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Godly Decisions, Godly Riches

As I make decisions in my life and create new realities, I think about is it righteous unto the Lord first.

I always think about what could happen to me in the future and how will it affect the people around me. Meaning I produce action pure from my heart, only to please God, not man.

I’ve learned to sow things into the kingdom of Gods field when things don’t go right. Not any of us is perfect. I don’t expect man to bless me, only God is in the blessing business.

Therefore, I don’t make decisions to please men. I have seen what God’s done in my life financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God promises to share his rich inheritence with those who understand this process.

Therefore, as I relaunch my businesses on August 1, 2018, I am creating success for me and others who decide to join me. We will make business decisions based on the righteousness of God so that we can receive God’s inheritance, prosperity and success.

My promise to the lord for saving my life is to #help1000 within the next 12 months from my heart. I have added many to the Help 1000 list. Don’t miss your blessing.

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You don’t know what you have good…

You don’t know what you have Good until it’s GONE. That is a common saying which is so true. However, I found a better way to perceive it. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s the little things that count. Just don’t forget the big things too. Right?

Most individuals have experienced bad treatment from their past relationship, or experiences. It could be physical, mental or spiritual abuse. On the other hand, someone could have been raised up poor and never lived an opulent life. Then someone or something goods come in their life, but they are blinded by the past bad.

It’s a matter of learning more about that individual or that something you desire. In a relationship learn about each other likes, dislikes, beliefs, a way of living, inner, over and understanding of common interest, their purpose, their respect and manners level. Then you have good things like spiritual, physical, and mental growth,  earthly riches and fame. Some people get success and let it go to their head. They forget who helped them and where they came from. Instead of humbling themselves before God, they do the opposite. Things people complain about, someone else is praying to receive it.

Everyone has a dream, passion or something they truly love and want to do in life. Most of the time, the saying is “I can’t wait until I get it,” or “I’ll do this when I get that.” It’s just a matter of changing the belief you have created, put a little twist to it and implement your new belief.

When you know what you want in life, don’t allow minor things block major opportunity. When you get that something or someone good that you have been praying for, recognize it and work on keeping it.

Many times people lose the good people, places, and things because they got so wrapped up on the bad. It’s never too late to change things in your life in order to change some things in your life. Remember, have the willingness to learn how to keep that someone or something Good in your life.

Inspiration: Know how to keep that someone or something good when it comes to reality.

Catrina Latrice Williams

​Beware: Heart felt, Truth and Emotional. My understanding of the Truth in Deuteronomy 18-34

Obeying the Lord Commands
It is important to obey God’s commands and decrees because you we’re created as holy people. Today, many people question are they God’s holy people. One proof that shows African Americans are the ancestors of God’s holy people is in Deuteronomy 28:32. Read it for yourself. If our ancestors was disobiedient to God, I take my SACRIFICE and ask the Lord to please forgive my ancestors for the wrong doing. Deuteronomy 28:32 says ” you will watch as your sons and daughters are taken away as slaves.” Further along, the verses say a foreign nation will eat the crops you worked hard on. Well that reminds me of my African ancestors who were slaving 23 hours a day in those fields around America. The cotton they picked with their bare hands. 

The verse say, that they would be in constant oppression and harsh treatment. The curses of God clearly describe African American people who were brought captive from Africa. Yes, I know, cry. But when you finish crying, will you SACRIFICE something you love for God? Lets all take the month of April & May 2017 to sacrfice something we love for God to ask for forgiveNess of our ancestors wrong doing so we can re-enter the covenant. Lets start doing right by God with all your heart and soul so we can take back our blessings for obiedience. 

It was important to follow God’s instructions and decrees just as promises of blessings would be given unto you. These chapters I read reminds me of the same things going on today. Instructions was given to never judge with one witness, but have multiple witnesses to judge. 

I am a living witness because there was a  couple of times in my business career where an employee would do something wrong to my client. I never went off just one witness. I investigated and allowed other witnesses to come forth. It never failed that 2-3 witnesses (clients) who didn’t even know one another would come forth about the decieving actions of an employee. That gave me confirmation for displinary actions. 

Now here is a contradictory question I have for a priest, pastor or man who went to bible school. I would love different answers. I noticed in Genesis 22:2 Abraham was given instructions and tested by God to SACRIFICE his only son Isaac as a burnt offering. Of course, God sent a messenger to replace his son with a ram. However, in Deuteronomy 18:10 it reads, “Never SACRIFICE your son or daughter as a burnt offering.” My question is why would God test us like that then turn around and tell us not to do it? 

The Lord also give wisdom on how to recognize false prophets. Today we have many false prophets speaking things that are void. They are casting curses and spells on us. Shamefully many don’t even know because they lack the wisdom and the personal relationship with God. One way to recognize false prophets is when they speak in the Lord’s name and his predictions does not come true. Therefore, don’t fear the anti-christ. 

Regulations Concerning War 

God stated when you declare war, the priest must go out to speak to the troops. Therefore, my wondering question to the loyal troops of the US is when these different presidents declared war, did a priest come and speak to you or pray with you? I want to THANK you for serving our country but I’m wondering if they was really our enemy and most important was you was with the Lord when you did this. I recognize many troops who come back from war have horrific nightmares about what they experience overseas. I have met many who couldn’t sleep at night. Do you really think God would send you out to just to torture you mentally and spiritually afterwards? Just like President Donald Trump recent attack on Syria. We had no knowledge of Syria being an enemy according to the American people. I personally haven’t heard of possible threats about this country Syria to just up and go to war with our American dollars that we pay every year with taxes. God will give victory to the troops not nightmares.  

I learned that God will turn man’s cursing into blessings when necessary according to Deuteronomy 23. God’s word specifically said ” Do not charge interest on the loans you make to your fellow Israelites.” That went for money, food or anything else. I look at it today in the 21st century as fellow American or man. So why are these big corporations charging ridiculous interest rates on the American people when most of the time, we don’t even have the money we requested the loan for? 

I know that they look at African/Black Americans as foreigners. Yes, majority of Americans are charged interest but you will find the Black communities charged ridiculous interest rates. I remember being charged 36% on a car loan years ago. The only problem is most of the people in America is foreigners besides the Indians.

God’s laws states to never take advantage of poor and destitute laborers. However, there has been a war against the poor since the 1600 when Africans was brought to America. We have been be-littled, castrated, burnt and hung alive but this new generation is ignorant of how to get free. 

God will restore his holy people when we start to obey the decrees and laws given to us. Follow your spirit when the enemy is trying to decieve you. 

This is my God 1st Challenge to understand the wisdom and knowledge.