My Understanding of the Book of Lamentations

After listening and doing a little research, I found that it was the time Jeremiah saw first hand of major grief and sorrow from the people of Jerusalem. It was during the fall of Jerusalem and exile to Babylon. They were lamenting or weeping over senseless murders, wars, starvation, and other sorrows. The people were crying out to the Lord. It was deserved suffering for backsliding against God.

I see that going on in todays world. Many are weeping for different reapings of sin. Most people are wise to do evil. They don’t have a relationship with God. The Lamentations was a form of protesting. The Isrealites expressed their emotions in a poetic form from A to Z.

Chapter one focuses on the grief and shame of the Isrealites. In todays world, shame and grief has become common to experience. People are performing senseless murders, lying, stealing and cheating. Chapter two focuses on the fall of Jerusalem. Our God is slow to Anger. After ongoing sin and abomination against God, he allowed Babylon to capture the Isrealites. It’s like when the African people were sold into slavery in the Americas. Many of them coveted with devils and still do til this day. There are demonic activity being spread in the world through music, movies and everyday actions. Chapter three focuses on praying and remembering God’s promises for his people.

Chapter four focuses on the past actions and current treatment of the Isrealites. At one time, they were rich and wealthy but after God’s wrath they were suffering and struggling to find food, shelter, blessings and prosperity. Chapter five focuses on Isreal praying to God to not ignore their suffering. The people of God voiced their suffering and cried out to God.

We must ask God for forgivness and turn against our evil ways.

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