Catrina’s Cancer Journey

Dec 5th, 2017

Today I go to my oncologist to set up my Chemotherapy Plan for the Malignant Tumor. Oncology means the study and treatment of tumors.  I will get to ask questions and see how much dosage, how often and where they will put my line to inject the Chemotherapy.

As a 2nd Time Cancer Patient in my Adult Age it is definitely a new experience for me because the first time I was a baby. I don’t remember what I went through at all the first time. 

This time I get to use all the resources God has blessed me with to fight this illness. First, I get to test my own faith to trust God already healed me before I see it with my own eyes. I feel it in my body and feel the healing in my spirit.

Second, I have already started my new health plan eating more fruits, vegetables and adding ingriedients that will help naturally kill unhealthy cells, and sickness in my body. My mom has even started eating healthy with me to keep me inspired. 

I will share my update after I visit my oncologist today. 

Prayers work, Faith without works is dead. Your donations are greatly appreciated. 


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