Where would I be??

My name is Catrina Latrice Williams & God is 1st in my Life!

 I mean really, where would I be without Jah. I’ve been through the long sufferings of my life. I’m so blessed to say that I have survived due to the power. It is a release to let go and let God. Everyone can’t say that they know how to give their problems, issues, worries, and struggles to God. That is why I know without God living a prosperous, healthy, wealthy life is not possible.

So, I ask again, where would I be?? Think about this, a 1 1/2 year old, underweight baby who already full of pain internally  had to undergo 2000 dosage of Chemotherapy & Radiation.

I mean I’m very thankful to have a God who assign healing, warrior, love, Joy and every kind of Angel you can think of to protect us. Angels was performing miracles with my doctors when they were healing me. Otherwise you know where I would be, Right??

~~God is with me & he wants to be with you!!

Catrina Latrice

Proud Cancer Survivor

Successfull Entreprneur

Made Woman of God



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