Scary but Funny Story…

OMG! So I have been selling stuff on my Offer Up for the last year, right. Someone hit me up to buy a TV Wall Mount yesterday. We planned to meet in a public place. The guy said he would be in a White Ford Taurus. So I told him what kind of vehicle I would be in. 

So at the light I noticed a white police car got behind us. I asked my mom was she speeding, she said no. So the light turned green and we started turning. The store was right on the corner, so we had to make the first right. Well we noticed the police car made the first right behind us as well. So now we are getting concerned. 

My mom parked on the side of the store and all of a sudden the police officer parked right behind us blocking us in. I’m wondering what did we do, why is he pulling us over with no lights. I get out the car and he get out too. 

All of us sudden he say, you are the one who selling the TV Wall Mount? 

Boyyyyyy He better not do that again. Lol Why didn’t he tell me he was a Police Officer. Lol

What a Interesting day.


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