Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane_Hugo_1989_sept_21_1844ZThe earliest record of a Hurricane (tropical cyclone) tracking dates as early as 1851. Weather experts found these type of natural occurrences happens between June 1 and November 30th. Since living in Charleston, SC on and off for about 20 years, I noticed South Carolina get hits most of the time. The last major hurricane was Hurricane Hugo, which was a category 4 in 1989. One local resident said she had to use the pool water to flush her toilet because they were out of power for weeks.

As of September 7, 2017, Hurricane Irma has made already created devastation in the Caribbeans. At this time it looks as though the east coast of the US will be impacted. South Florida is currently under evacuation. South Carolina has been set under a state of emergency. Gas stations and grocery stores are already selling out.

As the CEO of, I’d like to pray for those affected by Hurricane Irma and those in its path. You can count on Popular Travel Services to keep you updated on Hotel and Car Rental Availability and weather updates.

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Hotel Availability
Florence, SC
Charlotte, NC
Raliegh, NC

Sold Out or Limited Availability
Greenville, SC – Sold Out
Columbia, Sc – LImited 1-2 Hotels Left
Spartanburg, SC – Limited 1 Hotel Left

Availability can change at any time.

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