My FICO Credit Score Update

Congrats to everyone who is committed to repair their credit history. 

I started out with a very low credit score of 485 at the age of 23 and built my credit to 750 where it is today. 

I had collection accounts, late payments, and other negative items on my credit. I wasn’t a credit expert but was determined to build my credit so I could save a lot of money when I apply for homes, new cars, and other material things in the future. 
This has been the start of me creating a excellent credit history. 

** I made a commitment to pay all my bills on time every month. 

**I took note of creditors I owed and never paid so I can pay them off in a short timeframe. Negotiate with them.

**Don’t max out your credit cards. Learn what limit you can spend to avoid your score going down due to high balance.

**Get a Secured Credit Card instead of a Unsecured card to update your new credit.I rejected all credit card offers that came in my mailbox until I built my credit.

**Educate yourself with information to maintain a good credit history over a lifetime.

Those are a few things I did to build a great credit history for myself. There is more information you will need as you work on fixing your credit. You have the choice to take the long route by learning how to do it yourself or a professional credit consultant such as myself can help every step of the way.

Did you know you can be denied the ability to rent, purchases, credit card or even Employment? 

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