Starting a New Business Q&A

Small businesses are growing all over the world. There are so many ways to start-up a company and become successful. It is vital that potential entrepreneurs ask all of the questions it takes to help them learn how to start-up and maintain a successful business. There are not any wrong questions to ask when it comes to making a life decision such as becoming a business owner.

How do I start-up business?

Starting up a business require critical thinking skills, creating a plan for success, and taking action. Critical thinking helps when going through the process of brainstorming about business finances, products and customers. Networking with other business associates to help with expansion is usually a part of most business plans, especially if there are financial limitations. Taking action with the right business idea and goals that best matches you will help your start-up business.

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What are some ways to fund my business?

There are creative ways to funds your business. One way is by using your money. You can start in your home by finding unwanted items that you own and don’t want and sell them. Business investors are another route. There are business investors that will help fund your business under a contract. Most of the times it is to get a percentage of the company profits. A third way is to get a small business loan. Visit for more ways to get funding for your business.

How much money do I need to start a business?

It depends on some factors. The type of business you are starting will determine how much money it will take. The company that sells products may have inventory, while service-based enterprises may require technology and software to run their business. It also depends on how you want to start. A one-person owner may decide to only service 5-10 customers per month while a medium size company may hire ten employees within their first 30 days. It is essential to create a business plan so that you know how much your start-up will cost.


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3 thoughts on “Starting a New Business Q&A

  1. I just recently purchased the childcare business that I was already managing, and I got a business loan through a bank. I am now, however, interested in learning more specifically about business investors to be able to expand my business and write as well as publish my own curriculum to use. I am trying to offer higher quality care while focusing on individual education and early intervention. Since this requires lower student to teacher ratios as well as better educated and experienced teachers, it also means a bigger upfront expense to me in the process. Do you have any suggestions?


    1. Congratulations on taking that first step to launch your business. Now it is just a matter of finding the right resources for you. I recommend researching Angel Investors. Also, Score Counselors in your area can provide more information about finding investors for your business.

      As for your book, start writing your cirriculum in a word document until you finish it. Reach out to me for more information on publishing.


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