Patriots Point ***Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge


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Catrina Latrice Cancer Survivor Story touching Lives!! Journey

I, Catrina Latrice Williams is a Proud Cancer Survivor, Successful Entrepreneur & Made Woman of God!

I am EXCITED Bc today I put my energy & time in helping a Very Special charity!! St. Jude Children Hospital!! You see, at 1 1/2 years Old I was diagnosed with cancer. They Saved my life & I truly feel like I owe them My Life.  Think about this for me, they NEVER sent me a Bill for anything. For a year, I went through Chemotherapy & Radiation, had lab work done, x-rays and so much more. We all see how much a medical bill Is in today’s society. I give thanks to St Jude for following God by saving gifted children.

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