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Why a gun, sword & torture by a local store owner over shoplifting?

On April 2, 2017, a witness went live on facebook showing a black man in North Charleston, SC getting attacked inappropriately by a store owner due to shoplifting. When Alex, the store owner realized Mr. Mazyck was shoplifting he took it into his own hands to brutally assault the man instead of waiting for authorities to control the situation. It was nearly four minutes of assault using physical force, a gun, and even a sword. The video was shot by an innocent bystander asking not to shoot or hurt the man. However, the store owner still decided to illegally torture Mr. Mazyck as he was crying out, “he got the money.”

Is stealing wrong? Yes! What about assault and torture? Yes! If you answered yes to both then we finally agree as humans, not by race. Both parties were wrong according to the Andrews Discount Market incident in North Charleston, SC. Let’s take it a step further to see who had the greater level of wrong doing. Regardless if someone steals, America has laws to abide by. Alex, the store owner had no right to put his hands, let alone torture a customer whether he was Black, White, Asian, Mexican or any other classified race. That is why Americans pay taxes every day so police officers can protect and serve.

It took a black community activist Shakem Amen Akhet to organize a community boycott. Local residents, pastors, and even children came out to protest. A day later, Andrews Discount store was shut down. The people in the neighborhood came out with signs saying “Don’t shop here.” Come to find out the store owners wasn’t even running business operations legally. Their business license was inactive. One important question is why would they have guns & swords in a public place of business where children come in to shop?

Solutions for a better community.

There is not enough time for judging, complaining or feeling helpless. It is the time to stop spending your hard earned dollars on companies who do not give back, nor try to help empower the community. Just as an Arabic Imam from Columbia, SC stated, the owner should have asked “why are you doing this? Are you hungry?” It’s important to show concern for the community that pays for your lifestyle instead of allowing money to be the root of evil.

If a small group of community leaders can come together to shut down a store then time to organize. Larger groups should put their money together and strategize how to keep the money in their community at least five days before spending outside. By fearlessly coming together helped accomplished a great community goal. Many did not know about the Black-Owned dollar store right across the street from the discount market.

The African American community has been treated with injustice for hundreds of years. It is now time to stand up on your own and support one another. That is the only way you can avoid being mistreated by others. There will always be those who have something negative to say but overall positive will always win.

Assault by Local Store Owners, Watch Here

Catrina Williams

04/13/2017 8:53 AM EST

Charleston, SC