How Faith In God Removed The Spirit of Death Book is Available On Amazon

I remember crying one day after my near death experience. I couldn’t do anything on my own. I had to depend on my family to eat, bathe, and even get up to use the bathroom. Catrina’s Cancer Story has inspired thousands of people. Get a copy for you and a friend that need inspiration.

Check it out here: How Faith In God Removed The Spirit Of Death: Catrina’s Cancer Story

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Inspiring, Shocking Book Release Friday

How Faith In God Removed The Spirit Of Death: Catrina’s Cancer Story

Her Book will be released this Friday, August 10, 2018. Many people have already been inspired by her journey.

WOW! I had one of the largest surgeries in my life just a month ago. I’m Healed by the Stripes of Jesus.

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How James 5:14 Became Alive

It’s amazing how the bible has become alive in my life. James 5:14 calls for the elders to anoint and pray for the sick. Well, the elders of my uncle church came and did just that. The pastor came, anointed my head and prayed for me. They came in February 2018 and I am now healing in good health in July 2018. I had faith that I was healed. Many of you prayed in faith for my healing. You all touched and agreed to my healing.

I’m so amazed as I write this. It’s like that scripture was fully alive over my spirit, health, and life. On top of all that, God has forgiven us of our sin. We must strive to do right by the Lord all the days of our life. I made a commitment to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to build a closer relationship with God. Not only have I built a stronger bond with God, I’ve seen his miracles, signs, and wonder all around me, working for me, through me and in me.

Who can be against me, if God is for me? So far, God has never left nor forsaken me. My commitment has shown God that I want his prosperity, love, joy, happiness, peace, self-control, riches, and success. I see the finer things are unraveling in my life. All because of reading the basic instructions before leaving earth.

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New Food Diet – Health Journey

Yes! I am excited about my new healthy food journey.

Yes! I am excited about my new healthy food journey.

My faith in God has manifested a complete healing. Now I understand the importance of my eating diet. We become what we eat.

That is why my step-father helped me plant a garden this summer. We were kind of late starting because of our health conditions, but we got it done. I am starting to see activity in the garden. We planted Bell Pepper, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Watermelon, Green Onions, Okra, Squash, Tomatoes, and Sweet Potatoes. I have been watching how he maintain and keep it up.

My goal is to plant my own foods yearly to avoid as much GMO, fake, unhealthy food that is being sold to us in the stores. Welcome to my new health journey.



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How to Recieve Your Blessings

Prayer works, right along with asking for what you want.

Whatever you ask for will be given to you as long as it is in God’s Will for your life. I believe in this scripture with all my heart because I seen what God has done to renew my Health, Financial status, and Life.

My relationship has grown stronger with God because I seek more of him. I knocked on the door of righteousness and God has granted me with Wisdom, Knowledge and Revelation to make the right decisions at the right time with the right people for the right motives.

If you Ask, have faith, you will receive. It’s important to have patience during the manifestation process. Everything will not come fast.

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Godly Decisions, Godly Riches

As I make decisions in my life and create new realities, I think about is it righteous unto the Lord first.

I always think about what could happen to me in the future and how will it affect the people around me. Meaning I produce action pure from my heart, only to please God, not man.

I’ve learned to sow things into the kingdom of Gods field when things don’t go right. Not any of us is perfect. I don’t expect man to bless me, only God is in the blessing business.

Therefore, I don’t make decisions to please men. I have seen what God’s done in my life financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. God promises to share his rich inheritence with those who understand this process.

Therefore, as I relaunch my businesses on August 1, 2018, I am creating success for me and others who decide to join me. We will make business decisions based on the righteousness of God so that we can receive God’s inheritance, prosperity and success.

My promise to the lord for saving my life is to #help1000 within the next 12 months from my heart. I have added many to the Help 1000 list. Don’t miss your blessing.

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My Understanding on the Book of Ecclesiastes

The Book of Ecclesiastes is the writings within someones personal journal. Most pastors believe it was written around 925 BC by Solomon, the wise Jewish King. He describes himself in chapter one and two. The name Eccliaestes come from a group of 70 ancient scholars that wrote about it. It is wisdom about a life journey without reference to God.

It starts off as him explaining in life being negative, depressed, down and out because he tried it without God. In the beginning of his journey he purposefully searches for joy and happiness apart from God to compare the results. Anything away from God is not joyful, nor rich in honor, and incur more challenges. He starts out talking about his life being purposeless with no meaning. Life without God is a meaningless cycle of events. A person will have no protection, no understanding, no experience, no guidance, and no support from God.

People have tried since the beginning of time to put meaning to life without including God. For example, they took God out of school. Since then more shooting and killing has increased. People are unable to pray anywhere without feeling weird bc they put God in a box physiologically and mentally. People of the world would instead praise evil movies, sinful music, action and things. They have too much pride to stop following behind Godless men. That is why God wanted certain tribes to stay within their tribe and not marry outsiders.

As I evaluate the new generation society, I find people living without God have no joy nor are they happy. That is confirmation that God is the way, light and the truth. I will live in the house of the lord forever. Why? Because life without God has no meaning or purpose.


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Challenges of Faith Blog Talk Radio Interview

The Challenges of Faith Radio Blog Talk Radio Interview with

Catrina L. Williams about her relationship with God, cancer challenges, and business journey was touching.  Listen to this inspirational call, click here Challenges of Faith Interview.


About Challenges of Faith

The Challenges of Faith Program is a radio talk show with a mission to strengthen and renew believers faith. They have over 34 thousand listeners and 7400 followers. Gary McCants is the owner and founder. 




Seek God First before Anything

It’s true. God will bless you exceedingly and abundantly with health, long life, honor, his riches in glory, wealth, along with blessing coming in and going out. You can gain kingdom prosperity if you search for God before anything you do. We all have free will to make wise choices in our lives.

Every morning I wake up, I choose to read a bible scripture and pray instead of seeking facebook or anyone else.

Following God is the beginning of wisdom. Following the devil bring foolish things of the world. It doesn’t matter what options you have made in the past. Repent, ask for forgiveness, forgive others and allow God to lead you down the path of righteousness.

God will accept you as you are. Don’t wait until are perfect before you come to the lord. Not anyone is perfect. God loves you and can help you change for the better.