My Tears Of…

I’m crying now, not because I’m sad or have fear but because God has been so Good to me and he is miraculously healing me in a way that I could never imagine or think of.

For the last year, I been in so much pain and suffering and many didn’t believe me. I was basically on my own, me and God. God helped me control the pain by myself but plenty of times I was forced to go to the emergency room. I was so independent, trying to handle the pain until Sept 2017 the pain started to get out of control. On Nov 8, 2017 with all the excruciating pain I was in, could barely see when driving, the Lord called and led me to the home house in Memphis, TN.  He said go home so your angel, your mom Lillie can help you.  The lord gave me a choice a couple of times this past year to come home to him in heaven or stay here on earth. I’m praising God with tears now bc of all the strength he has given my little tiny body to handle for over a year.

I’m praising God for my healing now before my complete healing is done. It’s just something about that name Jesus when I call on him to intercede and pray for me. 

On the other hand, the devil has been my foot stool and has helped me learn how to stand firm and fight Gods battle with him. I can honestly say I have seen the devil act out right in my face. He has put bitterness in some family members where they feel some type of way, put betrayal in some hearts I did business with, brought confusion in my love life,  struck me with the post side effects of my first chemo and radiation and mixed more pain with the new cancer to try to make me give up on life. He took my physical capabilities to work and earn consistent income away and even limited my work at home ways to earn money.

Through all the pain, suffering, oppression, and walking thru the shadow of the valley of death, God showed me after this trail and tribulation I will have an even more beautiful life with beautiful children, loving, caring, faithful husband, abundance in Agape love, prosperous life and rich resources for the rest of my days. God’s will for my life is not done here on earth. I told God I would rather stay here on earth to help save more souls to come back to him then to see many crying at my funeral to early to soon. I asked God (Matt 21:22) to save my life. I’m still here today bc of my faith and works to trust God.

Through all the turmoil, I’m still here and you are too. Let someone know who is fighting cancer or a life or death illness that you love them and God is with them. Tell them to stay strong and that prayer works. Give them laughter and smiles. Then Lift your Hands and Praise God with me.  Hallelujah. 



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